3 Imperative Steps To Protect Your Data With Office 365

When a small or medium-sized business works with Office 365, some mistakes put their business data at risk. It is undeniable that Office 365 offers the highest security and its encryption process is remarkable. However, if you do not follow certain steps yourself, your account is at risk. That’s why you can use Office 365 with a lot of confidence if you follow a few things. Your business data will be secure and you can manage your business better.

For those new to Office 365, it is an innovative version of Microsoft’s Office package that offers offline as well as cloud-based office experience. Even the initial version of Office 365 offers premium features in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can also use the latest cloud version of Microsoft OneDrive with Office 365. In addition, some of Microsoft’s advanced tools such as Microsoft Editor for Writing, a financial tool called Microsoft Money in Excel, and cloud services such as OneDrive. On the other hand, there are popular presentation tools like PowerPoint and Resume Making Tool which you get with Office 365 as a premium service.

These are basically the most used tools that come with Office 365. Similarly, with Office 365, you will find some more important productivity apps that help you increase your communication, collaboration, or sharing. Thus office 365 has become a great choice in businesses. 

However, the main purpose of today’s article is how Office 365 can increase the security of your business data. Here are three key points in moving your business forward.

3 Imperative steps to protect your data with Office 365

To ensure the security of Office 365, you must first follow the Safety Guide provided by Microsoft. Then you have to be careful about something else we will talk about now. Let’s discuss all those issues today.

1. Activate Multi-Factor Authentication

Multifactor authentication is probably the best way to secure Office 365. Multi-Factor authentication protects your office access from unknown users. Although it sounds easy to hear, most businesses have errors in this area. The security of your business is largely secure if you can do multi-factor authentication properly. In fact, it is the multifactor authentication process that makes it secure. Accessing your account is almost impossible without your permission.

What is Multifactor Authentication again? Multifactor authentication is a digital technology that requires more than one real-time verification to access any of your accounts. Usually when you want to log in to your account multi-factor authentication verification is required through more than one. Through which the service wants to make sure that you as the owner want to log in to that account. As a result, someone else is having trouble logging in to your account.

If Multifactor Authentication is activated in Office 365, you will get a code in your mobile or email which you cannot log in to the account without entering. Moreover, systems like fingerprint scan systems or QR code scan, etc. can often be set up in multifactor authentication methods. In the past, two-step verification methods were used, but now the important services are multifactor authentication systems. It ensures greater security. Now you need to check if you have successfully set up the Multi-Factor Authentication Method on your Office 365 account. You can easily activate multi-factor authentication from the Manage Security defaults option from the Microsoft or Office 365 admin center. According to the Office 365 expert of Intelliworx, successful multi-factor authentication can greatly secure Office 365 data, although there are other things that need to be maintained.

2. Stopping Malware, Phishing, and Ransomware

First, you need to think about email attachments to keep your Office 365 or Outlook email malware-free. Email attachments spread malware to most emails. So you can give attachment file type limitations in your business email and what kind of file can attach or what type of file cannot attach. Then it is easy to get rid of the malware. Moreover, regular file scanning is also very necessary.

When you use Office 365 with more than one custom domain, there is a chance of a phishing attack. And that’s why Microsoft is here with a great feature that can fight your Office 365 phishing. And that’s why you need to use Microsoft Defender’s anti-phishing system. You can easily create Anti-Phishing Threat Management using the Office Protection URL.

On the other hand, you will find some systems in Office 365 to protect against ransomware. Such as blocking attachment extensions or blocking certain file types. Then you will also be safe from ransomware.

In the same way, keeping your office inbox safe you need to keep an eye on something more. For example, turn off auto-forwarding in emails. Turn on messaging encryption for the office. Also, be aware of attachment files. In addition, control the admin access and specify rules for others’ accounts. This way you can keep your Office 365 safe from various common viruses.

3. Train the users

Security awareness plays a more effective role in securing the use of information technology in a business, according to a researcher on security at Harvard University. So if the employees of your organization are not aware of internet usage then you may have a problem. Like phishing at any time, your business can lose a lot of data. So you need to ensure that your Office 365 users use the right method. They need to be kept informed of the latest technology updates. Then the staff will prevent incidents like data hacking from happening through your office 365.


Office 365 is definitely a great tool for managing your business in this cloud age. Moreover, Office 365 also plays a great role in increasing the productivity of your employees. The security of your business will be greatly enhanced if you can deal with the above issues in the way cyber-attacks are increasing day by day. Hopefully, this article will help and ensure your safety. However, if you have any problems, don’t forget to contact us. We will do our best to solve your problem. Thanks for staying with us.

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