4 Tips For Businesses Who Are New To Social Media

Social media has helped businesses around the world gain new audiences. But many businesses still don’t use social media and may be wondering how to get started. Luckily, social media is fairly easy to use and user friendly, so simply follow these tips to start using your accounts effectively.

  1. Create a landing page on your website

When you make a post, or post an advert, people will click through to visit your site. You should decide what exactly people should do when they arrive. You may want to consider getting designers to create a special page for people who arrive from social media, introducing your company and encouraging them to sign up or perform another action. You should find a landing page agency in the UK who specialise in making effective pages for this purpose. It’s worth investing in a good landing page as it means you can enjoy a higher conversion rate. 

  1. Do a competitor analysis

A competitor analysis isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It basically means seeing what your competitors are doing and how effective it is, so you can inform your own strategy. If you’re wondering whether social media advertising is worth it, then looking at what they are doing via social media should answer your question. You can see what kind of posts are getting engagement and what works for them.

  1. Find the perfect platform

Social media platforms have people from a wide range of age groups, but certain groups tend to spend more time on certain platforms. It’s usually a generational thing, and the average age of users of social media platforms varies quite a lot.

Here are some social media platforms you may want to use and the kind of demographics that you may see on them.

  • Facebook – their fastest growing demographic is senior citizens, but the majority of users are 25-25
  • Instagram – most people would assume that Instagram is mostly a female audience, but only 51% of users are women. In the USA, it’s the most used platform by teenagers
  • Twitter – Twitter tends to have an older, politically-engaged audience, with a big chunk aged 35-49 and 70% of the ad audience is male

It’s worth thinking about which demographics you want to target and which platforms you’ll need to focus on.

  1. Take a course in social media

The internet is full of short courses in social media, but you should avoid the expensive ones that aren’t of much use. Take a look at course listings from the National Careers Service to find short, inexpensive courses that’ll help with your social media skills that you can actually use.

It’s not always easy to build a following on social media, even if you’re an established business. Follow the tips above and you can get started and start establishing your online presence. You can then create content that encourages people to follow you, for example, competitions and guides, and other interesting posts that’ll boost engagement. It may take time, but eventually, you’ll find you start to gain customers through these platforms. 

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