5 Digital Marketing Hacks You Have Never Heard Of

According to the data gathered by CBS, back in the 70s, an average person saw between 500 to 1600 ads per day. A few decades later, in 2007, the numbers grew to around 5,000. Fast forward to 2021, and it is estimated that we encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day. How do you stand out from this crowd?

With the growing competition, everyone is feeling the heat of rivalry. If you look on Facebook or Instagram, you might stumble upon many so-called marketing gurus who claim to possess the secret marketing knowledge that will help your business grow like never before. 

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that there is no universal marketing rule that applies to everyone. On the bright side, even if there is no one-size-fits-all trick, there are a few lesser-known hacks that can provide helpful and effective solutions.

Paid social promotions, crisis PR, video marketing, running contests and giveaways, spreading the word about your business with the help of influencers, and focusing on the data are just some of them!

To find out more, check out the rest of this article! Here, you will find a list of digital marketing hacks that will help you achieve your marketing goals quickly and efficiently.

Paid Social Promotions

Paid social promotions are more than an easy way to get more likes, followers, and customers. They are an excellent opportunity to get real insights into what your target audience likes and find ways to engage them.

Before starting with paid campaigns, have a clear objective in mind. What do you want to achieve? The answer depends on the type of campaign. For instance, if you want to increase traffic to your website, Facebook advertising should do the trick!

It is important to know that paid promotions can be pretty expensive. Therefore, make sure you do the math and use different tools and techniques to minimize your risk of failure and increase your chances of success.

Video Marketing

Videos are one of the most engaging media formats when it comes to online content. According to research, they get more views than images. Other than that, videos are much more likely to get shared than any other type of content out there!

You can create videos in many different ways, but what really matters is whether your videos will help you achieve your business goals and convince potential customers to buy your products or services. 

That is why it is better to avoid shooting videos in the highest resolution and using ultra-slow motion effects. The average user is not going to be impressed. Instead, focus on your audience and provide them with helpful information to help them solve their problems or entertain them!

Influencer Marketing

There are millions of influencers in the world, and each one can help you reach your target audience! When choosing an influencer for a given campaign, make sure that their audience represents your target audience. For example, you would not advertise high-end beauty products through someone who is mostly followed by middle-aged men.

Analyze Your Data 

Data-driven marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of every size. As a business owner, you can use data collected from CRM systems, Google Analytics, AdWords, and other marketing channels to improve how you run your business and approach your customers. Data can be analyzed in many different ways, though. If you do not know where to start, here is a list of ways in which you can approach data!

  • Segmentation. Using customer data to figure out who your customers are can help you narrow down your target audience and develop effective marketing campaigns.
  • Benchmarking. Comparing your performance with that of other businesses in your industry can give you an understanding of what tactics work for your competitors and which ones do not, allowing you to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. 
  • A/B testing. Using an A/B testing tool like Google Optimize allows you to test two different versions of the same page and compare the said pages’ performance in terms of the number of sales. Data analysis will let you know which version converts better and why helping you improve landing page copywriting and call-to-action buttons.

Running Contests and Giveaways 

Contests and giveaways are a form of direct-response marketing that helps you bring more customers to your business. They help build a community around your product or service and encourage people to engage with you more often. 

Before starting a contest or giveaway, make sure you identify your goals first. Then, decide who you want to target with this activity. If your goal is to increase sales, concentrate on people with a high customer lifetime value. 

On the other hand, if you want more followers on social media, include a referral program. For example, give away a gift card worth $5 to each person who invites a friend to follow your page.

Keep in mind that running contests and giveaways is not an easy task. It requires time and effort on your part. However, if done right, it can bring excellent results!

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the most relevant trends, learn useful skills, and be ready for any challenge that might come your way. When done right, digital marketing can help you achieve your business goals and build a strong, engaged community around your brand!

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