5 Important Things You Need To Know About SSL Certificate

If you want to make your website look authentic and credible, you need to have an SSL certificate. This especially stands true when you are selling something online. SSL helps online businesses protect all sensitive data from cyber attackers.

Since the early days of the internet, SSL protocol and its descendants TLS have provided security and encryption. It is due to them; we were able to come up with online marketing (Ecommerce).

The decades-long history of these protocols has gone through several updates to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber-attacks. Today we will talk about SSL certificates and how they are important.

What Is SSL?

Before diving into the importance of SSL certificates, let’s ensure that we are all on the same page. So, what is SSL, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is an internet-based security protocol that was introduced into the market in 1995 by Netscape. The main purpose of the SSL certificate was to offer privacy, data integrity, and authentication while engaging online.

SSL is the predecessor of the TLS we use today. If you are thinking of how to identify whether a website is SSL/TLS certified, then try looking at the URL of the web pages. The websites with SSL/TLS certificates will have “HTTPS” in their URL instead of “HTTP”.

How Does SSL Work?

Internat is an open-source network without any restriction. Hence, it is necessary to have the right security system in place while communicating over the internet. If your data lacks security, anyone can infiltrate your communication network and can examine your packet usage. This will lead to data breaches.

SSL works with Asymmetric Cryptography. This process involves having two keys or long texts that are used as passwords while sharing information.
The two keys are known as public keys and private keys. The public key is used to share confidential data, while the private key is used to access the data.

Important Things To Know About SSL Certificates

If you are new to this whole online industry and have no idea why you have an SSL certificate for your websites, then the following things might help you clear the fog out.

Protects Data

The core function of the SSL certificate is to protect the server and client communications. After installing SSL in your system, every aspect of your website is encrypted. Putting it simply, SSL encapsulates the data and gives access to only authorized users or visitors.

Authenticate Your Identity

The Internet is an open-source network; hence, you must have an authorized identity to look credible. The SSL certificate offers the same. It offers an online entity with an authorized identity making it trustable.

Boost SERP Rankings

Google made some changes in the 2014 update. There Google ensures that HTTPS will be prioritized over HTTP. Hence, having an SSL certificate will give a significant boost in the SERP rankings.

Satisfy PCI Requirements

If your business is related to online shops or eCommerce, you must know what PCI and DSS are. To make your website receive online payments, you need to have PCI complaints. And having an SSL certificate is one of the requirements set by the PCI.

Improve Customer Trust

SSL certificates have become a synonym for online security. So, people visit only those websites that are SSL certified. Hence, if your website lacks the SSL certificate, you mighty be missing out on some promising customers.

Wrapping Up

Just think what you will do when you visit a website, and the very first thing you come across is a warning message that says “Not Secure”. You will immediately bounce off from that website. The same thing will happen to your website if you do not have the right SSL certificates.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your SSL certificates to make your website look more credible and authentic.

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