5 Mini-Games Fans Eager To See In GTAVI

Every GTA fan is eagerly waiting for the highly anticipated game, GTA 6. Rockstar Games have not announced anything regarding the release of this game.

But, rumours are prevailing in the gaming community that the development of GTA 6 was started back in 2013 only.

With the release of Ninth-generation video game consoles, the fact that GTA 6 will feature more powerful graphics than before, is unquestionable.

Rumours also suggest that GTA 6 will be featuring the modernized Vice City along with Rio de Janeiro. Coming back to the topic, this article is regarding the expected minigames that fans are expecting to see in GTA 6.

1) Trading

With growing education among youth regarding Financial Management and the increasing number of investors, the trading mini-game is highly anticipated in GTA 6.

Another reason for putting this mini-game first in this list is that we have heard many rumours regarding the introduction of Cryptocurrency in GTA 6.

So, along with Crypto trading, there is a high chance that developers might also add Financial Markets to this game.

2) Soccer

There is no need for explaining the love and craze of Soccer all over the world. Soccer is the one game that interests most people.

Although, it is not expected that a full-fledged football scenario must be there, at least some sort of 2v2 or 5v5 street soccer could be great.

3) Skating

We have been observing Skateparks in the GTA Series from like forever. GTA San Andreas also features many Skateparks, but we have not seen any mini-game that includes roller skating or skateboarding.

Maybe, GTA 6 will be the game where we would be witnessing these activities in the form of mini-games.

4) Skiing

As we all know, Skiing has not been included in the GTA series. Not only Skiing, many adventure sports like SkyDiving, River Rafting, etc.

Could be seen in GTA 6 as mini-games. Including games like these will keep the game audience more engaged in the game resulting in the welfare of the game.

5) Poker

The amount of popularity that Poker has gained from its introduction in Red Dead Redemption 2, is enormous. According to Exycasinos experts, the Poker featured in RDR2 is the Texas Hold’Em variation, and no surprise It has made many intense and hard matches.

Also, you just cannot ignore the fact that how much fans are loving the casino games in GTA 5 Online. One of the main reasons behind the love or greed for Poker in GTA 6 is that players are able to pull easy money from such games. 

So, this was all about the 5 mini-games that might be included in GTA 6. If you found this article informative, make sure to spread it. Comment below your suggestions about this topic.

Enjoy Gaming!!

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