5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Graphic Designer

94% of the people admit that their first impression of a brand is design related.

Graphic design is an inherently visual language; impressions birthed from good aesthetics are lasting and consequential. You are familiar with the most popular brands first through their colors and logos, and second through their names.

Think Nike, Google, or McDonald’s – the first thing that comes to mind is visual. This fact displays just how important it is to dedicate time and resources to a visually impactful design of your brand for the consumers.

Studies suggest that websites get a window of about 500 milliseconds to leave an impressionable imprint in the visitor’s mind, as the aesthetic judgment in the human brain is already formed within this time.

Hire a graphic designer to make sure that your digital channels are leaving a good footprint in your visitor’s minds and inviting them back to your pages. Let us explore a few more reasons you should consider onboarding a design professional.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Your brand logo garners 6.48 seconds of visitors’ time.

That is a lot of footage for a single element on a website, and the logo is the most definitive parameter that defines your brand. The same research reveals that visitors spend 6.44 seconds looking at the navigation menus on your website. A few other important design parameters also rank high on this index:

  • 5.94 seconds for primary image
  • Over six seconds on the search box
  • Bottom of the page / footer commands 5.25 seconds of viewer time

The graphic elements you place in these locations on your channel determine how the user would decide to engage with your brand in the future. Here are 5 ways a graphic designer can help you make the most of this time.

Save Your Time

As a person running a business, you really don’t need to invest precious time in designing user interfaces. A professional designer knows the drill in and out and can help you get the job done in a fraction of the time you would take. This would help you deploy your website sooner. Furthermore, his/her designs would be more professional and would resonate with your ethos better.

Make Your Business Look Professional

Professionalism can be conveyed brilliantly through imagery. Think about the website designs of consulting and technology firms Accenture and Cisco.

A professional graphic designer can help you plan the graphics and element design on all your digital channels to embody professionalism in every color and stroke.

He can create professional, signature illustrations for your brand that can potentially become your brand identity (like Disney’s Mickey Mouse).

The Cisco logo represents a digital signal, and the website elements are neat and linear, embodying much of the same concept.

Professionalism in design can be communicated effectively by graphic designers, as they are familiar with the way strokes, shapes, and figures interact with each other to deliver meaning to something.

Save Your Costs

Graphic designers are professionals who know their tools. They are familiar with the design workflows, the tools and software needed, how they need to work with these implements and how they would couple with the equipment at your office.

This knowledge helps them work faster and expedite the project timelines. Fewer hours spent on design directly save you the costs that would otherwise be spent on inefficient processes.

In the long term, this arrangement helps offset a multitude of unnecessary expenses that emerge in the form of printing costs, equipment problems, and more.

Keep Your Design Consistent

Designs created from a single hand are unique and stay consistent across various tasks. Whether it is designing graphics for your flyers and pamphlets, or for letterheads and print media, magazine covers or email newsletter illustrations, logo or website elements – the signature stays consistent.

There is an undertone of unvarying uniformity that your consumers associate with your brand through this design form. It is for this reason that graphic designers are most valued.

Achieve Desired Results

As a person of business, it is understandable your creative streak is difficult to express. That said, undertaking graphic design for your own company could translate into trouble achieving the design you truly want.

Graphic designers help channel this expression through their own hands and media. By means of conversations and getting to know your brand, they help you deliver your ideas into design through their skills and talent.


Graphic design has always existed as an undercurrent of any marketing activity. Today, it has found expanded meaning and utility in helping brands develop their identities in the best possible way.

Graphic designers convert the story and mission of a brand into stunning visuals that speak volumes about what consumers can expect from it. To communicate the right message visually, hire a good graphic designer.

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