5 Ways Technology Is Affecting Social Skills

With technological development, information is more accessible than ever in the history of humankind, and it is transferred from one end of the globe to the other faster than ever.

However, information is inevitably crucial in creating and shaping society in today’s world, so it is essential for members’ behavior and existence.

Through the internet and smartphones, we can communicate with people wherever they are. We can talk and look at each other on the screen with someone who is miles away. But the question is, how does such a connection affect people’s social development and skills? 

Have modern ways of communication distanced us or brought us closer? How do social networks affect socialization? Here are five ways technology affects the development of social skills. 

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  1. Lack of Face to Face Contact

There is no doubt that global communication has improved. It is simple, accessible, and affordable, without time and space limitations. But the negative side is that people are aware of that. With that in mind, it is easier for them to communicate with friends and relatives by phone and online.  

Sometimes, it seems that it is enough to exchange messages and neglect communication in person, face to face. But nothing can replace socializing and talking like when people are physically present. The lack of face-to-face contact can make people scared of others, their commitments, and obligations. 

  1. Conversation Misunderstandings

The ability to communicate and lead a conversation is a social skill nucleus. The whole world we are living in is made by communicating and planning strategies. People talked, analyzed, and worked together to provide global development.

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Effective conversation and the ability to understand each other are crucial for our career, social, and emotional lives. The conversation is made of talking, sharing, and expressing ideas and emotions. Technology leads people to misunderstandings.

Even though most people today cannot work without computers, smartphones, and an internet connection, there’s still a social skill called conversation we cannot forget about. People need to communicate in person to understand each other and develop their cognitive skills. 

  1. Limited Focus and Attention
Social Skills

With the advent of smartphones came a lot of good for people. Today, literally everything can be done if you have a smartphone and internet connection. You can see the route to some street you haven’t heard of without asking random passersby to direct you.

The bad thing is, people started to look for shelter in their phones. Whenever some interaction goes wrong, or they don’t have an interest in a specific topic, 90% of people use their phones to avoid unpleasant and weird situations. 

Besides that, their attention and focus are limited, and they begin to lose interest in everything that is not familiar with their knowledge. They develop physical boundaries, and the only community they are comfortable joining is virtual and technology-related. 

  1. Damaging Consequences on Self-Worth

Nowadays, people are addicted to some kind of approval and social network reactions and comments. It has become customary to have a thousand foreigners we call online friends and are interested in their opinion.

The most important values ​​in life have begun to be determined by celebrities and influencers. People began to watch other people live in unrealistic television shows full of bragging and expensive scenes. With that came the worst thing that could happen to a man, to have a romantic and fairy-tale view of the world.

Technology damaged people’s self-worth and made them unable to socialize with people due to a lack of self-confidence and changed perspectives towards actual life values.

People who do not value themselves cannot make friends, talk to people and develop social skills. It is a terrifying and consequential social problem.

  1. Virtual Life Dulls Your Social Skills
Social Skills

When we need the physical presence of people we love, we can’t trust virtual socializing and interaction. Although it sounds poetic, life consists of moments we create in person, not through the virtual world.

That is because the virtual remains only virtual. Social networks, as one of the basic medians of communication, are widespread nowadays. Most of us have profiles on them and determine what to share about ourselves with our friends and companions. 

So, when you find out what is going on in their lives, all you need to do is visit their page and find out everything, from ordinary to very private things. Sometimes those profiles are so transparent that there is no need to communicate.

Even many love stories nowadays begin, last, and end through social networks. Sometimes it is enough to visit the special one’s profile and find out everything that interests you.

However, in REAL life, virtual skills are useless. People must communicate and express their emotions to be involved in some kind of relationship. 


Technology has shaped an entirely new way of social interaction and reduced close and intimate relationships among people.

But, on the other side, it has brought many opportunities and knowledge. Technology has reduced our social skills, but we choose how we use it and how it will affect us. 

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