6 Methods To Edit A Video Clip

Your editing journey can be a breeze, thanks to free video maker tools. With this, you can explore different templates, music, effects, and more. If you have this innovative tool at your disposal, it’s as if you have a professional product design team at your beck and call.

This digital solution allows you to make videos from scratch. You can also select a template and swap the elements with your own footage and clips. This truly makes editing a breeze so you can come up with your final project in no time at all. 

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However, using a template does not mean you are stuck with generic designs that will no longer stand out. In fact, you can enjoy customization options that help you create stunning video materials that boost your online presence. In addition, there are so many ways for you to edit a video clip with your free video maker tool. In case, if you are looking professional help then you can also contact an explainer video company to create animated videos for your business. Keep on reading to get started on how you can take advantage of all the various cool options at your fingertips. 

  1. Tweak Existing Color Scheme 

Templates usually come with color schemes. However, don’t be thrown off-kilter by the existing designs. Why? Because you can easily tweak the template to match your brand. With just a few clicks, you can modify the template to suit your purpose and message. 

You can readily edit the default template by changing the accent colors or choosing a different style. Just click on the appropriate fields to make the appropriate changes. You can mix and match to suit your heart’s desires. After all, with the seamless menu toolbar, you can scroll down to find the settings you need. You can change the following:

  • Background color
  • Add filters
  • Incorporate accents 
  • Change saturation

Changing these elements becomes stress-free with the right tools. The easy-user interface means you can change themes and style combos with a click of the mouse. And you don’t have to worry about anything because you can always press the undo button if you change your mind after running the preview. 

  1. Include Typography For Better Understanding 

Adding fonts to your work can help you say your message effectively. You can use your free video maker font collection to incorporate various words into your videos. Pick the best typography style that complements your video look. You can also change the font size and colors. Some even allow animated text graphics for that added wow factor. 

Do you need ideas? You can incorporate fonts strategically by using them for the following:

  • Title page
  • Contact information
  • Tips
  • Closed-captioning
  • Subheadings
  • Animated fonts
  • Outro credits
  • Watermark for copyright protection

Take note: the keyword is strategic placement. Avoid going overboard and find the right balance. Fonts can highlight your message. However, it should not overpower your audio or images. 

  1. Incorporate an Image or Clip in the Video Block

Though a specific time block may have existing video footage, you can readily change that by dropping your photos or clips from your own gallery. You can even add stock clips and photos from the free video maker library to fill in the gaps. 

If your chosen template feels as if it does not have the right length, you can easily add or delete time blocks. As a result, you can readily make a video that suits your message. To add or delete, just hover your mouse over the time block and choose what you want. Customization is very easy with your free video maker tool because it is built to make your editing life easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Switch From Landscape to Square or Vice Versa

If you find a template, but it’s in landscape mode, you can easily modify it to become a square should you prefer that orientation mode. With the aid of your tool, you can readily change the aspect ratio to suit your distribution channels. On top of that, your free video maker can also help you with the following:

  • Resize images
  • Make photo collages
  • Create slideshows
  • Enhance images or videos
  1. Fortify Sound Quality to Evoke Emotion

Remember, videos are not just about moving images or photos. Sound plays an important part in the whole video experience. It holds the power to set the mood and tone. Thus, you also need to beef up your sound quality. Terrible sound means that people will not watch your videos. As a result, no one will notice your excellent images. 

Hence, you must prioritize sound for better audience engagement. Start by recording any footage with a good microphone and a quiet background. Both approaches will help reduce noise tremendously. On top of that, you can easily modify the sound with your free video maker. For example, you can select musical scoring from thousands of copyright-free songs. Alternatively, you can add voice-over narration to explain or incorporate sound effects. For example, you can add the sound of breaking glass or rain to set the right mood. 

  1. Put in Story Transition Elements

Transitions serve a crucial role in moving your story forward. Transition devices have the power to connect two different scenes to each other. If you don’t want your videos to look choppy, utilize transitions from your free video maker. 

All you need to do is click on your transition option and place it between the timestamp of two different scenes. As a result, you will get a seamless and fluid storyline that resonates more with your audience. To help you out, you can use the following transition examples to make a more compelling video: 

  • Fade
  • Crossfade
  • Wipe
  • Fly
  • Dissolve
  • Simple cut

The Final Wrap Up On Editing Videos on Your Free Video Maker

When you choose to work with a template, you can find one that fits your brand and purpose. It works just as well as making things from scratch. Why? Because you can look for a template design that meets your criteria. From there, you can replace the text and images to fit your desired narrative.

Finally, with a few clicks, you can turn a family template into something that promotes your no-profit. Similarly, you can use short clips to create teasers for your blog. If you utilize the editing tools mentioned above, you can surely create a stunning video that suits your business. No matter what niche or industry, you can curate content with a free video maker that wows your target audience. 

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