6 Pro Tips to Survive in The Game Back 4 Blood

If you are in search of tips and tricks for your survival in Back 4 Blood, you have come to the right place. Back 4 Blood is a gun shooting game against Ridden- infected humans. The setting of the game is in the ruins of some post-apocalyptic era. 

The game comprises multiple chapters with several allotted missions. The objective of the game is to regain control of the world and restore humanity by jumping into the mayhem of cannibalistic Ridden by killing them.

The tips here help you survive against the Ridden with a dynamic gameplay mode to get started.

  1. Vault up against objects

 To survive in the game, you need to constantly avoid zombies. There are random objects such as cars, the roof of a container to jump up to. Especially when your mission is to call a horde, the roof of the shipping containers or any high ground such as the stairs are the best spots to deal with the Ridden easily. The place or spots you choose can make a lot of difference.

  1. Don’t play solo

When you are on the mission to kill the horde of zombies, try to avoid playing alone or run ahead. The player playing alone and that ran ahead of the team gets quickly killed by the horde. Teammates sticking together covers each other’s back and share ammos and other consumables like health and heals and if things go wrong, they can even resurrect each other.

  1. Be aware of horde traps

You need to look out for the horde traps that are of four types that call the horde instantly when you hit the trap. 

The most common trap are the birds, they are often gathered around a corpse and if they are startled it will call the horde in your direction. Make sure that you do not get close to them or dash by them or shoot in their direction. You can kill the birds in one bang by using a grenade or Molotov before they can alert the horde.

The other trap are alarm doors. Although these trap doors are labelled with warning signs, sometimes to progress in the game, you need to get through one of them. Back 4 Blood hack is to shoot at zombies near the door to attract them but on the other side of your way. This way the alarm can be disabled as it receives the blow by a zombie when shot. Once disabled, you can break the door down.

Then we have car alarms, you are warned about the car being rigged by its blinking. Then we have snitches to avoid. 

  1. Always bring a Toolkit

In the quick accessory slot, you can have upto 5 useful items. One of the most important ones is the Toolkit. Toolkit can be used for multiple purposes and is more useful than the other items. With the toolkit you can unlock marked doors that contain more loot, you can speed up your levels that have specific objectives. 

The tip is that one of your teammates must have a toolkit with them before starting any level. Try to use the toolkit on specially marked rooms that are full of loot.

  1. Invest in Team Upgrades early in a run

You must focus on buying special guns and ammos and their attachments early in the game, but it’s also important that you invest in upgrading your team potential. Extra situational or support items are great to save up, but if you upgrade the ties is even better and more effective for your gameplay. 

When you are playing at higher levels with more difficulties a medical kit heals your HP more, therefore first aid kits are rare but more helpful than having more ammo.

  1. About the Back 4 Blood bots

Bots can be dumb and annoying, but they can be good companions for you for several reasons. Firstly, they don’t suffer trauma damage and hence don’t lose HP quickly after being hit. 

They are able to have an unlimited supply of ammo and share with you when you are out of yours or running low. They don’t take share in the loot but never run out of the grenades to throw when needed. So having a bot on your side brings you multiple bonuses.

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