A Complete Warframe AMP Guide And Its Best Combinations Of 2023

Warframe was one of the most eagerly awaited games, and it has dominated the gaming industry since its release. This article demonstrates how to use the Warframe amp guide and other components to build the most effective amps in Warframe.

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What is an amp in Warframe?

To beginners, an Amp is a specialized gadget that the operator uses to increase the strength of his or her Void Beam.

When the primary fire button is pushed, a laser-like beam emerges from the operator’s hand. Amps enhance the power of the beam, increasing the amount of damage it may do.

They also aid in raising the beam’s strength without sacrificing other aspects of the Void. The laser beam may be converted into bullets and ammunition for main and secondary fire with the Amps, making it a flexible and powerful weapon.

The phrase “amp” is significant in this thrilling game since it allows you to convert between operator and wireframe modes. You might be able to finish the second dream quest.

What is the purpose of the Warframe amp guide?

Sentient opponents are adapted against it by harm and only by avoiding broken weapons can they be breached.

Amps are the only void damage in the game, thus these opponents may be used to weaken them.

Shadow stalkers, conquerors, and battalysts are instances of adversaries who adapt to cumulative injuries and melee weaponry to destroy them.

You can then go back to your original weapons and your operator amplifier In these circumstances.

Amps are mostly utilized to defeat this deadly opponent that has caused so much harm. They have special void shields that do not work with standard attachment again

When you start preparing to take on Tridolon hunts in a group (fighting Teralyst, Gauntulyst, and Hydrolyst on the Plains of Eidolon), you’ll need an Amp that’s up to the task.

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Some Warframe best amps:

Warframe amp guide


The 2-2-3 is the first meta-Amp, and it employs secondary fire as a grenade shot to take down Eidolon’s shielding. Shoot the projectile into the Eidolon’s leg, where it will cause damage even before it explodes. The shotgun-style primary is ideal for dealing with Vomvalysts, while the brace boosts crit and status chances.

What the 2-2-3 Amp Is Good For?

  • It’s perfect for Eidolon hunts warframe best amp eidolon.
  • Only Cetus’ reputation and supplies are required.
  • Strong enough to defeat the majority of foes

2-2-3 Build:

  • Shwaak prism: Shotgun-style, short-range blast with punch through
  • Shraksun scaffold: Explosive grenade
  • Lohrin brace: Increases status and critical chance


Though Eidolons in Warframe amp guide are the focus of their utilization right now, Amps aren’t simply for hunting Eidolons. Amps are also used in the combat mechanics of the global monster on Venus, the Profit Taker orb.

The Profit Taker requires an amp to a) cycle the shield’s resistances and b) shatter the pylons. This Orb monster has a unique barrier that shields it from all types of attack while letting only one sort of damage pass through.

While you’ll need various weapons to cover all of the available damage kinds, you may also cycle the damage vulnerability by shooting the Orb with void energy (your Amp).

Furthermore, the Phahd scaffold’s missile may quickly destroy the shield pylons generated during specific periods of the conflict, making it valuable in the fight.

The 4-4-7 Amp shines in the following areas:

  • Profit Taker and Ropalolyst bosses will benefit the most from this item.
  • Long-term vision The damage resistance of the Rahn prism may simply be cycled.
  • The glaive projectile of the Phahd scaffold kills shield pylons almost immediately.

4-4-7 Build:

  • Full-auto and long-range photos with the Rahn prism
  • The scaffold of Phahd: a glaive-like projectile that bounces between opponents
  • Certus brace: Chances of serious illness are increased.


While the 2-2-7 Amp is a strong choice that anybody can make and use, the 6-2-7 is preferred by the most committed Tridolon hunters.

The Lega, a flamethrower-style prism that strikes quickly at short range, replaces the Shwaak prism in this Amp.

When combined with the Madurai focus tree’s Void Strike ability, you may quickly blast a large amount of damage into the Eidolon’s shield.

For every second you spend in Void Mode, Void Strike increases the damage of your next few attacks.

While the rest of the team targets the Eidolon’s weak places, organized teams generally have at least one member charging up their Void Strike to quickly shatter the Eidolon’s shield.

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The 6-2-7 Amp excels in the following areas:

  • The best approach to take advantage of Void Strike’s damage increase
  • Eidolon shields may be shattered in a second.
  • High damage over a short distance

6-2-7 Build:

  • Lega prism: a flamethrower-like weapon with a small range, an area of effect, and a fast fire rate.
  • Scaffolding in Shraksun: grenade detonation
  • Certus brace: Increased likelihood of serious illness

Best Warframe amp guide combo

Warframe amp guide

When it comes to the greatest Amp builds for general combat, there is a lot more leeway. Your best chance is to go with a build that has good crowd control and synergy with a solid Arcane.

In actuality, they’re comparable in that they both give Punch Through and numerous damage procs, which means they pair well with the Certus Brace (+20 percent Critical Chance) or the Lohrin Brace (+12 percent Critical/Status Chance).

The Shwaak and Shraksun both have guaranteed Impact procs, which means they go well with the Virtuos Fury Arcane, which delivers extra damage for each Status Effect you cause.

How to build customized amps in Warfare?

In Warframe, AMPs are made up of three parts: a prism, a scaffold, and a brace. Later in the post, we’ll go over each part in-depth, as well as the many kinds accessible for each one.

However, the fundamentals of these three elements must be understood if you intend to create a successful Warframe AMP.

Here are the main characteristics of the Warframe AMP components that you should be aware of:

  • The Prism: This component determines the AMP’s main fire.
  • The Scaffold: This component determines the AMP’s secondary fire.
  • The Bracer: This component provides passive status benefits to the AMP to which it is connected.

As previously stated, a player can only build an AMP after gaining the ability to swap between the primary Warframe character and the Tenno Operator associated with it.

Warframe best amp combination

All three types of AMP components are classified into seven distinct levels in Warframe. Each of these AMP kinds now has a single component for each tier.

You may mix and combine different components from different tiers to construct your ideal AMP in the game.

This indicates that “a tier 5 prism can be used in conjunction with a tier 3 scaffold and a tier 7 brace.”

343 AMP combinations can be created in Warframe from all of the available components. The greatest part is the way these combos are denoted.

To signify the AMP combo construct, the Warframe community has devised a creative, clever, and concise tip. This shorthand method is made up of three digits ranging from 1 to 7.

The first, second, and third tiers are the Prism, scaffold, and Brace’s tiers, respectively, if the number 427 signifies that each individual is notifying the players about the tier of the components.

When you see a number like X72, it means that you can use any tier component in the slot where X sits.

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Warframe best amp arcane:

Warframe amp guide

Arcanes are special alterations to objects that provide advantages not found in other mods. These can range from acquiring armor when you take damage to attracting foes to you when you bash a melee weapon into the ground.

This one-of-a-kind item type is both one-of-a-kind and strong, allowing for builds that would otherwise be impossible. In Warframe, there are 10 Arcanes that you must have.

  • Exodia Brave

Exodus is Arcanes in Warframe amp guide that can only be found in Zaw melee weapons made at Cetus. Zaws’ Arcanes include everything from additional combo counters to summoning missiles on airstrikes.

Exodia Brave is perhaps the greatest one that Hok sells. On a heavy attack kill, this Arcane gives a flat five Energy regeneration rate per second for four seconds.

This one isn’t dependent on a percentage, thus it always comes on when you kill the target. The best part is that this effect may compound up to three times, resulting in a massive 15 Energy per second after three heavy attack kills.

This is not only simple to perform, but the Energy benefits from this Arcane are so great that you may run another Focus school in place of Zenuik while this is active.

  • Arcane Consequence

Well, it’s another powerful term in the Warframe amp guide, Arcane Consequence is, without a doubt, Warframe’s most underappreciated Arcane.

When your headshot an opponent, this Arcane gives you a significant increase in parkour speed instead of additional damage or resilience.

The boost lasts 18 seconds and the headshot does not have to be deadly. This Arcane grants a 60 percent increase in parkour velocity, which is not to be underestimated. Rolling and bullet leaps are affected by parkour velocity.

While Prowl is active, Ivara mains may roll considerably further, speedrunners will enjoy the enhanced roll velocity, and your Warframe’s bullet leap will be equivalent to Zephyr’s Tail Wind.

Arcane Consequence is by far the greatest Arcane you can wear if you’re speedrunning tasks or need an extra boost to your mobility.

  • Arcane Aegis

Arcane Aegis is a fantastic method in Warframe amp guide to take advantage of shield gating on all of your Warframes with shields.

This Arcane has a 3% chance to restore 30% of your shields every second for 12 seconds when your shields are damaged.

Because this also triggers your Warframe’s base shield regeneration, your character’s shield is constantly regenerating, reactivating the shield gate invulnerability window.

On paper, a 3% probability seems terrible, but it can be readily abused thanks to one mod: Rolling Guard.

  • Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian’s effect grants 900 flat armor to your Warframe when you take damage, which is beneficial to both weaker and tanker Warframes.

This Arcane has a 15% chance of activating for 20 seconds, which means it is virtually always active.

While tanky Warframes like Chroma won’t notice much of a change, lesser Warframes like Banshee might experience a 60 percent improvement in damage resistance with this Arcane equipped. A rank-five Arcane Guardian will help almost any Warframe.


In this Warframe amp guide, we discuss why Amps are a unique weapon type that only your Tenno Operator may use. It has both necessary and substitute termination modes, as well as a detached reward that impacts both.

Amps are mostly used in the late game to knock down the massive Sentient Eidolons who wander the fields after dusk.

They’re the only way to deal with Void-type damage in the game, and therefore the only way to destroy the Eidolons’ defenses.

Outside of this particular situation, their use is limited because they deal less damage than your Warframe’s weaponry, although they may be used as a utility item for restoring harm transformation and administering Sentient-type enemies.

Therefore, after reading this Warframe guide when creating an Amp, the user must carefully analyze his requirements and put them on top of the characteristics given by every stage of the element.

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