A Guide On Valheim Flax And Its Uses

Flax is an uncommon crafting material found in Valheim when traveling throughout the globe. We’ll show you how to obtain flax valheim in this portion of the IGN tutorial. Flax may be found in the Plains biome of Valheim, notably in Fuling Villages.

Two additional crops for your developing farmhouse may be found in Valheim’s last biome, the plains. We’ll tell you where to get flax and barley, what equipment you’ll need to process them, and what you can manufacture using linen thread and barley flour in our Valheim farming tutorial.

Valheim flax is a resource that you’ll need later in the game for some crucial crafts, but it’s not immediately evident where to obtain it.

Players in Valheim frequently wander aimlessly, attempting to discover a critical component for whatever they’re trying to make, so if you’re wondering where to obtain Valheim, we can assist. Everything you need to know about Valheim is right here.

Flax Is A Late-Game Crop In Valheim

It is the late-game crop in Valheim. It can only be set up in the Prairies biome & broods.

This is a mid-to-late-game reserve with numerous applications that may enlarge in the imminent. It currently helps only one use.

How to farm flax valheim, for it you must first get a few of them, which you may then nurture when you want vast quantities. 

How To Get Flax In Valheim?

In Valheim, getting flax is a similar process. After you’ve conquered the Mountains and beaten Moder, the first stage is to discover a Plains biome, which is the fifth biome you should explore.

If you explore Plains before this point, you’re doing it at your own peril, as you’re likely to lack the necessary equipment.

You must keep an eye out for Fuling Villages while roaming the Plains. Fulings are little goblin opponents that are stronger than Grey dwarves, and while they’re doable on their own — iron clothing is still recommended – they’re a big menace in groups. Fuling Villages, as one might think, are teeming with them.

flax valheim does not grow naturally in the plains biome. You can get it from their crops or the chests that are strewn throughout their settlements.

How To Farm Flax Valheim?

flax valheim

Flax is an excellent thing to have, and you’ll be using it a lot in the plains biome.

Plains biome of Valheim growing flax turnips and here we will tell you “how to farm flax valheim?”

Instead of invading fueling villages, it’s wiser to grow your own for a consistent supply. However, because flax valheim grows exclusively in plains biomes, your farm must be placed here.

Because carrots and turnips grow well in plains (and bees thrive), you may simply relocate your complete agricultural enterprise.

Plant flax using a cultivator, such as carrots and turnips (5 core wood, 5 bronze). They do not, however, provide seeds. Instead, when these crops are harvested, they drop plants –flax. To keep your harvest going, replant one.


 It’s time to build a spinning, Spinning wheel turn 1-flax into 1 linen thread.

They effort like a charcoal furnace — place in the flax valheim, delay a bit & then gather the linen thread after the floor. You really don’t essential any fuel, but it does have to be positioned near your craftsperson’s table.

A ton of linen thread creates new weapons & armor, so keeps rising your farm.

Valheim Flax Explained

Flax, on the other hand, isn’t technically food. You may use flax on a Spinning Wheel to make a Linen Thread, which is needed for many kinds of armor and weaponry.

Linen Thread is required for the Black Metal Sword, Atgeir, Axe, and Knife, as well as the Padded Greaves, Cuirass, and Helmet. It’s also required by the Linen Cape and Porcupine, making it essential for some of the game’s most powerful gear.

If you give me a game, I’ll write every “how to” I can or perish trying. You may find me hurtling around the track in F1, hurling balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant when I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on.

Flax Re-Spawn

When it comes to re-spawning, Valheim flax is similar in that they both re-spawn in a few days as long as you stay away from Fuling towns.

Because flax valheim takes a long time to grow, it is feasible to cultivate extra Flax from Fuling communities from time to time.

Ease Of Use

flax valheim
  • When entering a Fuling Village, look around for a tiny piece of cultivated ground near the homes. This is where you’ll find 15-20 Valheim flax plants that are ready to be harvested for 2 flax apiece.
  • Flax may be cultivated by transplanting it with a Cultivator, although it’s more likely to find Barley in these locations, so you may need to check many towns.
  • It can only be grown in the Plains biome, despite the fact that it may be planted anyplace with cultivated land.

Usage Of Flex

  • On a spinning wheel, it’s used to manufacture linen thread.
  • It’s possible to feed it to Lox.

Here we will provide you full details of Linen thread, Spinning wheel, and Lox with their usages –

Linen thread

It is an item created in Valheim rummage sale in the formation of advanced tier weapons & tackle.


It’s time to make a spinning wheel with the artisan table and some flax (20 fine kinds of wood, 10 iron nails, and 5 leather scraps).

Spinning wheels convert one flax valheim strand into one linen thread. Put the flax in, wait a few minutes, and then retrieve the linen thread from the floor, just like a charcoal kiln. Fuel isn’t required, but it must be kept close to your artisan table.

Keep developing your farm since you’ll need a lot of linen thread to make new weapons and armor.

What Is Lox In Valheim Flax?

flax valheim

Plains Lox is a huge and powerful beast. They can be domesticated, allowing for breeding and riding. They have so poor eyesight and hearing that stealth attacks may be carried out without crouching.

They have a lot of health and are resistant to a lot of different sorts of injuries. Their melee assaults do a lot of damage.

Strategy –

  • Lox has a lot of health and does a lot of damage, and they’re also resistant to blunt and slashing damage. As a result, swords and maces only deliver minimal damage to lox, but arrows and spears are more effective.
  • Lox has difficulty crossing small terrain because of its big size and is quickly outmaneuvered by the player.
  • Lox has the ability to attack while swimming, making them a danger to swimmers and boats.
  • It has 2 attacks: an area-of-effect stomp & a short-range bite which it will continuously employ first.
  • It is occasionally possible to dodge an assaulting lox by rushing into a shadow and standing sheathed in it a short distance away.

Riding –

  • A riding Lox is a formidable companion.
  • A sprinting Lox outruns even the most athletic player while also benefiting from the fact that equipped Armor does not slow them down.
  • A mounted Lox also ignores the rider’s weight, allowing them to move and even sprint when the rider is overburdened.

Notes –

When Flax is fully grown and is injured by weapons, it will be collected. For quick harvesting, AoE assaults like the Stag-breaker, Iron Sledge, or Atgeir special attack are particularly useful. When compared to harvesting flax by hand, this approach loses no flax.

Flax is said to be scarcer than barley. It is advised that you replant some as soon as you locate it in a secure location.

Verdict –

  • While Valheim flax has a limited number of applications, it’s conceivable that Linen Thread will be able to make additional things or have more uses in the future.
  • Much late-game equipment requires Linen Thread
  • Flax will be required in large quantities if you want to make and upgrade them.
  • Flax may be readily harvested with the Atgeir’s special attack if you choose to collect them all at once rather than picking them up one by one before making goods using Linen Thread.

Frequently Ask Questions –

What is Flax Used For?

· Using a Spinning Wheel to Make Linen
· Some weapons, tools, and armor are made of linen.

What is the best way to collect flax in Valheim & how to farm flax valheim?

Because of Valheim’s in-game features, players have the choice of growing flax instead of always confronting the dangers of a Fuling hamlet. They will, however, need to construct the cultivator from the in-game forge in order to produce flax in Valheim.
In Valheim, the cultivator takes five core wood units and five bronze units to construct. In Valheim, players may grow and harvest a limitless amount of flax by putting unused flax in the ground with the aid of a cultivator.

Can you grow flax in Valheim?

Valheim flax is a substance found in Fuling camps throughout Valheim’s plains. To obtain flax, you must first locate their camps, tour their fields, and then purchase it directly from them. After that, you may cultivate flax for yourself.

What does Flax do in Valheim?

Two stacks of Flax are added to your inventory for each Flax gathered. It’s a good idea to plant part of the Flax you harvest back at your base so you may have a steady supply without having to go out onto the plains every time you need more. Once you’ve made a Spinning Wheel, you may use flax valheim to manufacture linen thread.

Where can I find Valheim in muck?

Flax is a floret that normally tints in wheat turfs, so you’ll have the finest chance of ruling it there. It doesn’t continuously spawn like that, but you have a great chance of impending across one that is close to wheat most of the time.

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