A Guide On Warframe Somatic Fibers 2023

Warframe somatic fibers are an early Warframe component. This component is used to make the Lua Lens, which has the highest conversion rate of all the lenses in the game. For each Lua Lens that you want to make, you’ll need 5 of these components.

Apollo, which is located on Lua, is the sole mission where you may obtain somatic fibers. This is a disruption mission with Warframe as the sole source. Somatic Fibers can currently only be farmed on the aforementioned task and must be cultivated there.

In Warframe Update 25.7.0, Somatic Fibers were introduced. The fibers are linked to another item introduced in that update, the Lua Lens, which allows Tenno to farm Focus even more efficiently.

The good news is that they can both be discovered in the same location, albeit by different methods.

To make a Lua Lens, you’ll need five of these components for each Lua Lens you want to make. This component does not drop in the same way that other resources do in planet drop tables.

We’ve put up a brief tutorial to assist you with cultivating Somatic Fibers, which includes the location and how to farm the component.

To help you with your fibers farming adventure, we’ve put up a handbook that includes information about the region and how to produce it.

This asset will not usually drop, however, it can be tough if not done correctly because these opponents can be difficult to hide at times.

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It’s best to go in groups because they’re formidable foes who will demand time and patience rather than talent or luck, as most other animals in this world do.

  • The term somatic originates from the Ancient Greek word “, which means body and is pronounced soma.
  • All of the early Warframe somatic fibers were judged a failure and destroyed by the Orokin, according to the Vitruvian discovered during The Sacrifice quest

What Is The Best Way To Grow Somatic Fibers?

Warframe somatic fibers

Warframe somatic fibers are only discovered on a single Lua mission, which is a disruption mission. To get a shot at the Somatic Fibers that the Demolysts may drop, you must complete the objective and kill them.

This resource does not always drop, and in order to farm efficiently, you may need to stay for a longer period of time throughout the task. It’s best to go as a group because these foes may be difficult to shade at times.

  • Engineers
  • Bursas
  • Hyenas
  • Anti-Moas Demolishers

These are, in most cases, the enemies who produce and hunt Conduits. Regardless of what you’ve set up to develop somatic fibers Warframe Farming before your colleagues arrive, it’s recommended not to designate any drops for separate players because this hub is so basic.

Even if others locate these assets while no one else is present, all excellent Tennos will examine those asset drops when they come across them to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Substantial somatic fibers Warframe can only be found on a certain assignment in Nitain Extract Farming. This is because it’s a disruption mission, and you’ll have to slay the Demolysts in order to have a chance to kill them.

This is due to the fact that it is a disruption mission, and you will need to murder the Demolysts in order to obtain their Somatic Fibers, which may drop during your gameplay.

These tasks require you to fight your way through numerous Conduits across the level. These adversaries will spawn in the vicinity of these nodes.

These opponents can drop Warframe somatic fibers, which will be enhanced by any skills that improve drop rates.

Bring a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or a Nekros with Desecrate, or any comparable build that helps improve item drop rates and resource drops, to assist speed up farming.

These drops will be doubled thanks to the Smeeta Kavat’s double pickup/affinity Charm boost.

Where To Farm?

somatic fibers Warframe are obtained through a quiet mission. Farming takes place in Apollo, which is located on Lua.

This catastrophic mission will be the sole source of Somatic Fibers, and Physical Fibers are only currently farmable on this one mission, but they should be grown there for a bit longer.

The Lua Lens is obtained from the same node and has a 10% chance of being awarded as a Tier C Rotation reward.

As a result, while farming for the Lens, you’re simultaneously farming for the material you’ll need to create it, which is a lovely touch from Digital Extremes.

That’s all; just like any other item, you create the Lua Lens in your Foundry and then connect it to the weapon or Warframe somatic fibers you want to farm Focus with, just like any other Lens.

To make the Lua Lens, you’ll need an Eidolon Lens, 5 Somatic Fibers, and 25,000 Credits. It takes 24 hours to create.

The Lua Lens converts 3.25 percent of surplus Affinity into Focus points, making it the most efficient Focus farming lens in the game.

somatic fibers Warframe can only be obtained in Apollo, which is located on Lua. This is a disruption mission, and the only source of Somatic Fibers will be this mission. Somatic Fibers can presently only be grown on the stated task, and they will need to be harvested manually.

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Somatic Fibers Farming Location

Warframe somatic fibers

Apollo (Lua) – Disruption

The only mission that allows you to cultivate Somatic Fibers is Apollo. You have comparable aims to other disruption missions, and you must complete it as you would any other operation.

The Somatic Fibers do not drop dependent on the rotation; instead, they only drop when you kill the Demolysts.

These Demolysts will spawn for each activated terminal (one Demolyst per terminal), and you must eliminate them before they destroy the terminal.

Demolysts have a somewhat moderate probability of dropping Somatic Fibers when they die, so you might have to wait a long to obtain what you need.

More Somatic Fibers may drop if you’re lucky, but this is unlikely. It is recommended that you play as a team in order to farm efficiently.

Farming somatic fibers like Nekros will not compel more foes to drop more treasure, thus it’s better to employ fibers that are both durable and capable of killing Demolysts.

Lua Lens

The Lua Lens is the only reason for cultivating Somatic Fibers. This Lens has the greatest quality of all the Lenses that can be made.

You must accomplish Rotation for each round of the disruptive mission on Lua, Apollo, in order to get its blueprint.

In essence, you may harvest both Somatic Fibers and the Lua Lens at the same time, making it a two-for-one deal.

Because the Lua Lens is only available as a prize from rotation C, you’re more likely to receive more Somatic Fibers from each Demolyst you kill in the task.


If you wish to farm Somatic Fibers, you’ll need to know how disruption missions operate because failure can make reaping the benefits of a protracted disruption difficult.

You will be able to solo Apollo, but it will be far faster if you have a squad with you. If a Demolyst drops the components, excellent allies should alert you, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Somatic fibers Warframe are a Warframe component that dates back to the first prototypes.

This component is needed to make the Lua Lens, which has the highest Focus conversion rate of all the lenses in the game. For each Lua Lens that you want to make, you’ll need 5 of these components.

It was formerly used to create the Lua Lens, which has the greatest conversion rate of all of the game’s lenses.

These Demolysts will spawn for each activated terminal (one Demolyst per terminal), and you must eliminate them before they destroy the terminal.

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Demolysts have a somewhat moderate probability of dropping Warframe somatic fibers when they die, so you might have to wait a long to obtain what you need.

Farming the Lua Lens required for it may be done simultaneously and quickly if you concentrate on completing all of the rotations, or defending all of the terminals from Demolysts.

The rate at which you can farm somatic fibers is determined by how quickly you can kill adversaries, which influences the likelihood of keys falling as well as how quickly you can go to each terminal and kill the Demolysts who come.

The sooner you complete the disruption goals, the more Somatic Fibers you will be able to collect.

Solo players can easily complete two terminals at once if they move quickly enough; allowing them to collect fibers faster, but a squad can complete multiple terminals at once if they can kill opponents quickly enough to drop all keys.

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