A Guide On YMIR Flesh Valheim And Its Use

Valheim is a sandbox Viking survival game that was released on February 2nd. With over 13,000 reviews, the Ymir flesh valheim is presently at the top of the best sellers list.

Gathering resources for creating a certain item is prevalent in this game, as it is in other survival games.

Ymir’s Flesh is a crafting item found in Valheim that may be used to make one of the game’s most powerful weapons.

Ymir flesh valheim –

Valheim Ymir Flesh is a name you’ve probably never heard of. Because this stuff is so uncommon, it’s likely you haven’t even seen it yet. You won’t locate it until you meet Haldor, Valheim’s resident trader.

Even if you’ve previously tracked down Haldor and purchased his ymir flesh valheim, the game won’t tell you what to do with it. Confusing? Yes. But here’s all you need to know about Valheim’s Ymir Flesh, including whether or not it’s worth your money.

Ymir Flesh is one of Valheim’s numerous uncommon collector goods that may be utilized in crafting. The valheim ymir flesh recipe is explained in this section of TechParle’s guide.

What is ymir flesh for valheim?

Ymir Flesh is, as the name implies, Ymir’s flesh. Because Norse mythology isn’t as well-defined as other faiths, not all of the facts are precisely aligned.

The brief version is that Ymir was the forefather of the jötunn, a race of creatures that included Trolls. The Earth was created by Odin, Vili, and Vé using Ymir Flesh.

They also created the oceans with his blood, reaffirming Norse mythology as one of the most metal in the world. That implies that every time you kill a Troll in Valheim, you’re murdering one of Ymir’s progeny.

Where to find valheim ymir flesh?

The players will need to seek a trader named Haldor in Valheim in order to find Ymir’s Flesh. He lives in the Black Forest and has red hair and blue-colored skin. It will be difficult to pinpoint his specific position because he is usually on the move.

The flesh of this Ymir is utilized to make an Iron Sledge hammer, one of the greatest weapons in the game. Other goods needed include the Drauger Elite trophy (which also contains the weapon’s formula), iron, and wood.

Because Ymir’s flesh is one of Valheim’s rarest goods, cultivating it will be challenging. To get it, you’ll need a total of 120 coins.

Another thing the players should remember is that once they find Haldor, the first thing they should do is buy Ymir’s flesh from him in order to improve their carrying capacity.

What is the use of valheim ymir flesh?

ymir flesh valheim

To build their fortitude and live in the perilous Nordic wilderness of Valheim, players must gather a variety of resources like wood, iron, and other manufacturing ingredients.

Most objects in the game don’t come with instructions on how to use them, so buying them might be risky if you don’t know what you’re getting.

  • The Ymir flesh valheim is well worth the high cost because it may be utilized to make a powerful weapon.
  • The Ymir Flesh is a crafting item derived from the enormous Ymir’s remnants. It may be purchased from the Black Forest biome’s trader Haldor.
  • Although claiming the Ymir Flesh appears to be an easy task, many players are finding it difficult.
  • Finding Haldor’s whereabouts is tricky because the merchant appears and disappears at random across the forest.
  • Because the Black Forest is randomly created, the characteristics vary from player to player, making it hard to follow Haldor’s routines or correlate his position with any landmarks.
  • Your only choice is to slog through the Black Forest until you come upon Haldor.

You may buy the Ymir Flesh for 120 coins once you’ve located Haldor. The Iron Sledgehammer is made by purchasing four Ymir flesh valheim and building them with wood, iron, and a Draugr Elite trophy. This Iron tier weapon is a formidable opponent for both common opponents and bosses.


The fourth one-handed club is the Frostner. Its primary attack is a three-hit combination that does double damage on the third hit. Its slower secondary strike does 2.5 times the damage and 2 times the stun.

Its tremendous knockback and sluggish movement make it an excellent choice for battling numerous opponents at once.

We’ve compiled a list of fascinating facts about the Frostner, which you can find below –

  • Even though the slow lasts for a long period, the Frost damage is done instantaneously.
  • Spirit damage accumulates over time (and only affects some enemies).
  • A Frost Aura is also given out by the valheim ymir flesh hammer, which is solely visual.

The Frostner is efficient against foes that are immersed in water because of the Wet condition, which induces Frost’s vulnerability (rain only affects players).

Because ice does not contribute to staggering, only physical damage does, players are less likely to see an adversary stumble from Frostner damage than from other maces.

If you only have a limited amount of Ymir Flesh, it’s advised that you save up for Frostner; the second weapon that Ymir flesh valheim may be used for. The whole Frostner valheim ymir flesh recipe is as follows:

  • 5 Ymir Flesh
  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 5 Freeze Glands
  • 30 silver

This silver valheim ymir flesh hammer drains stamina from non-frost foes while also delivering 35 blunt, 40 touches of frost, and 20 spirit damage and providing 120 knockbacks. Because draining opponent stamina slows them down, you should keep Frostner with you anytime you’re not in the Mountain environment.

When focusing on a target, knockback can be problematic, especially when playing in a group. It’s possible that using a secondary attack to kill the victim is preferable to using main assaults.

  • Trivialities

Forstner’s look is based on Mjolnir, Thor’s one-handed hammer, as well as archaeological findings and creative renditions of Mjolnir.

Iron sledge

The second two-handed club is the Iron Sledge. It doesn’t have a secondary attack. The primary strike hits the ground (after a long swing delay), delivering damage, 2x staggering, and knocking everything back in a 4-metre circular area of impact.

We’ve compiled a list of intriguing facts about the Iron Sledge, which you can find below-

  • The Iron Sledge is Valheim’s most devastating blunt weapon.
  • When completely improved, it does a whopping 73 brutal damage with 200 knockbacks to foes.
  • You’ll need Ymir flesh valheim not just to make it at first, but also for each of its following enhancements.
  • With x10 Ancient bark, x30 Iron, x4 Ymir flesh, and x1 Draugr Elite trophy, you can make Iron Sledge.

Here’s the full Iron Sledge recipe:

  • 1 Draugr Elite Trophy
  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 4 Ymir Flesh
  • 30 Iron

The Iron Sledge is a fantastic weapon for clearing space and hitting numerous foes at once, dealing 55 brutal damage and 200 knockback power.

Both Frostner and the Iron Sledge will cost 1080 coins and nine Ymir flesh valheim to make. However, if you have the funds saved up, it is well worth it.

If you still have a Question like – what does ymir flesh do valheim?

The Ymir flesh valheim can be utilized as a crafting material for some exceptionally strong valheim ymir flesh hammers, which is pretty straightforward. Frostner, in particular, is a great late-game option.

Wrapping Up –

Finally, we have attempted to provide all relevant material on this issue.

Valheim Ymir Flesh is available for purchase at the Merchant. That means you’ll need to figure out where to find the Merchant and how to obtain the money you’ll need to purchase the Ymir Flesh.

Ymir Flesh is a relatively inexpensive item, costing only 120 Gold. However, other than one single crafting process, it isn’t very useful in the early game, so you might want to save your money for something else.

The Ymir Flesh in Valheim and how it is used might be a little confusing. Valheim is a brand-new Viking survival game that’s sweeping Steam and the PC gaming community. Valheim has sold over two million copies in less than two weeks since its debut.

And we hope that this is the finest tutorial for you and that we have covered every detail of the Ymir flesh valheim. If you have any doubts, you may go back and read it again for a better understanding.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

ymir flesh valheim

What is the Ymir flesh for Valheim?

Ymir Flesh is a crafting resource that may be utilized in two different recipes at the moment. Frostner is made using one valheim ymir flesh recipe, while the Iron Sledge is made using another.
Frostner is a strong hammer enchanted with the power of ice that does frost damage to opponents that come into contact with it.

How do you spawn Ymir flesh in Valheim?

Ymir Flesh can be readily created using the console command if you don’t mind using hacks to get it. To spawn the item, first, enable cheat codes in the F5 console by typing dev commands, then use the spawn Ymir Remains command to produce it.

How much is Valheim Ymir flesh?

120 coins are available. Because Ymir’s flesh is one of Valheim’s rarest goods, cultivating it will be challenging. To get it, you’ll need a total of 120 coins.

How do I make a Valheim obliterator?

Copper x4, Iron x8, and Thunder Stone x1 are all required to create an Obliterator in Valheim. Players can purchase a Thunder Stone for 50 gold coins after finding Haldor. To construct the Obliterator, you’ll need a nearby Forge.

How do you make a Ymir hammer in Valheim?

To create the Iron Sledgehammer, you’ll need the following materials: Ymir Flesh 4x Iron 30xs. Ancient Bark ten times.

How do you make Ymir?

The material for the Ymir flesh valheim may be purchased from Haldor the trader in the Black Forest. We recommend stocking up on Ymir Flesh if you have enough money.

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