Warframe Wukong Prime Build

The rebellious primordial saint Wukong Prime Build, who descends from the empyrean everlasting, causes havoc in the System with his immortal deception and terrible beatings.

Divide and conquer with twice as many people, then travel invisibly beneath a cloud cloak. Defend himself with haughty elegance, using the famous staff to tip the scales in his favor and knock his foes off their feet.

In Update 17.12 (2015-11-25), this Build set out on a new adventure, and in Update 25.2, he was joined by his twin (2019-06-19).

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Notes On Wukong Prime Build

Wukong’s study necessitates the use of 11 Nitain Extract. Nora3Cred64.png 45 worth of Nightwave offerings will be required. Wukong also requires 6 Nitain Extract, which costs Nora3Cred64.png an extra Nora3Cred64.png 30.

Although Reactor Sabotage caches can reward Nitain Extracts (and therefore reduce Nora3Cred64.png expenses), the likelihood of Nitain extract being awarded is minimal. Thus it should not be depended on entirely.

The Warframe Wukong Build is based on the classic Chinese story “Journey to the West,” which impacted various current tales.

The Monkey King (also known as ‘Sun Wukong’) definitely influenced the development of Wukong, and not only does the Wukong Warframe resemble The Monkey King, but his skill set also fits the legend.

His primary weapon is a long and extensible staff, and he possesses a cloud-based ability and the potential to become eternal by activating his second ability.

While the mythology is accurate, Wukong isn’t a fantastic choice as a Wukong prime build Warframe anymore, and he’s honestly one of the game’s worst frames.

His damage output is lower than practically every other Warframe, there are far superior tanks in the game (such as Rhino or Inaros), and his crowd control is nearly worthless. You could discover a good build here if you’re still seeking methods to create Wukong and have fun with him.

Just make sure you know what he can accomplish, and don’t expect super-strong builds to get you through all types of tasks.

Wukong revamps have been requested by the community for a long time.

Some things altered, while others remained the same. While Wukong is still a long way from being a meta Warframe, he has unquestionably improved his skill set. He’s also a lot of fun to play, so give him another go if you haven’t previously.

You might wish to have a look at our newest constructions. They’re entertaining, and maybe they’ll help you choose a Wukong version you enjoy!

Wukong Prime build


  • Has the potential to be unkillable
  • Shields that are superior to the norm
  • Heavy armour
  • Easy to obtain
  • has a one-of-a-kind exalted weapon Cons


  • Damage output is low
  • Slightly slower than average sprint time
  • Crafting requires a lot of resources.

Wukong Prime Build: How to Play

That means you’ll generally want to utilize your melee weapon to take advantage of its combo-based damage potential while your twin fires the primary gun from afar. Unfortunately, your twin lacks a combo counter so the typical endgame melee won’t work on him.

Still, because he delivers double damage by default, he can safely deal a lot of damage with the primary weapon. Below are some suggestions for valuable weapons to employ.

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Cloud Walker Wukong

Second, Wukong isn’t only good at fighting! Capture, Rescue, Sabotage, and especially Spy missions benefit greatly from his Cloud Walker (2) skill. You float past all foes while remaining invulnerable and completely mobile until you achieve your goal, eliminating the need to fight.

Cloud Walker allows you to soar through cameras and even through lasers without activating them in Spy missions! You just hit one button and dash toward the console, generating no alarms in the process.

Warframe Wukong Prime Build Trivia

Wukong Prime Build

Wukong descended for the Chinese build on September 29th, 2015, and subsequently for the worldwide release on November 25th, 2015.

Sun Wukong (also known as the Monkey King) is one of the main characters in the prevalent classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, and Wukong is named after him. The Monkey King’s mythology informs the majority of Warframe’s power set.

The variable-size EWIronStaff.png Iron Staff summoned by Wukong when he uses PrimalFury130xDark.png Primal Fury (and to a lesser extent Defy130xDark.png Defy) is based on the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Monkey King’s trademark weapon that can change size at will. It was one of the gifts given to the Monkey King when he conquered the Four Seas Dragon Kings.

CloudWalker130xDark.png Cloud Walker references his master’s Jingdouyun (which translates to “Rolling Cloud”), a talent he acquired as a child.

CelestialTwin130xDark.png The Monkey King’s power to clone himself using his magical hairs is called Celestial Twin.

The phrase “Five Levels of Immortality” refers to the Monkey King.

Excalibur UmbraIcon272.png Excalibur Umbra Prime and NezhaIcon272.png Nezha are the other two Warframes that were first launched as timed exclusives to Warframe China.”Everybody’s got something to conceal, Tenno.

Except for Wukong,” says Lotus, referring to the Beatles’ song “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except My Monkey and Me.”

Until the introduction of Wukong Prime, Wukong had no official alternative appearance (skin) other than TennoGen’s.

He will summon his Celestial Twin while equipped with Wisp’s agile animation and unarmed. Equinox and Xaku are the only other frames with a unique version of the spirit. Therefore he is the second of three shelves with a special version of the animation.

“While his Celestial Twin is around, Wukong Warframe can give himself a handshake by triggering the Handshake emotes.”

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The Best Wukong Structures

Because most builds concentrate around your exalted weapon, the Iron Staff,’ you nearly always want to utilize the Steel Charge aura mod while creating your Wukong.

Getting the additional melee damage is quite helpful and may significantly improve your DPS. However, there are several counter-arguments to utilizing Corrosive Projection instead.

Multiple instances of the armor reduction mod in your squad are compelling and are frequently required to eliminate foes quickly – or at all – if you wish to send your Wukong to higher-level missions.

The Construction of the Iron Staff

Wukong Prime Build

Wukong’s most prominent characteristic is his holy weapon. The critical probability is high, and the base damage is among the greatest of any melee weapon in the game (tied with some other melee weapons).

You can destroy a large number of foes in a matter of seconds, especially if you combine the weapon with a robust Primal Fury build.

The construct itself should be self-explanatory: If you don’t have the primed modifications, bring the regular version and upgrade once you get the primed versions.

Because you don’t want to build around status chance, introducing +60% status chance modifications (like Virulent Scourge) isn’t a good idea.

It was well worth it.

Instead, utilize two different elemental modifications and switch them out as required. Berserker is ideal for this situation since its high critical chance allows you to raise your attack speed often.

Is Primal Fury a decent Steel Path spell?

In short, no, which is why Primal Fury isn’t used in this version. Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, and any other Combo modifications are not compatible with Primal Fury’s Iron Staff (except Drifting Contact).

Unfortunately, endgame melee builds rely on the combo counter for high crits with Blood Rush and loads of Status effects with Weeping Wounds. Only by combining these modifications with Condition Overload can they do as much damage as they do. Because we can’t use them on the Iron Staff, it loses all scaling potential, making it poorer than ordinary melee weapons, at least for Steel Path and beyond.

Wukong Prime Build the Primal Fury

This build focuses entirely on your Iron Staff, attempting to maximize your damage output with your melee weapon while being tanky enough to get into your opponents’ faces without dying.

To be so tanky, you’ll need Vitality, but after that, you may apply any survivability modifications you desire. Redirection is lovely, but you could also utilize Steel Fiber – or use both and skip Streamline entirely.

If you’re about to perish, use your second ability, ‘Defy,’ to ensure that you won’t be knocked down!

Wukong prime build Warframe ‘s energy pool is relatively low without it, and you could run out of energy too quickly, especially against infested opponents with energy absorption. Primed Flow (or its standard form) is a beautiful addition.

Primal Rage is an essential mod here because it dramatically increases your damage. With the enhanced mode, you can’t achieve a greater critical chance than 100%, but that should be enough to keep your damage high, even if the bonus is diminishing by 1% per second.

The New Defy Construction

  • Defy is one of the abilities that received a significant overhaul with Update 25.2 and now functions differently than previously. There are essentially two methods to get around it: either for an extended period of invulnerability with a long length or for the build I show here.
  • There’s nothing wrong with employing a short duration to create a super quick nuke build, but this build focuses on burst damage.
  • To acquire as much range as possible, you’ll want to use Overextended, Augur Reach, Stretch, and Cunning Drift.
  • After that, Primed Continuity is the best way to obtain as much time as possible without utilizing Narrow Minded.
  • Here, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are fantastic.
  • Augur Message is a beautiful feature, but it may also be used as a Streamline if you’re running low on energy.
  • Blind Rage is the most excellent option here, so don’t go for anything else. Switch Augur Reach out if you need to utilize another mod (Vitality for increased survivability).
  • Another point to remember is to keep your clone active at all times. It will not only enhance your damage output by cloning you, but it will also cast your Defy.
  • The Clone Construction
  • This wukong prime build is a little more laid-back, aiming to optimize your clone health by attaining 300 percent or higher ability strength.
  • As a result, your clone will live forever (or at least for an extended period) and will assist you in repairing the damage. If you use a primary or secondary weapon, your clone will switch to the melee weapon that is presently equipped.
  • If you use a melee weapon, your clone will automatically switch to your primary weapon (or secondary weapon if you don’t have one) and shoot opponents. If you only have one weapon equipped, your clone will utilize that weapon, allowing you to force it to use the weapon of your choice.
  • The structure itself isn’t out of the ordinary. Once again, you want to maximize your ability and strength. Following that, the focus is on survivability, which is why Vitality and Adaptation are utilized.
  • The latter may be anything, but Redirection or Steel Fiber are likely the best options for increased survival. Because you won’t be using your other skills most of the time, carry a decent weapon with you.
  • Celestial Stomp is also a fantastic addition that is a lot of fun. It operates similarly to Rhino’s ‘Stomp’ ability, suspending foes in mid-air for a few seconds.
  • Press the key/button for your first ability for a few seconds, and your clone will activate its additional stomp ability.
  • Wukong Prime’s best build


Playing the new Wukong prime build is a lot of fun. He may not have the melee powers of Excalibur or Valkyr, but he is still a formidable opponent in melee battle, particularly with the new clone. So go ahead and give Warframe a shot, and have fun with the unique skill set!

Also, feel free to leave a remark if you believe we missed something crucial or have another suggestion for creating him!

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