All You Need To Know About Progressive’s Snapshot

Everyone would love to have a discount on their car insurance. Would you believe me if I say such a platform actually exists? A usage-based program where you can earn a discount on your insurance policy. The deal is quite handsome as it is up to 30%. So aren’t you excited to get the discount? I know it is worth a shot. So here is a user-based program device by the name of Snapshot Progressive

This incredible device tracks your vehicle and gives you a discount based on it. Snapshot is the first usage-based program device, but it soon became a popular trend to minimize your insurance policy. There are various insurance programs under Progressive you can opt for. Progressive even has the patent for such usage-based programs, and they provide the license to other companies.

What Does Snapshot Mean?

This device is installed in the car for collecting data and remotely monitoring it. This is an incredible device to monitor your driving habits. The device came into use in the year 2011. And after its introduction, there have been many companies have come up with similar products. The device uses telematics science technology to work. The monitoring can be done through a desktop or a mobile.

The device records the driving habits of the vehicles and sends the data to Progressive. The data is reviewed; accordingly, the insurance rates are adjusted, and you may even get a discount as per the program of Progressive.

How Does the Progressive Snapshot Work?

It is essential to understand that a mobile app is used to keep an eye on the vehicle’s movements. Hence, it is necessary to know that the driver of the designated vehicle should be registered with the app. Registration of the vehicle or the driver is not required for the policyholders who have device-based Snapshot in their vehicle. The device can even be transferred to another vehicle if required. 

How Does the Progressive Snapshot Operate?

The Progressive Snapshot device works quite quickly, and both the app and the device versions operate similarly.

  1. You have to join the insurance program via phone or an insurance agent. 
  2. You have to download the Snapshot app or install a plug-in device on the OBD port of the car.
  3. You get a discount on registration on a new device or through your mobile. The amount of value usually depends on the state where the car is registered. 
  4. While you drive, you can review the data on the Progressive app registered on your mobile.
  5. After the monitoring period is over, you get a discount and a driving score. When Progressive revises the plan with the state Snapshot department, then the percentage of value may change.  
  6. You can send the device back to Progressive for plug-in versions or delete the app on your mobile. 

What Does Progressive Track?

Progressive Snapshot records the car’s performance and, in exchange, gives a discount on the vehicle’s insurance to the owner. The tracking is done based on the following criteria. 

1. Application of brakes and acceleration

Snapshot keeps track of the vehicle’s speed and determines whether the acceleration or the brakes were applied too quickly. 

2. Late-night driving

Progressive Snapshot penalizes drivers who drive between midnight and 4 A.M. The app considers this time the most challenging time to drive. 

3. Calculation of Milage

The maximum time you spend on the road, you may likely get into an accident. The Progressive Snapshot tracks the vehicle’s mileage and uses it to calculate the discount the owner receives.

Duration of the Progressive Snapshot Program

Although there is no fixed time duration for which the device must be kept in the car. You can keep the plug-in device in your vehicle if you need a discount on your vehicle insurance. The minimum time is 75 days, and the maximum is six months of the policy term. Interestingly when the policy term is completed and the discount is determined, Progressive stops keeping track of your vehicle. Then you can return the device or delete the app.

You can also use the Progressive Snapshot device on a trial basis. It is primarily for drivers who do not hold an insurance policy for their vehicle with Progressive. 

What’s Coming Next?

The Progressive Snapshot device is helpful in both tracking your vehicle and also giving you a discount on your insurance policy at the end of your usage. You can use this device till your policy term is active. After that, it is not required. 

The device is easy to install on your car and as well as on your phone. You can see your record and discounts as well. When plugged into your vehicle, the device would make a sound as an indication as you are using the brakes or overspeeding your vehicle. 

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