All You Need To Know About Vehicle Recovery Discounts

According to the data collected from the NHTSA, every 44 seconds, one car is stolen. The data is quite shocking and greatly impacts the life of the owner.

The premier investigating the organization of the country, the FBI, has stated that car thefts have gravely affected the country’s economy. Hence, many car owners have decided to install car recovery systems in their vehicles to help them recover their stolen vehicles. 

The latest technologies deter thieves from stealing vehicles. Hence, the need to have a system to recover stolen vehicles has become more critical with each passing day. In addition, when you install the recovery systems in your vehicle, you also get a discount for the active devices. 

When a vehicle theft is reported, and the vehicle has auto insurance, the insurer has to pay for the vehicle’s value. So get your vehicle insured if you live in an area where vehicle theft is rampant. 

What is a Vehicle Recovery System?

The vehicle recovery system is a comprehensive tracking system designed to help vehicle owners track their vehicle after it gets stolen. The tracking system allows the police to track down the vehicle and recover the vehicle soon. Many systems are installed in the vehicle to stop vehicle theft. 

Some of the devices are installed by the company manufacturing the vehicle, and some by the owner of the vehicle. Some of the popular systems where you can get a discount are OnStar, BMW Assist, Toyota Safety Connect, and more. 

You would become eligible for a discount from the insurer only when you can prove that you have an active vehicle recovery device installed in your car. 

Companies That Offer a Vehicle Recovery Discount

You get a vehicle recovery discount on LoJack, OnStar, similar tracking equipment, or other active recovery devices in your car. When you install the system to get a discount, you must check whether the discount is available on the device or not. Some companies where you would find discounts are 21st Century, AAA, Allstate, and more. 

What is the Discount Applied?

When you have coverage through one of the vehicle recovery companies, you need to verify whether you are eligible for the discount you are getting. After the discount is applied, the comprehensive premiums come down.

For saving on each term, you have a system to recover the car when it is stolen and ask for quotes online. You get the quotes directly from the company, but; it takes longer than usual.

VIN Etching or a Vehicle Recovery Device, Which One Would You Choose?

When you park regularly in areas of car theft, then it is a matter of concern, and hence you may look for an added layer of security. There are many simple measures to protect your vehicle.

Any vehicle recovery system installed would provide owners with complete peace of mind. Due to the increase in vehicle theft, two methods have emerged for the owners. There is a need for an added layer of security in car recovery situations: VIN etching and GPS technology.

Many drivers are purchasing vehicle identification number (VIN) etching kits to save their cars from getting stolen. Some AAA Auto Clubs offer the members a free service. In addition, GPS technology has been instrumental in preventing thefts and recovering stolen vehicles without etchings.

Which Places Have a High Risk of Car Theft?

Unfortunately, you would find a huge number of car thefts in many places across the U.S. Hence, the total prices of vehicle recovery devices increase for the drivers who live in those zip codes. You would find theft is a common practice in metropolitan areas.

Investing in alarm systems and tracking systems is essential for recovering stolen vehicles when you have the highest auto theft rates in the places you live. Cities with the highest theft rates are Modesto, CA, Bakersfield, CA, San Francisco, CA, and more.

Will Insurance Policy Cover the Vehicle Theft Claims?

Auto insurance is mandatory in all parts of the United States and compulsory by law. The state never requires buying protection for the car. There is also no requirement for physical damage coverage in the vehicle you insure.

You get the option of adding security to the policy. You only get coverage for a theft claim with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance has low-cost coverage, which pays for the damage claims filed after fire, theft, the act of vandalism, or flood.

The GPS-based vehicle recovery system sends signals to GPS tracking software to pinpoint the asset’s coordinates. It can help the police to locate and recover the vehicle. Other preventive measures are included in the vehicle recovery system.

They install alarm surveillance systems and ensure that the perimeter, entrances, doorways, and windows are adequately lit. Such facilities help the owner of the vehicle not only to earn a discount but save their vehicle from getting stolen. 

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