Alternatives To SEO That Can Drive Business To Your Website

If you run a business in Bangkok, then there is no doubt that you will have been bombarded with various SEO related material, and suggestions from various people about how you can drive more business to your website, to the point, perhaps that the subject is almost like white noise. What those same people might not have talked to you about are the alternatives so, let’s look at something a little different;

But I already use Google

Good, that’s a great place to start, and probably where most of your focus wants to be until you find a solution that’s able to match and or beat the performance that you already receive from Google and the various funnels that you might already have set up. If your current strategies and digital marketing agency in Bangkok are still working for you then keep them going, if they’re producing good results, then you should have a little more time on your hands these days to look into making your businesses ‘must have appeal’ even better.

Join forces with influencers

Doing your own thing is all well and good but, when it comes to maximum exposure to any market you choose, you could work with influencers who are able to post relevant adverts by way of a post on various social media platforms. You might be asking, how is that any different from me doing it myself? It’s all about followers, check your numbers on each platform that you are signed up for and then compare them against how many followers’ influencers have. 

In some cases, you’re looking at millions of followers compared to a couple of hundred at most. So, when an influencer shares a post, it is much more likely to be seen by people than if you had posted it yourself.

Start some online conversations

You could even do this on an evening from the comfort of your own home, look for pages that relate to what you do or groups and get stuck into some conversations with people, you’d be surprised where it might lead to. Facebook is still king when it comes to traffic, and your chances of speaking with the most people, so, in addition, if you don’t already have one, set up a Facebook page for your business and get other people to share it with you. 

Get involved with YouTube

YouTube is absolutely massive, second to Facebook when it comes to overall traffic, however, it holds the top spot when it comes to video uploading platforms and many people will end YouTube via something like Facebook. Set up your own YouTube business channel and share what you are up to, some hints, tips, advice for people that are searching for content online for anything that relates to what you do. Just be sure to add as many keywords as you can. 

Emails and SMS

People often overlook the importance of emails and or SMS messages because of how old they are, people tend to focus on the new fads, or trends, however, most people will still read their emails and SMS messages, you may as well take full advantage of that!

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