An Informative Guide To Buying Headphones In 2022

When it comes to buying headphones, consumers are spoiled for choice. There are tons of options in the market that you can choose from. These choices are spread across different price points, brands, specifications, wired or wireless options. The advent of remote working has also added a new dimension to the selection process. 

While there are too many options to choose from, the fact remains not all of them are of a high quality. If you want the best options, this resource guide can help you make an informed decision. In this guide, we are going to look at what factors should prospective buyers should look at when buying headphones for their personal and professional use. 

Headphones: How they have become a part of our lives?

Computers, television, smartphones, dedicated MP3 players, sound bars of Hi-Fi music systems. We use headphones with all of them. From listening to music to attending work meetings, head phones have become quite a staple part of our lives. 

There are many individuals that also consider them as part of fashion accessory. When it comes to buying the best headphones that money can buy, people are not afraid to shell out a few hundred dollars to get their hands on the best Bose QC45 headphone in Singapore

The following are some important considerations that you need to factor in when buying a set of headphones:

  1. Durability of the headphones
  2. Comfort factor after wearing the headphones
  3. Battery life which becomes important in wireless setups
  4. Water resistance aspects
  5. Brands that are manufacturing the head phones
  6. Type of headphones
  7. Price and value proposition of the headphones
  8. Quality of the sound on offer
  9. Wired or wireless options
  10. Storage and portability of the headphones

Someone that is investing a few hundred dollars pays attention to the above-mentioned aspects when making a buying decision. 

List of 5 Important Factors that you should consider when Buying Headphones


There is no denying the fact that when it comes to buying headphones, brands matter the most. This means that when you buy a pair of headphones from a brand that has made a name for itself in the audiophile world like Bose, you know that you are getting the best in terms of technology, sound quality, durability and the overall experience. 


Headphones come in a variety of price points. You can get one for ten dollars as well as five hundred dollars. More than the price, you need to think about the value proposition. Just looking at the prices is not the correct thing to do. Something that is sophisticated in terms of the build quality, sound space, as well as branded will cost more. 


Headphones come in a variety of sizes. You have the large bulky ones, that might be difficult to carry around and store. This means you need to assess where you are going to use them and how you are going to carry them. If you are not comfortable with carrying the bigger over-the-ear ones, you might want to opt for earbuds that are easy to store and carry. 

Sound Quality-

For most individuals that are looking to buy headphones, this is the deciding factor. Some individuals who value their music are not going to compromise on this. You need to look at Frequency Response, size of the drivers, SPL, THD and the overall sensitivity. This can get technical if you are looking to get into finer aspects of sound quality. 

Noise Cancellation-

If you want the best audio experience, you need to move up the headphone hierarchy and opt for noise cancelling headphones. This is the gold standard in terms of sound quality. If you are looking to use the headphones while availing public transport or listen to your favourite music while sitting in a café, you want the headphones to drown out all the additional noise. 

The Final Takeaway

By paying attention to all the points mentioned in the guide, we hope you are in a better position to take a decision. Make sure that you are focussing on the brand along with assessing the sound quality on offer. This is what is going to elevate your music listening experience. If you would like us to assist you in any other way, please reach out to us in the comments below. 

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