Are WoW Private Servers Free?

As a gamer, you might wonder if private servers are free? Perhaps you’re a new player that want to get into World of Warcraft and MMORPG? Either situation will be explained deeply in this article.

World of Warcraft is originally made by Blizzard, and have had a long path since then. But in around 2009, private servers for WoW started appearing. Since then, the servers have developed a lot.

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Can you play on WoW Private Servers without paying?

If you’re a player who have been playing retail, you’re surely used to be spending a recurring amount, for a paid subscription. That’s very usual, because of course Blizzard has to be getting an income too.

This might however make you wonder if private servers are free to? Because of course they need to be earning some money too, for hosting the server. The answer is actually quite simple.

The majority of all WoW Private Servers are free to be playing. You heard right! There’s no official payment required to play on private servers. As a retail player, this may be something you’re not used to.

It’s however important to note that the mentioned warcraft private servers are un-official versions of the game. They’re not in any way associated with Blizzard, hence the name ‘private servers’.

As a general rule, the scene for private servers is a grey area. However, playing on a private server is not illegal, so you don’t have to worry as a player.

Because of that, you can have several benefits as a player. You will get to experience the private server scene, and you don’t have to pay anything, at all! But you might wonder what’s in it for the people running the WoW Servers?

How do the WoW Servers make money?

As you’ve learned by reading until now, is that unlike retail, there’s no recurring subscription to be playing on a private server. But as a result, you may be curious as to why the server owners continue to keep their servers online? Let’s reveal the secrets for wow servers!

The first thing is that the private servers for World of Warcraft do also make money. That’s important to state. Almost nothing’s free in this world. It’s however completely correct that you can play without paying, since its optional.

Let’s elaborate! Most private servers have a concept where you can donate for better gear. Some of these WoW Servers are known to have a pay-to-win concept, where you can buy the best gear. That’s the most typical way for the owners to be earning money.

Because of that, you should be a little skeptical, and decide whether you trust the servers. Unlike Blizzard, this is not a company that runs the servers. Instead, it’s simply a “normal” person with interest in this scene.

Some servers for World of Warcraft, have however been up for years, or even decades without issues, so keep that in mind too. But private servers are free.


As you have learned by now, it’s free to be playing on a private server. Unlike World of Warcraft retail, where you have to pay for a subscription every month, donating on a WoW fanserver is simply optional.

If you want to be spending money on a server, you can buy better items and gear, but it’s not a requirement to be capable of logging in. That’s one of the benefits for playing, unlike retail. We have also concluded that it’s not illegal to be playing on a wow server, but whether it’s ethical is another question.

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