How To Get Argon Crystal Warframe


The Orokin Void tileset, the Isolation Vault Bonus level, and some Assassination targets all have a chance to drop Argon Crystal Warframe, which are scarce resources.

Argon Crystals degrade with time, in contrast to other resources. The resources must be repurchased if necessary after this time period or they will vanish from the user’s inventory.

Argon Crystals could be the most elusive of all the mysteries that lie within the Void, and there are many. Although maintaining them depends on speed, getting them depends on some RNG.

Some Warframes, particularly Prime ones, need the usage of Crystal Warframe; hence most players will search for the resource at some point while playing Warframe.

This implies that once you locate an argon crystal, you should use it right away to avoid wasting your time and effort.

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Argon crystal Warframe: often not a difficult undertaking

All day at night-time UTC (7 p.m. CT), crystal Warframe will start to degrade; you can check the timer on them in your Inventory tab.

Every day at the same moment, their quantity will be half as they decompose. However, Argon Crystals that you have used in the Foundry won’t degrade.

Only the Void tileset, which can be reached from Europa, Sedna, Phobos, and Neptune, has Argon Crystals, and getting there takes traversing the majority of the Star Chart.

Fortunately for players, obtaining Argon crystal is often not a difficult undertaking, especially with the aid of some Warframes. What you need to know to obtain some argon crystals on your own is provided below.

How to Warframe argon crystal farm?

Argon Crystal Warframe

There are a few missions and locales in particular that are worth returning to time and time again if you want to Warframe argon crystal farm a decent number of Argon Crystals.

You’ll have the most luck mining argon crystals in the Exterminate, Survival, and Sabotage mission categories.

Naturally, there’s more to it than that, as some missions only produce Argon Crystals on particular planets.

If you’re at a pretty low level, you should finish the missions on Teshub, Ani, and Stribog.

Argon Crystals may be found in Oxomoco, Mot, and Marduk for more seasoned players. Start Exterminate, Survival, or Sabotage missions after you’ve arrived.

Then, take out as many foes as you can. If you’re fortunate, some of them will reward you by dropping the desired crystals.

  • Few Capture missions

Additionally, completing a few Capture missions may increase your chances of finding more. Take part in the Capture missions in the Hepit & Ukko locations while eliminating as many foes as you can. You ought to receive a few additional crystals as a result.

You can begin using argon crystals Warframe for crafting if you have amassed a sizable quantity by consistently completing these assignments. They are an essential ingredient in the creation of armor, and various chassis types, like the Lavos and Limbo chassis, need their production.

Argon Crystals are also needed to construct a few uncommon Warframe argon crystal weapons, including the main weapon of the Amprex, which requires two of them.

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Warframe where to get argon crystal?

Argon Crystal Warframe

Additionally, there is a possibility that containers and lockers will drop argon crystal Warframe.

Containers may be easily broken with the aid of Warframes with high AOE abilities like Ember, Nova, or any explosive weapon.

The Master Thief and Scavenge modifications are available if you wish to boost your locker farming for whatever reason.

Due to the restricted number of lockers available on each floor, we do not advise utilizing them.

Corrupted Vor encounters are the final reliable location to farm argon crystal

There is a possibility that Vor will show up on difficult void missions. He has a 50/50 chance of losing an Argon Crystal or an Orokin Cell each time he is vanquished in Warframe.

Mot, a survival task that is one of the few places Vor has a possibility to spawn, is one of the missions we previously described.

Warframe argon crystal location

Ukko– Capture

Since you just need to capture the target and then extract it, ukko is one of the quickest ways to obtain argon crystals.

As soon as you’ve taken the target, you can start killing opponents or looting the area to amass the required number of Argon Crystals.

Players might find themselves with enough argon crystal Warframe after a few runs, but this requires them to look around for nodes and, with any luck, foes will drop them.

Although unlocking storage may take some time, this is one of the simplest ways to obtain argon crystals.

Ani– Survival

Since there is no limit to the number of monsters you may kill, this is said to be the greatest Warframe argon crystal location for more seasoned players to farm Argon Crystals.

When playing in a group, you may quickly Warframe argon crystal farm with a farming Warframe like Hydroid or Nekros.

For more effective farming, you may either wander if you’re utilizing Nekros or camp with frames like Hydroid or Khora.

Obtaining Hydroid and setting up camp at the beginning of the task is one of the quickest methods to harvest Argon Crystals, and this will ultimately net players a sizable number of Argon Crystals.

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Oxomoco– Exterminate

Exterminate is another option that most players choose when it comes to gathering Argon Crystals, however, this often necessitates a Warframe with a high enemy kill rate.

A nuking Warframe like Saryn or Ember may swiftly eliminate all the adversaries, making it simpler to complete each objective.

Killing the opponents while scouring the map for hidden containers or Argon Pegmatite deposits is the methodology for this method.

During the quest, adversaries have a minimal probability of dropping argon crystal Warframe but if you look about, you will undoubtedly find some.

Tips & Tricks

Argon Crystal Warframe
  • The Void is the greatest place to get this resource, although if you complete Isolation Vault Bounties and open the vaults, you may still find them on Deimos.
  • When compared to other resources, Argon Crystals have a low drop rate, but you can still get fortunate sometimes, especially if you have Hydroid or Nekros in your team for bonus loot.
  • Examine your argon crystal Warframe in the inventory to see when they expire.
  • You should cultivate Argon Crystals last since they disappear after 24 hours, decreasing the likelihood that they will go to waste.
  • Argon Pegmatite and Argon Crystal Decorations are both available for purchase however they are purely for display and should not be utilized as resources.


Warframe argon crystal is a scarce resource that might be challenging to find, but they are simple to harvest when more people join a quest to survive in the Void.

In order to avoid wasting them, players should try to Warframe argon crystal farm them last. They are typically required for building certain pieces of equipment.

Argon Pegmatite and Argon Crystal Decorations are available for purchase for 20 Platinum and 5 Platinum, respectively, although they are only decorative items that cannot be used as resources.

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Only once you have achieved entry to the Void will you be able to gather an argon crystal Warframe.

Either you really unlock it or someone else gets you there by picking a task in the Void and asking you to a team.

The ability to hunt for storage and Argon Pegmatite deposits while taking down adversaries is the greatest approach to Warframe argon crystal farm You may employ them appropriately if you have a Warframe that is good for farming, such as a Hydroid or a Nekros.

Due to his Pilfering Swarm augment, Hydroid continues to be one of the strongest options for farming Warframe argon crystal. This allows you to easily get Argon Crystals at the beginning of the task.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

What is the easiest way to get argon crystals in Warframe?

You will receive several Argon Crystals as a result. Without a large squad, this is the easiest way to farm argon crystals. To open locked containers, a Warframe like Ember or Nova, or another AOE damager, is helpful.

What is the best place for an argon crystal Warframe?

Since the Void was formerly thought to be the only area to get Argon Crystals, it is the ideal spot to cultivate them. Nowadays, players may cultivate argon crystals in various methods, such as by completing isolation vaults on Deimos.

Do argon Crystals decay one at a time?

You won’t begin losing argon during the daily reset until argon begins to decay (you will lose half of your decaying argon rounded up at each daily reset). Although there is no way to distinguish between stable and decaying Warframe argon crystal in the game, it keeps track of how many of each you have at any one moment.

Where can I farm control modules in Warframe?

Control Modules can be obtained from Neptune, Europa, or the Void by destroying containers or collecting enemy drops on those planets. The Void, which has a reasonably high drop rate and is hence the ideal farming area for Control Modules, is by far the best of the three Warframe argon crystal locations for Control Module farming.

How do you get neural sensors early in Warframe?

The greatest spot to grow neural sensors in the early game is Jupiter. Any of these nodes can have foes drop them, however, certain nodes are better for farming than others. Jupiter’s Dark Sector, Cameria, is a great place to farm. It has an increased resource drop rate of 20% because it is a Dark Sector.

Do argon Crystals disappear?

Argon Crystals are a scarce resource that may be obtained from some assassination targets as well as the Orokin Void tileset and Isolation Vault Bonus level. In contrast to other resources, argon crystals degrade over time. After this time, the user’s inventory will no longer include the resources, and they must be repurchased if necessary.

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