Battle Royale- Is It Still Topical?

What is the Battle Royale genre? As a rule, this is a multiplayer online game in which each of the players must survive. You are placed on some kind of island or room, where you must fight with other participants to the bitter end. Only one player wins in the battle royale.

Battle Royale Video Games

The game genre originates from the Japanese novel of the same name and adaptation, where teenagers are placed on an island and given backpacks with equipment. Periodically, “danger zones” were turned on, where schoolchildren fought to the death with each other. It marked the beginning of a new genre of games.

Popular games from the genre

Fortnite and Pubg are some of the most popular games from the battle royale genre. All of them are unique in their way. Each has its chips, features, and dignity to be disassembled.

What is remarkable about PUBG

The mass popularity of “battle royale” began with PUBG. At the start, it offers a new gaming experience with a death zone and realistic heart rate physics.

The idea itself seems too simple: a hundred people jump onto a specially prepared island, on the territory of which weapons, armor, first-aid kits, types of stimulants, and vehicles are scattered. Over time, the size of the game location decreases, so you have to move and constantly look around. The last survivor in this massacre becomes the winner.

Excitement plays a significant role here – the player, again and again, jumps with a parachute in the hope of finding good loot, making a couple of beautiful frags, and saving what he has collected until the end of the game. And when it doesn’t work, you immediately want to start searching for the next match to try again.

Interesting facts about PUBG: 

  • The strange name of the game comes from the pseudonym Brendan Green. The name of the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds comes from the pseudonym of its creator, where Playerunknown’s (unknown player) is Brendan Green’s nickname, and Battlegrounds is just a semantic prefix that translates as battlefields (battles).
  • Survival films have become the lead source of inspiration for the game’s creator. The idea of ​​a battle is all against all on one big island, where only one survivor will remain, came to Brendan Green after watching two films – “The Hunger Games” and the Japanese film adaptation of the book “Battle Royale.”
  • The original map in PUBG is named after Brendan Green’s daughter.
  • The frying pan in the game appeared due to the developer’s carelessness.
  • The Eastern European setting was chosen for its brutal architecture.

Uniqueness of Fortnite

Uniqueness of Fortnite Video Game

Building construction is the main unique feature of Battle Royale from Epic Games. In the right hands, this mechanic provides a very high defensive and positional advantage. Pro players have complained to developers that Fortnite contests are more like a competition between architects than some are fighting for survival between shooters.

Due to low hardware requirements and free distribution models, Fortnite has overtaken PUBG in terms of player numbers. The authors constantly delight fans with updates and thematic events. In addition to the usual holiday events for online gaming on Christmas or Halloween, the creators are launching events featuring films such as The Avengers and John Wick. Fortnite also hosts virtual concerts featuring renowned musicians.

Interesting facts about the game

The number of Fortnite players has reached 200 million. We can say that the population of this game world has exceeded the number of residents of Russia and Japan.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the number one player in Fortnite. He surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Lionel Messi, and LeBron James, as his income ranges from $ 400 thousand to $ 500 thousand per month.

Only a third of Fortnite players play this free game for free. 37% of Fortnite in-app purchases made their first in-game purchase. Almost 70% of players spend more than ten hours a week playing.

The average Fortnite player who makes in-app purchases spends $ 84.67. The average income per person for paying and not paying is $ 58.25. Phenomenon. Not surprisingly, Epic Games posted $ 3 billion in 2018 revenue.

Conclusion Royale

The battle genre will be popular and relevant for a long time while the developers improve and supplement their games with chips and novelties. For more information on the latest news and updates in the genre, visit a website with popular slot machines reviews. Every month you may notice a new regime or new rules. By updating the world and improving its in-game qualities, the battle royale genre will not get tired for a long time!

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