Benefits Of Highly Motivated Employees? Business Growth!

Employee experience, employee engagement, and motivation are not mere catchphrases that we hear every day. These are crucial factors that play majorly significant roles in the success of an organization. People commonly believe that employee motivation management is all about the performance and welfare of employees. However, its impact goes way beyond just the employees; it ultimately concerns the overall success of the organization too.

Studies show that higher employee motivation levels are directly associated with higher levels of employee engagement. In the face of more and more employees feeling disengaged and contemplating resigning, employers today are more intently focusing on these aspects, to retain employees through improved workplace engagement. This is corroborated by numbers that nearly engaged workforces are about 87 percent less likely to quit their current employer because they feel invested there.

Interestingly, enhanced employee retention levels are not the only benefit of keeping your employees motivated. There are more intrinsic business benefits of employee motivation management.

Motivated employees vs. unmotivated employees

Let us take a look at both sides of the coin here.

Studies show that highly motivated employees lead to an increase in business profitability by almost 21 percent. The outcomes and success of a business cannot be considered without the employees, its biggest assets. So employee motivation management is vital not only for the employees but also for the business. It helps individual employees achieve professional targets and aids the organization to attain business goals.

Motivation comes in different forms for different individuals. But for almost everybody, the greatest form of motivation is when they feel heard. Studies suggest that employees who feel heard are 4.6 times more prospective to put in their best efforts. Simply collecting feedback from employees is not sufficient; employers need to work on it and make necessary changes that align with common employee concerns. That is a brilliant way to convey to employees that they are invaluable to the organization and their opinion matters too. In turn, they will feel a sense of belonging to the organization and feel motivated to perform better.

Unmotivated employees typically put in minimum or zero effort to complete necessary work; they lack the desire to contribute even the bare minimum. Studies reveal alarming statistics that 17 percent of employees all over the world are “actively disengaged” and at least 44 percent complain of feeling burnt out at work.

Think about it, actively disengaged employees are essentially an active threat to their organization. Not only are they unhappy with their current employer, but they tend to externalize their utter discontent. This can have widespread intangible implications that boil down to serious financial impacts on businesses, which translates to a deep impact on the economy of a country. As per estimates, the US economy suffers a blow of about 550 billion USD a year whereas employee burnout weighs down businesses in Germany by 9 billion euros a year.

Motivated employees mean business growth

As the needs of employees keep evolving with time, more and more organizations are now shifting focus to investing in employee engagement software. Investing in such applications is supremely helpful and can prove to be a game-changer for many businesses, by helping them track and measure indicators of employee engagement and assisting in motivation management policies.

Ultimately, the aim of every business is to increase its margins of profitability over time, and without a team of efficient and motivated employees, this aim will never be attainable. Highly motivated employees have a positive attitude about work and their enterprising approach in the workplace seamlessly blends with the organization’s mission and vision to reach specific goals. In the absence of motivation, the productivity of the workforce can easily decline, despite the abundance of facilities.

But that does not mean that only motivated employees deserve attention. The employer needs to ensure that all employees remain equally driven if they want to propel the organization toward greater heights. It is crucial to address problems related to employee motivation, and take measures to engage and motivate dispirited employees.

After all, it is the employer’s responsibility to steer clear of negativity and churn a productive workforce that believes in the organization’s vision and philosophy and helps the business grow.

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