Best Guide On Black Demon OSRS And Its Power

Large demons known as black demon OSRS may be found in a few dungeons in Gielinor. Dungeons are underground environments that are usually (but not always) populated with dangerous monsters, traps, and other perils.

Several of them are involved in quest plots. They have great fighting stats as demons, but mediocre defense for their level. Defense is one of the most important fighting abilities in Run escape Classic. It provides players with protection in all types of battles. 

The less probable it is to land successful assaults OSRS black demon (Melee or Ranged-based damage greater than zero, or Magic-based offensive spells that don’t Splash) against a target with a high Defense level.

As a result, in high-level PvM and PvP circumstances, it is a crucial talent. The quantity of damage that an opponent may inflict on you is unaffected by the defense. Black demon OSRS is the best one for them.

OSRS black demon task is vulnerable to Silverlight, Dark light, and Arclight, as well as magical strikes, as do most demons.

Magical defense is unusual in that it is based on 70% of the player’s Magic level, 30% of the player’s Defense level, and then the player’s magical defense boosts from their armor.

Because most pieces of armor and other equipment have a Defense level requirement, a player’s Defense level also dictates which equipment they are able to wear.

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The Grand Tree, a dark demon

During The Grand Tree, a black demon OSRS is vanquished. After completing the task, this black demon drops OSRS and may be faced again in the Nightmare Zone.

In the case of a Slayer assignment, demonic gorillas, Balfrug Kreeyath, Skotizo, and Kolodion’s last form can be killed instead of OSRS. In all of their locations, black demons may be safely observed with Magic or Ranged.

Players have the option of fighting the OSRS black demon task with melee or hiding in an OSRS black demon safe spot and employing ranged, magic, or a halberd. If this isn’t defeated within 8-9 minutes, it will vanish and the participants will have to restart the combat.

The OSRS are large demons found in a few dungeons in Gielinor in OSRS. They have high fighting stats, but poor Defense for their level.

You might be interested in the OSRS slayer black demon guide OSRS for the safe place black demon. Let’s learn more about the black demon guide OSRS.

These are enormous OSRS black demons who attack anyone who comes close to them. These creatures may be found in a number of Gielinor dungeons, as well as the Stronghold Slayer Cave.

Due to the fact that they are a regular slayer assignment, many players have discovered that using a multi-cannon against them results in speedier kills.

The multi-cannon, on the other hand, will not be effective against the black demon OSRS found within the Stronghold Slayer Cave.

Because dark devils are OSRS black demons, weapons like Dark light, Silverlight, and holy water are effective against them.

Locations- osrs black demon task safe spot

black demon OSRS

The dungeon’s entrance is located south of Taverley and west of Falador.

Falador or Taverley teletabs, Games Room minigame teleport, or Explorer’s Ring 2 or greater are all options for reaching there.

The only way to get to the Water Obelisk on Water Obelisk Island is to go through the dungeon. Water Obelisk Island is located near Catherby, close to the shore.

From the island to the coast, there is a one-way mithril grapple shortcut that demands 36 Agility, 39 Ranged, and 22 Strength.

This monster may be found in Taverly Dungeon. You may arrive in this area by using the Taverley teleport with a home portal and then running south.

Another option is to take the Falador teleport and then sprint west. You may take the agility shortcut in the Taverley dungeon if you have 88 or 75 agility. You can utilize the pipe shortcut if your agility is 70 or 65.

 Are you unable to use the agility shortcuts because you lack a high degree of agility? If that’s the case, you’ll need a dusty key to go into the lesser OSRS black demon task room.

You may obtain the jail key from the jailer in the dungeon, which you will need to unlock Velrak the Explorer’s cell. Velrak will hand over the grimy key.

  • Taverley Dungeon

The Taverley Dungeon is one of RuneScape’s biggest dungeons. There are several creatures ranging in combat level from low to high, with the stronger ones situated deeper in the dungeon. Poisonous beasts are among them. It’s a good idea to have anti-poison remedies with you.

  • Brimhaven Dungeon

The Brimhaven Dungeon is an underground cave located in the members’ sector of the island of Karamja, southwest of Brimhaven.

In the dungeon, there are stepping stones that require level 12 Agility to pass through. You will take a small amount of damage if you fail it (which is quite unlikely). You’ll need at least a level 34 in Woodcutting to get farther in the dungeon.

The expense of entering the dungeon is frequently recouped by the black demon drops OSRS of the dungeon’s several formidable creatures, such as giants, and dragons. Greater black demon OSRS, black demons, red dragons, and metal dragons are all common enemies in the dungeon.

  • Chasm of Fire

The Chasm of Fire is a dungeon in the Shayzien House’s northwest corner that houses a variety of monsters. Only when on a slayer mission can you kill all of the OSRS black demon tasks.

In the abyss, a dwarf multi-cannon can be deployed.

Several charred bone and fire rune spawns may be found on the bottom floor.

  • Catacombs of Kourend

The Kourend Catacombs are a vast dungeon beneath the Great Kourend. Many monsters are regularly sent to players as Slayer missions in this area.

It’s worth noting that the dwarf multi-cannon isn’t applicable here.

The Catacombs have a unique function in that players who bury any form of bone within them will have a tiny number of their prayer points restored. If you have a Bonecrusher in your inventory, you will receive the prayer point restored automatically after each kill.

  • Wilderness

The Wilderness, sometimes known as Wild, is a vast and deadly wilderness that occupies nearly all of north-eastern Gielinor, just north of the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin.

Unless the Protect Item prayer is active, the victim will keep up to three things after dying in the Wilderness, whether to a player or a monster. If the Protect Item prayer is active, the victim will keep four items. Protect Item is only useful if the player isn’t on a dangerous planet.

They will lose all of their things unless Protect Item is enabled, which allows just one item to be preserved upon death, providing the player isn’t in a high-risk area.

OSRS Guide to the Black Demon’s Safe Spot

With Magic or Ranged, you can safely identify OSRS black demon safe spot in all of their places.

Setup with a Variety of Options with the OSRS black demon safe spot –

  • Setup for Ranged 

What’s the status of the ranging setup? Slayer helm or black mask with agony necklace, armadyl chain skirt, armadyl chestplate, pegasian boots, poisonous blowpipe, barrows gloves, Archer’s ring, twisted buckler, AAva’s assembler, and any bolts are required for a ranged build.

A slayer helmet, the necklace of pain, Ava’s assembler, blessing, poisonous blowpipe, armadyl chain skirt, Bandos d’hide, barrows gloves, pegasian boots, and archers ring are required for the high-level configuration. You must utilize the archer helm with Ava’s accumulator for a mid-level configuration. 

  • Setup for Magic 

What about a magic setup with bonus magic attacks? The slayer helm, the black mask, and the ancestral are all options. The occult necklace, ancestral robe top, ancestral robe bottom, everlasting boots, arcane, tortured bracelet, infused god cloak, poisonous trident, seers ring, and Rada’s blessing are among the other items you must employ.

The slayer helmet, occult necklace, infused god cloak, blessing, the staff of the dead, mage’s book, Ahrim’s robe top, Ahrim’s robe skirt, eternal boots, tortured bracelet, and seers ring are required for a high-level magic setup.

The farseer helm, zamorak cape, amulet of fury, mystic robe top, benediction, Iban’s staff (u), mystic gloves, mystic robe bottom, and seers ring are required for a mid-level setup (i).

  • Setup for Melee Strength

A slayer helm or OSRS black demon safe spot mask, Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Primordial boots, Ferocious Gloves, an amulet of torture or an amulet of fury, Avernic Defender or Dragon Defender, an Infernal Cape or a Fire Cape, a Berserker Ring I Ghrazi Rapier or an Arclight, and a Rada’s Blessing are required for Melee setup 

An amulet of torture a fire cape, a blessing, an arc light, a Dragon protector, Bandos tassets, a Bandos chestplate, Wheelbarrows gloves, Primordial Boots, and a Berserker Ring are required for a high-level melee strength setup. Berserker rings are required for a mid-level setup.

Melee Prayer Setup

  • vernic Defender or Dragon Defender,
  • Ghrazi Rapier or an Arclight,
  • Amulet of Torture,
  • Slayer helm,
  • a Berserker Ring,
  • a Proselyte Hauberk,
  • an Initiate Cuisse,
  • Rada’s Blessing.
  • Ferocious Gloves,

You’ll need to get the slayer helmet if you want a high-level configuration. Fire cape, blessing, arclight, proselyte hauberk, amulet of torture, dragon defender, barrows gloves, primordial boots, proselyte cuisse, and Berserker ring are all required.

Setup in the Wilderness (Welfare Setup)

black demon OSRS

Use the 6,000 GP risky setup with the black mask, amulet of strength, abyssal whip, ardougne cape, monk’s robe top, monk’s robe, rune gloves, dragon defender, climbing boots, and Explorer’s ring for the welfare or wilderness setup.

Ava’s accumulator, amulet of fury, poisonous blowpipe, Black D’hide body, Slayer helmet I Black D’hide chaps, Black D’hide vambs, Snakeskin boots, and Explorer’s ring are also required for 16,000 GP.

There are safe areas here. If you arrive in the Black Demon’s chamber, you can place an osrs black demon cannon there and utilize it. After that, you can drink your potion and start praying. After then, you must use your cannon to fire cannonballs at the Black devils.

Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Chasms of Fire, and Edgeville Dungeon are the other osrs black demon safe spot destinations.

Interesting points of interest

  • Several chaotic druids can be found in the Wilderness region, and are noted for their high herb drop rate.
  • This dungeon has six red spider eggs that respawn, making it simpler to harvest them for potions.
  • Several black demon osrs reside in the dungeon’s deeper levels, closer to a bank than the others.
  • The Earth Obelisk may be found near Chronozon in the dungeon, while the Air Obelisk can also be found there, past the black monsters.
  • Earth warriors can only be housed in the dungeon. To get to them, you’ll need 15 Agility to traverse the monkey bars.

Killing Black Demons Recommendations

black demon OSRS

The soul bearer is a recommended item for fighting black demon OSRS, and it can be obtained with the soul bearer mini-quest.

You may also utilize the dwarf multi-gun obtained through the dwarf an OSRS black demon cannon quest, the herb bag obtained through the herb sack quest for 750 slayer points, and the holy wrench obtained through the rum deal quest.

Where can I find it?

Just before the metal dragons, in the dungeon of Brimhaven; after the blue dragons, the dungeon of Taverley; One for the Grand Tree quest’s final black demon boss OSRS; Dungeon in Edgeville


At Taverley dungeon, it’s better to mage or range these, as there are lots of safe locations behind stalagmites. Another typical strategy is to battle it with an OSRS black demon cannon and full Guthan armor, allowing you to do maximum damage with the OSRS black demon cannon while healing and dealing damage with the Guthan amour.

Look at the Message

A huge, terrifying, jet-black beast.


When you use Silverlight or Darklight against melee OSRS black demon task, it has the same impact as if you used a Rune longsword.


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