Best WordPress Plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

Having a WordPress blog is a lot of fun with the right tools. And yes, plugins can even improve a travel blog by a mile!

When starting a blog, it is essential to have the right ones because the functionality of your website is everything. No matter how good the content is, if you mess up any vital part that can cause you to lack visitors, you are at a loss!

Some of the things you need to take care of regarding your website are SEO, speed, user experience, and similar items. 

But you can fix all of that with a bit of the help of the heroes – plugins. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump in. 

WP Reset

best wordpress plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

The first place goes to a tool by the name of WP Reset. It is a WordPress Reset plugin that will help you keep your site clean and up and running at all times! There are a few unique features that this one has and no other.

The first one is that you can use this tool as a time machine. Sometimes, when you update a plugin, everything can go downhill pretty quickly. It just happens rarely, and it is a risk everybody takes, but not everybody has the option of going back in time and fixing it. You can do that with WP Reset right by your side. 

That’s because, before any massive change on your website, the tool will take a snapshot. If you mess up, recover that snapshot, and the site will go back to the time before the update. Amazing, right?

Besides this, what if you have your favorite ten plugins you want to install on your site? That can easily take an hour of your time. It cannot be exciting, and you can spend that time in a better way. 

That’s why with this tool, you can create a collection and put all of your favorite tools in them. After you click install and activation, you are finished. Everything else is in the hands of WP Reset. 

But, what can you do if the white screen of death happens? When that happens, you can not enter the admin area, and there is no way to fix it. With WP Reset, there is a way, a recovery script. It is a standalone script that you open via a secure link. That will give you access to your admin panel, where you can fix everything up. 

Under Construction Page plugin

best wordpress plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

Under Construction Page plugin is our second tool on this list. It is a tool that will help you get onto the right foot in the WordPress industry. With this one, you can create an extraordinary under construction page that will inform your customers as soon as they enter your site. That’s ten times better than being hit by the flat white screen with a simple sentence. 

Nevertheless, having a cool coming soon page is eye-pleasing but also beneficial. You can put a simple contact form that will collect emails from your clients, and then you can use it for emailing marketing. 

It has over 260 already pre-made templates that you can choose from, and yes, there are some unique travel templates. There are also new templates that come out every week. Not just coming soon pages, but maintenance pages and landing pages too!

If the pre-made ones are not entirely your style, you can easily customize them via a drag & drop builder. 

The maintenance mode is also beneficial to anybody who likes to do regular updates on their site. It is essential always to keep your website fresh and clean. You can easily activate this mode, which will hide a page while you do the updates. 

Having pages that give information to your customers will load faster, be helpful, and improve your SEO game. 

WP 301 Redirects

best wordpress plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

The third plugin on our list is WP 301 Redirects. It is a tool that will help you with your traffic all the time. We all sometimes mistype the URL of a page without knowing it. But by some magical force, we land on the page that we wanted in the first place. That is called a WordPress redirection, and it is an excellent feature to have. 

If users mistype a link of yours, let’s say it adds an extra letter or misses one. With WP 301 Redirects, he will open your website and browse through it. If you do not have this tool, he will be greeted by the 404 pages not found, which is always frustrating. 

What happens if somebody wants to go back to an article of yours, but you changed the URL of it? The only solution for them is to keep searching, maybe for hours, till they find it again. Nobody will do that. They will try for 5 minutes and leave it. You can also fix that with this plugin, redirect them from your old link to a new one without a blink of an eye. 

Old content, old link, and wrong links are the number one reason your traffic is low. It affects your SEO game, which is the best way of gaining organic traffic to your site. SEO is complicated to understand, but this one will improve it by a mile!

WP Sticky

best wordpress plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

WP Sticky is our fourth tool of the day. It is a plugin that will help you create an element to be sticky. But what’s the point of a sticky feature? Glad you asked. Having a sticky, let’s say a sticky menu, will quickly improve your conversions, user experience, and visibility. These are the big three, and who doesn’t want that? 

If you are still unsure what we mean, imagine you are scrolling down a long article. You are 20 minutes deep into it, and you want to go to another part of the website. There is nothing except black words on a white screen – the article. Going back, you would need to scroll up for a very long time until you reach the menu. 

Not the case when you have a sticky menu that will follow you while you scroll. It is easy to put, helps your customers, and fills up space pretty well. 

With Wp Sticky, you can make any element sticky, menu, navigation, header, and widgets. Everything can be just one click away. 

Besides, you do not need to know how to code. You are choosing the elements by clicking on them through your admin panel. 

Google Maps Widget PRO

best wordpress plugins For Starting A Travel Blog

Now, the fifth tool, and our final one is Google Maps Widget PRO. It is a plugin that will help you put a map anywhere on your site in no time!

As a traveler, you want your visitors to see the full-on experience. From the bars you went to, to the beaches that you visited. Your visitors would love to know the exact location. Why not pinpoint it?

It lets you create a map on your site in under two minutes, and you can make as many of them as you want. Have a different map for any of your destinations. 

You can also put street view, directions, and much more to help your customer navigate it more manageable. 

Besides, you do not have to worry about the maps not fitting into your website design. You can customize them the way you want to and how you want to. 

And, since more and more people browse the web through their mobile phones, the plugin is mobile responsive. Meaning, your mobile visitors will also effortlessly be able to see the maps on their screens. 


In the end, the content that you provide must be a quality one, but if you do not have the right tools, then you are doomed to fail. 

We covered it all from a plugin that will help you go back in time to put on maps on your page. 

So, do not be shy, and use all the advantages you can to conquer the digital world. 

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