Biggest Dev Error 6036 Cause With Solution

Gamers have reported that after upgrading Call Of Duty Modern Warfare to COD Warzone, the program crashed unexpectedly because of Dev Error 6036.

Error 6036 when developing software Warzone is a game that emerges on a regular basis on both Xbox and PC.

Adding the game and installing Shader Pack 1 doesn’t appear to help much with the issue. When developing software As a result of repeated crashes, Warzone has become the buzz of the town.

After reinstalling the game, a few players discovered that the problem reappeared after just one session. Inadequate system requirements, internal server issues, or graphics card issues might all contribute to the disadvantage.

DEV Error 6036 is a recurrent error that appears when the correct Multiplayer map data has not been downloaded. By updating to the newest build or validating the installation, you should be able to resolve this issue.

This error occurs when Modern Warfare files become corrupted or illegible. You must first locate and delete specific files in the Modern Warfare folder, then perform a Scan and Repair to replace the files with the correct ones.

Dev Error 6068 is a typical bug reported to us in Call of Duty Warzone. This issue most commonly occurs when your machine is using outdated gaming drivers or when Windows is not corrupted.

Xbox One gamers are seeing Warzone error 6036. With the majority of the world trapped indoors due to the COVID-19 epidemic, online gaming and communicating with friends and family via the virtual world have proven to be a lifesaver for everyone’s sanity.

Even though we’re all trying to kill each other in Verdansk, Kostova, some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players on PC and Xbox have been unable to connect and meet up there.

When you get this error, it means one of the following things:

The game’s files are damaged or corrupted.

The map does not completely download while playing multiplayer mode.

Cause Of Dev Error 6036:

Dev Error 6036

Many people began to complain about Call Of Duty Warzone Dev Errors some months ago. Even though Activision has published many game patches since then, the mistake appears to still be present.

If you are one of the unfortunate gamers who is experiencing this issue, this article will show you various alternative remedies to attempt.

The true cause of this issue has yet to be discovered by the gaming community. However, we have found a few probable explanations for Warzone Dev Error 6036 at this moment.

All of the tips in this post were provided by other gamers who were able to solve the problem on their own.

Unfortunately, the sport developer has yet to issue an official remedy, even though we’ve seen that there aren’t as many people reporting it as there were a few months ago.

  • Patch or update that isn’t working.

No game is ever completely flawless, and bugs and coding inefficiencies do occur. Call Of Duty Warzone is still in its early stages and is prone to bugs even after many months.

After some time, additional bugs may surface when updates are provided to resolve recognized issues. It’s normal to expect a cycle of bug discovery, fix release, and the development of new bugs.

This error is now affecting a large number of users, and it appears that the cause is a faulty update.

  • Game files that have been corrupted

A damaged or broken game file is another potential cause of Dev Error 6036. Several users reported that refreshing the game’s Data folder and restoring the game via the client cured the problem.

  • Third-party applications can cause problems.

Dev Error can also be caused by background apps and other programs that consume a computer’s RAM. This implies that if your PC’s RAM is low, the game may crash, resulting in an Error.

Require The Game To Be Updated

Dev Error 6036

One person in the official Activision forum offered this method. This possible method removes files from the primary Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. Here’s how you do it:

-If you have a Call of Duty Warzone game open, close it.

-Go to the main folder where you installed Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you have a different installation path, the default is generally C Program Files.

-Open the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder after you’ve discovered it.

-Except for Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main, remove all files from the folder.

-Restart the game from the client.

-If you see an error message stating that the game is corrupt, select the update option.

Delete The Data Folder From Your Computer

Another modified method for forcing the game to update itself is to delete only the Data folder while keeping all other directories and files untouched. Here’s how you do it:

-If you have a Call of Duty Warzone game open, close it.

-Go to the main folder where you installed Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you have a different installation path, the default is generally C: Program Files.

-Open the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder after you’ve discovered it.

-Remove the Data folder from your hard drive.

-Launch the game from the client to restart it.

-If you see an error message stating that the game is corrupt, choose Update.

Cache Sun Shadows And Cache Spot Should Be Disabled

Dev Error 6036

Warzone Dev Error 6036 was fixed for some users by adjusting a few parameters, especially the Cache Spot and Cache Sun Shadows. Check out this option to see if it works for you.

-Start playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

-Choose Options from the drop-down menu.

-Go to the Graphics tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

-Disable Cache Spot by scrolling down.

-Disable Cache Sun Shadows by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

It’s also possible that you’re getting the Dev error Warzone on Windows 10 because you’re using software with overlay features.

Overwatch, NVIDIA GeForce Experience, Steam, and Game Bar may be installed on the computer to improve the in-game experience. This function allows you to capture in-game videos and take screenshots.

Even if you include a lot of useful features, you can’t afford to let the game’s quality suffer. Over the years, disabling the Overlay function has proven to be an effective fix for game crashes.

Dev error 6036 is a typical mistake in current combat games. This has occurred in a variety of circumstances for users. This is an issue that some players are having in the middle of a game.

Some of them are having problems launching the game at the same time. This problem has no clear source, which makes it more difficult to resolve.

We’ll focus on the various reasons for this problem and how to successfully resolve them in this troubleshooting guide.

If you get this issue in any of the games, you can refer to this tutorial. Check out the list below for possible reasons for this problem.

The issue is with the PC game, and it has been noticed in many versions of the modern warfare game.

There are a plethora of potential causes for this problem. Perhaps your RAM or graphics are insufficient to execute the game.

This Dev Error 6065 error might also be caused by a problem with graphics characteristics. The issue has also been reported by users if the game is not run with admin access.

  • System Configuration is insufficient.
  • Property of Graphics
  • profile of the game
  • DirectX
  • Admin Rights

Dev Problems Like 6068

Dev Error 6036

Dev problems like 6068 are common while installing COD Warzone on PCs running an earlier version of Windows 10. Also, check Roblox error code 267.

If you want to experience Warzone on GeForce, make sure your PC operating system is completely updated.

Your game’s drivers must be updated: After upgrading your visual card drivers, some occurrences of Dev Error 6068 were resolved.

To get the most out of your Geforce experience, double-check your GPU drivers after updating your operating system.

Random mistakes and glitches can occur in software and games. If the Warzone Dev 6068 error happens infrequently, it might be the result of a game-related issue.

Keep your computer’s software up to date to decrease the chances of making an unintentional error.

This implies that the operating system and graphics cards should constantly be current.

Damaged or corrupted game files: Another typical source of gaming issues is damaged or corrupted game files.

You may need to uninstall and reinstall the game if Directx has identified an unrecoverable fault that is resulting in a 6068 error on your PC.

Make sure you have the most recent version. Also, see whether the game ended suddenly in the task manager.

Third-party programs that are a pain to deal with: After installing a new program on their PC, several Warzone gamers claimed that their game had stopped operating correctly.

If you have recently installed new software, try to recall it.


Dev Error 6036 is a recurring error that occurs when the right Multiplayer map data is not downloaded. You should be able to resolve this issue by updating to the most recent build or confirming the installation.

If your game data is currently lacking in comparison to the live build, this error may occur. Before performing the repair below, check your Battle.Net launcher client for any potential downloads.

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