Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds

There are eight mokoko seeds in Lost Ark’s blackrose basement, and players will encounter a handful as they can explore the area. Therefore, multiple blackrose basement mokoko seeds can be accessed if a prerequisite is met.

Some fans might be unclear regarding the mokoko seed location, and this guide is here to shed some light on vital aspects of the games. Therefore, guides you on where to collect the blackrsoe basement mokoko seeds in Lost Ark.

In order to get things easier, players must know there are two sealed doors present, i.e., lost Art dungeon and multiple seeds present.

Players should dispatch into 3-groups of free devotees and Heretics to pass these doors. The finest way to prevent the accidental death of the devotee players should pull the heretics away before combating enemies.

The blackrose basement Mokoko seed locations:

blackrose basement mokoko seeds

The blackrose basement dungeon of east luterra’s is a great example of the lost ark blackrose basement mokoko seeds. If you are stuck trying to locate the few mokoko seeds craftiness, then you locate the mokoko seed in the blackrose basement; here are some ways to find out each one.

  • Basement Key: 

This is where the heretic inquisitor gives a rallying cry to find out the intruder. Before you head off to defeat the enemy, try to search the room for mokoko seeds. Search for the right stack of books that can be found immediately by entering the room.

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  • Heretic elder’s office: 

 The finest mokoko seed in the blackrose basement is easy to find, especially one of your first dungeon quest objectives.

It can lead straight toward the start of the dungeon, which is one of the dead-end-off-shooting corridors. Usually, it is on the floor as a leftover of the elegant red that is present by the heretic elder’s desk.

  • Villager jail cell: 

The players can find just the blackrose basement mokoko seeds in the jail cell. You can get it at the top of the room and if you have issues opening the jail cell door, then try circling back toward other areas.

Considering the areas of the dungeon that you have previously traveled to can offer help to the stray devotees seeking your help.

  • Mokoko seed: Villager jail cell:

The players should know that finding out the third mokoko seed is quite trickier to get. The mokoko seed numbers 3 and 4 are present in one of the jail cells holding villagers.

Once you are done rescuing the villager’s mission, then you can open the cell.

The catch is to save villagers and prevent the possibility of getting accidental death. This is why you need to get extremely attentive while performing missions.

But, unfortunately, there are some heretic devotees present that get enraged if you try to take a closer look at them or attack them.

When you are willing to approach the large groups of enemies in the game, try to avoid the hooded heretics. With this, you can eliminate the possibility of catching any innocent devotees in your path.

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  • Gated chamber:

Players should know that catching seeds will become difficult whenever they are done getting 4 and 5 mokoko seeds.

However, you can get them behind the giant iron gate by sectioning off the massive cell to the end of the dungeon.

Unlike the other closed cell doors, they will not open until every heretic is dead. In order to do this, you need to find out the progress that is forward to little trigger the cut scene in the chapel room with the heretic preacher.

You need to defeat the preacher, and other heretics present there. But you will not progress any further than this, so if you proceed to head past this area to combat the heretic high priest, then a barrier will appear and block you from backtracking.

Once you are done with defeating the heretic preacher and the minions, the gate will remain unopened. This is why you need to make a loop to get through the whole dungeon in order to locate the stragglers.

A lot of dead-end corridors are present without any objectives tied. So the players must explore nook and cranny so they can slay the heretics.

  • Mokoko seed: gated chamber: 

The game experts suggest that another mokoko seed is found on the right side of the sixth seed to the end of the dungeon.

It is the big gated chamber, and the gate doesn’t open for you to make your way to the beginning of the dungeon. With this, players can explore every nook for the stray heretics as they need to be killed.

  • The herect chapel: 

The players will get their hands on the last seed in the blackrose basement, where they found the same chapel where they killed the heretic preacher.

Before you begin rushing towards staris to get the final fight with the highest priest then, you are required to hang along the alcove.

Consider the creepy stone gargoyle status as well, which can help you to make things easier.

A step-by-step guide to blackrose basement mokoko seed location:

blackrose basement mokoko seeds
  • Players can find the first ever mokoko seed that is next to the red chair or the two desks.
  • The lost ark players will get the mokoko seed that is present next to the stack of books that is found by the burning brazier.
  • You can get seeds 3, 4, and 5 in the rooms that offer fan access after slaying the heretics. Gamers can get around 3 different mokoko seeds that are in the ground.
  • 6 and 7 seed still remains sealed until the heretics are dispatched. The mokoko seeds are once again present on the floor.
  • The final mokoko seed is present right next to some pots.

The conclusion  

It is easier to find out the blackrose basement mokoko seeds if you have adequate information regarding it. With this locating them and defeating the enemy will become more manageable.

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