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Android devices are the most widely used smartphones around the globe. They account for 86% of the whole smartphone numbers that exist worldwide. The devices are used by all the age groups.

The users include business owners, corporate professionals, parents, and kids as well. As a matter of fact, it is obvious that there are pros and cons to all the situations we get in.

It is reported by a large number of parents and employers that they have pressing concerns over the usage of android phones by their kids and employees. 

The reason for this argument that is pleaded by them is that their kids start getting impacted by the cyber criminals. The most common activities that come into practice over the kids are cyber bullying, harassment, cyber predating, and sex offending. 

Besides the discussed concerns of the parents regarding their kids, a wide noted issue is the involvement of the kids in viewing inappropriate and immoral content while using cyber space. 

It is noted that a large number of kids earn their hands to the immoral content while using smartphones. 

This emerges as the reason of ignoring their responsibilities, and in result to the situation, the academic standing of the kids erode.

So, for this reason, parents always look out to incorporating an effective and efficient monitoring mechanism that can earn them a real-time insight into all the activities of their child. 

There is another side of the story as well, which is related to the corporate world. It is observed that a large number of employee start involving in unproductive stuff during working hours that seriously erode their professional standing. 

The main reasons in depleting their performance is using social media, internet, music and video streaming, and connecting unnecessarily with friends and family.

Moreover, the workplace harassment issues over females are finding their way into the professional fixtures, which is becoming a serious point of concern for the business owners. 

So, going through all this discussion, it is evident that employers look forward to funding a solution that can serve them in dealing with the discussed issues.

A number of experts come forward to address the problems of parents and employers and suggested that the negation of such activities with respect to kids and employers is only possible by extensive monitoring of the target users.

There can be many ways of monitoring the intended users, the first and most common of them is manually monitoring the target user. But the manual monitoring activity cannot be taken up in the business and household environment efficiently.

The only method left for monitoring of the target users is the use of cell phone tracker app. A fine cell phone tracker app clones each and every bit of communication and activity of the target phone over end-user’s phone. 

There are number of such cell phone tracker apps that are available to serve the parents and employers. The best in this aspect is TheOneSpy. It is of the early movers in the field of spying and is extensively serving its customer base since its inception.

Features of TheOneSpy   

Website blocking 

The said feature of TheOneSpy cell phone tracker is truly serving the concerns of the parents and employers. The parents can block the websites that contain immoral stuff.

On the other side, the employers can block the websites and social networks that kill the productivity of the employees during working hours. 

Surround recoding through Spy 360

This allows to recording all the surrounding sounds and activities of the target user. This feature truly helps in coping with the issues of workplace sexual harassment with the females. 

In case of any such complain, the employer can trace back the specific point of time to know what the real-time whereabouts were at the given time, and the problem will be sorted out. 

Phone call recording

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target android device can be tracked using cell phone tracker. The end-user can listen to these calls in real-time, and the calls can also be recorded for later reference. 


The use of cell phone tracker and its significance for parents and employers is discussed. The best solution in this aspect is TheOneSpy.

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