Check If The Adblock Not Working On Twitch

Is AdBlock disabled on Twitch? Our team of specialists has compiled a list of all viable solutions to the Adblock not working on twitch.

Twitch is the most popular live online entertainment platform in the world. It does, however, have one big drawback: obtrusive advertising that frequently interrupts and detracts from your viewing experience.

To say the least, being forced to watch a lengthy commercial clip while watching an intense eSport competition may be aggravating. This is, unfortunately, the reality of utilizing Twitch.

The answer is to either avoid the advertisements or view stream highlights on YouTube, which takes away a lot of the thrill of live streaming.

Adblocking browser extensions are pieces of software that can prevent or change online advertising in a web browser or application.

However, because Twitch has put the ad straight into the stream, these add-ons occasionally fail to prevent the advertising.

Twitch needs income to stay afloat, which is critical for running such a big entertainment platform.

However, they should only be exhibited in low-action situations and not on a regular basis. On Twitch, though, this isn’t the case. This tutorial will help you fix this issue.

Many users claim that uBlock Origin (Chrome/Firefox) works well with Twitch. If you like AdBlock, you don’t have to convert permanently to this plugin.

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Reasons Why Your AdBlock Isn’t Working On Twitch & What You Can Do About It

adblock not working on twitch

There are a variety of solutions for Adblock plus not working on twitch options available, but AdBlock is one of the most popular.

Many people use the AdBlock browser plugin, which is typically reliable. However, on Twitch, the world’s most popular live-streaming network, there are occasions when it is unable to prevent ads.

Here are some of the reasons why your AdBlock may not be working properly.

  • Twitch’s anti-adblocking techniques have been upgraded, but AdBlock has not.
  • You haven’t updated your AdBlock to the most recent version.
  • Your AdBlock settings aren’t set up correctly.
  • Another browser plugin, perhaps similar to AdBlock, is incompatible with AdBlock.
  • You haven’t used any of the “more sophisticated” AdBlock options.

Key #1: Install the “Video Ad-Block for Twitch” extension on your browser.

This may appear to be the simplest option, but it is also the most effective.

Some users do not keep their AdBlock addon up to date. Because Twitch and other websites are continuously altering their ad-display strategies, your AdBlock may become obsolete and struggle to block advertising.

It’s simple to update AdBlock to the newest version to fix Adblock not working on twitch. Take a look at these instructions if you’re not sure how to do:

  • Launch the Chrome web browser.
  • Sort “extensions:/chrome” in the URL (report) bar & press “Enter” on your console.
  • Hit the “Developer Mode” key at the higher right angle. Then, on the far left, click “Update,” and all of your extensions will be brought up to date.
  • To make the changes take effect, restart Chrome.
  • Check Twitch to see if your issue has been repaired.

Key #3: Adjust Your AdBlock Preferences

Adblock not working on twitch

There’s a setting in AdBlock called “Allow Acceptable Ads.” This is a fantastic feature, but it might be the reason you keep seeing advertisements on the left side of the Settings menu.

Simply press the button. it will fix Adblock not working on twitch problem and as well as AdBlock plus not working on twitch.

Untick “Allow Acceptable Ads” on Twitch.

This setting can be disabled quite easily, and here’s how to do it:

  • Press the AdBlock mark at the highest true angle of your Chrome browser to expose it.
  • When the pop-up appears, click the cogwheel (gear icon) to get to the Settings page.
  • A “General” tab may be found
  • While you’re in the “General” menu, then restart Chrome.
  • Visit Twitch after restarting Chrome to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Key #4 Checks for AdBlock Conflicts with Other Extensions

Some PC users feel that having more than one ad-blocking extension installed on Chrome is more effective than having just one. We have AdBlock not working on twitch with many complaints about this.

This is not the case, and many users believe it merely adds to the difficulties by causing ad blockers to clash with one another. You also squander more system resources while getting nothing in return

Key #5: Use AdBlock’s Advanced Solutions

You can use AdBlock’s outstanding whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities as an AdBlock user.

If you’re new to using ad blockers, this may seem intimidating, but it’s not. and it simply fixes your Adblock not working on twitch.

Although these are complex options, we’ve made it simple to set up them to prevent Twitch advertisements and hopefully fix your problem for good! Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Chrome web browser.
  • When the pop-up displays, select Settings by clicking the cogwheel (gear icon).
  • Click the “Advanced” option on the left side, then scroll down to the “My Filter” area and click it.
  • Add one of the following instructions to each line:


  • Restart Chrome after saving your preferences.

Visit Twitch after restarting Chrome to see whether the issue has been addressed.

Key #6: Try a different ad blocker to see if that fixes the issue.

Having to replace software, a tool, or a browser extension that you’ve been using for a long time might be aggravating.

If you often watch Twitch, though, switching to a different ad-blocker is considerably easier than dealing with persistent advertisements.

One of the most popular ad-blockers is uBlock Origin (Chrome/Firefox), and many users say it works well with Twitch.

If you like AdBlock but your Adblock plus not working on twitch, you don’t have to switch to this plugin forever.

However, depending on your present activity, you can install both and switch between them.

Make sure just one is active at a time, as having two or more open at the same moment can drastically slow down your browsing performance and almost certainly result in disputes.

Fortunately, deactivating extensions in Chrome is as simple as clicking a button.

Key #7: Make use of the Streamlink Twitch GUI.

Streamlink Twitch GUI is a project that aims to help you improve your Twitch experience.

It allows for complete customization, a lighter video player, and, most significantly, it prevents you from seeing Twitch advertising when viewing broadcasts.

Streamlink with graphical user interface

The Streamlink Twitch GUI is accessible on a variety of platforms and includes both bright and dark themes, making it ideal for usage at all hours of the day and night.

Key #8: Install the “Alternate Twitch. tv Player” extension.

This is a Chrome plugin that enhances you’re watching experience while also assisting you in avoiding unwanted advertisements. In this specific discussion, our member recommended it.

The extension is quite simple to set up and use, so you should have no problems doing so. The copy link may be created now.

The addon has been updated on a regular basis, which is helpful for keeping up with Twitch’s ever-changing ad display tactics.

Key #9: Usage (VPN) A Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are useful for a variety of things, including advertising on Twitch.

This is due to the fact that Twitch does not display advertisements in some regions.

This implies that if you “mask” your signal and convince Twitch that you reside in a place where advertisements aren’t displayed, you won’t see any.

The following nations do not presently receive Twitch advertising, according to our study and this discussion.

  • Macedonia
  • Ukraine
  • Costa
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Serbia

Getting a VPN and setting your location in one of the countries listed above is one of the most dependable ways to avoid ads on Twitch. And with this, you will fix Adblock plus not working on twitch.

Key #10: Other Browsers Could Also Be a Good Option

Although Chrome is the most popular browser right now, it doesn’t imply there aren’t any other good rivals. And it really fixes your Adblock not working on twitch problem.

One of these rivals is Braving, a browser that has gotten a lot of attention recently, and for good reason.

To begin with, Brave is faster than Chrome, with its makers claiming that their browser is three times faster.

Watching carefully picked commercials may potentially earn you incentives in the form of bitcoin.

Last but not least, Brave is regarded as more private than Chrome, allowing you to watch Twitch videos without being bothered by advertisements if that is your aim.

If you’re still seeing advertisements even if you’re using the Brave browser, you should install Twitch-HLS AdBlock.

Key 11#: Invest in Twitch Turbo if nothing else works.

adblock not working on twitch

Twitch Turbo ensures that all ads are removed from the internet broadcasting platform. If none of the fantastic ways described above work, Twitch Turbo could be the greatest approach to get rid of them!

You also get a slew of additional cool perks that might help you better your Twitch experience, but they come at a price.


It could take some time to try all of these options, but the end result will be an ad-free Twitch experience.

And it will fix your Adblock plus not work on twitch problems and as well as AdBlock plus not working on twitch with ease and feel awesome with that.

Many of us love watching Twitch on a daily basis, but ads may detract from the experience, particularly when it is stressful or fascinating.

None of the answers in this post are difficult to try, and none of them need extensive computer skills!

The only technique on this list that needs spending money is purchasing a Twitch Turbo membership, so use it as a last resort if none of the others work.

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