Fix If Your Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing

Welcome to the Tech Parle, Where I talk about only knowledgeable facts to solve your issue entirely and hopefully forever. My today’s topic is how to solve the problem of chrome bookmarks not syncing.

We spend an awful lot of time right here within our web browser, so isn’t it about time you optimized your bookmarks? In today’s article, I want to show you several tips on getting the most out of bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Make sure that you checked the display of bookmarks

Make sure that you have it displayed because you want these available to you in just a single touch; you want to access this as quickly as possible to do so; we need to hit on setting and, come down to Bookmarks, you can see that my Show bookmarks bar is already checked.

If I uncheck that, yeah, I do gain a little more real estate here, but I don’t have that quick access to my bookmarks.

I can go over to the settings and select Bookmarks, and I can scroll through this list if I want to, but the Show bookmarks bar is undoubtedly essential.

The Next Step Is To Recognize Your Bookmark

So once again, we can drag things around, right? We can pull something, Gmail to the first spot, or a calendar for the first spot here if we want to.

Here, I’ve got a couple of my folders as well, but all I need to do here is click here, in the right-hand corner, and say Add a new folder, and by doing so, I can give it a name, and start adding things into that folder as I want. 

Things To Remember When Adding New Bookmark

But there are a couple of other things that you should know as well, and that is when you are creating a new bookmark, I’m going to hover over bookmarks; not only can I say Bookmark this tab, and we can use Control + D and solve your issue Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing.

If we want to, as a shortcut key, we can also say Bookmark all tabs, and this is helpful because if you’ve got three, or four, or a group of websites that you typically use all at the same time, you can bookmark them all at the same time as well. But it gets even better.

Let me click off of this for a second, and let’s say, for example, I come up here to my social media tab, and let’s say I’m often spending time with all of these open at the same time.

So do I want to come up here and then select Facebook, and then come back and then select LinkedIn, and then come back and select Twitter?

What if I right-click on this and say Open all four. I’m going to click that, and instantaneously, here you can see in four new tabs, I’ve got all of those websites opened up.

How To Make Bookmark As A Folder?

Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing

Well, you can try this method if your Chrome Bookmarks are Not Syncing. So if you need to open a group of websites all at the same time, or you’re dealing with or working with several websites simultaneously, why don’t you put them in a folder, and then you can open them up all at the same time as well?

Now there’s another benefit of using these folders as well. I’m going to stick with my social media example, is that is, these remain an additional click away from me, and maybe I’m spending too much time on social media, so I kind of like the idea that they’re a little bit hidden. I have to hit Social first and then come down. Also, read Roku Overheating.

I don’t see these logos on my bookmarks bar all the time. So maybe if there’s something that you use, or that you need, but you spend a little more time on, or it’s a bit too tempting, you can use folders for that purpose as well.

Let’s stick with those folders for a second here, though, and I want to show some other things that I’ve added here. You’ll notice that this little folder icon is the default, and it’s really our only choice when it comes to creating a folder of bookmarks, and you know, if I didn’t have these little emojis, they wouldn’t stand out as much.

If I come up here and right-click and say rename, I can paste it directly into the name. And I like to put it at the front of the word, so it’s consistent with everything else, and then things like marketing, money, and social, stand out that much more, beyond just the folder here itself. It’s the easiest way to solve your issue on Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing.

Things To Remember When Doing This

Some important points I want to share in this guide on Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing But there’s another thing that you might want to keep in mind, and this is not just about folders, but this has to do with all of your bookmarks, is the length of the name that you give it. So if you go into any of these bookmarks here, and if I right-click this, I can say Edit and change the name.

So Nimble, which is my CRM system at the moment, maybe I want to change that and shorten it. I could say CRM. Because I know what the Nimble icon looks like. I’m going to say CRM. By shortening this, I might be able to fit a few more things here within my bookmarks bar.

You know, money, for example, that money emoji that I’ve included, I think that’s pretty self-evident, so why don’t I go up here? I’m going to say rename it, and this time I’m actually just going to delete the label altogether and just hit save, and now I’ve got the icon, I can still have access to all of those pages there.

Now I might be able to fit even just a few more here on my bookmarks bar. Now, of course, if you’ve got too many to serve on the bookmarks bar, you can click these arrows, and you’ll find the spillover here on the right-hand side as well.


Well, I hope you enjoyed some of these tips for getting the most out of your bookmarks in this simple guide on Chrome Bookmarks Not Syncing. Many of these tips will apply to other web browsers as well, including Safari and Firefox.

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