Tips And Tricks For Creating An Irresistible Book Media Pitch

Creating a compelling media pitch will help you appear in podcasts as well as other media outlets. This is the first step toward reaching more readers. So, how do you create that winning book media pitch? Well, it starts with research.

You need to create the best hook. Edit It well. For instance, if you are writing a young adult novel, use YA book editors to polish it. The following tips and tricks will help you create the best media pitch and sell more book copies.

How to Create The Right Pitch Ideas

Prioritize creating the best pitch ideas. Come up with result-driven pitch ideas. Use these simple steps to design pitch ideas that will bring impressive results.


Start by researching your target audience. Your media outreach should target the right audience. Build good relationships with all the outlets out there. In particular, deal with media outlets that have a strong relationship with the audience you intend to target.

For instance, if your book is all about achieving high performance, choose podcasts that target business executives, medical experts, entrepreneurs, and college athletes. The book will push these individuals to achieve even better results.

Pitch To The Right Media with The Following Easy Steps

You have written a nice book. You have edited it well. Now it’s time to pitch it to the media. Use the following steps to pitch your ideas to various podcasts.

Create A Hook

Use the basic PR pitch-based template. Consider starting with the hook. So, how will you determine the hook of your pitch? Well, the hook represents your pitch’s most compelling part or angle of your book. It includes the trending issue.

The angle should be unique. It should catch your reader’s attention. Start with your credentials. It entails the strong part of the pitch. Work on your pitch’s opening statement.

Pay attention to market saturation. There are hundreds of pitches PR professionals read every day. Thus, don’t choose a topic that has dominated for too long. Instead, select a different optic. Be creative and choose another direction.

It’s All About Adding Value

The hook should be followed by a clear, concise, and solid statement.  Here is where you should tell the audience the value you will offer them. Highlight the problem. Solve the problem. Code your message to fit a particular audience.

Be Ready to Be Interviewed

When concluding your statement, make them aware that you are willing to be interviewed. They can make you a guest in the show. This section should be kept simple and short. Use the right words.

Edit It

Take a break from your pitch. Then edit it after a few hours and see how it reads. Read it aloud. Ensure that your pitch is not more than 3 short paragraphs. Try hitting the right tone. Ensure that the tone portrays a high level of confidence. It should also be direct.

Subject Line

After creating a compelling email, draft the subject line. The email line should be short and to the point. Pose questions when creating an email line. For instance, you can ask, “Guest Idea? Article idea?” From here, consider adding a brief hook. For instance, if you are dealing with a male-centered help podcast, you can craft your email line in the following manner: Guest idea? Re Exploring masculinity.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

In most cases, you may not hear from them. This is not the time to give up. Consider following up. Wait for at least 2 weeks to make a follow-up. At most, public relations professionals may take up to one month before getting back to you. So, never give up.


Avoid re-pitching to people who are not interested in your email. Don’t try taking a different angle. The best thing is to wait for some time, preferably 2-3 weeks. From here, you can re-pitch with something new.

The Role Of Ghostwriters In Book Writing

For efficiency, it’s important to hire a ghostwriter. Writing a book can be very tedious. A ghostwriter will help you save time and complete your book quickly. Here are the top reasons you should hire a ghostwriter.

Streamlines Process

Ghostwriters are fast. They have the skill. They have mastered the art of completing books quickly. With experience, they can streamline the book-writing process. They understand how to put together ideas and refine them into good books.

The best thing is that professional ghostwriters have worked on similar books before. So, they know what’s needed to get your book published. Don’t struggle on your own. Look for the right ghostwriter.

No Worries

It takes time to write a book. You need to invest effort. Things like research can be time-consuming. This can put you under so many pressures. Luckily, a ghostwriter can help you. He/she will work around the clock to deliver your book on time. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your book.

They possess premium skills to deliver a real book. They have mastered the art of writing books, including complex ones.

Build Brand Faster

You are very ambitious, right? Well, you will have to engage in several activities. You need time for your family. Your business needs you. You need time for your job. Friends also want your time. Writing a book on your own will consume a lot of time.

A ghostwriter will help you, leaving you to concentrate on important matters. All you need is to give him/her guidelines. Set the timelines. Set out the obligations. Ensure that all things flow. This will build your brand and take your business to another level.

Peace Of Mind

Don’t stress yourself figuring out how to write the book. Just trust an exceptional ghostwriter. You don’t have to do trial and error. The editing process is also tedious. All you need is an excellent ghostwriter.

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to create an exciting media pitch. Create a winning pitch and sell more book copies. Understand your audience. Create the perfect hook. Create a pitch that will unlock your potential. Use the above tips and tricks to come up with that winning media pitch.

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