Crypto trends in 2022: what areas should you pay attention to?

In 2022 the most conservative and fundamental cryptocurrency industries will receive the most development, as many investors around the world are excited about the upcoming test for the entire cryptocurrency world, because global inflation is breaking records, as a result of which states begin to conduct a more aggressive monetary policy. 

All this is already affecting the main cryptocurrency benchmark – Bitcoin. Since the beginning of 2022, Bitcoin has reached a four-month low, getting close to the $40,000 price range.

Which sectors of the crypto industry (NFT, DeFi, GameFi, metaverses, CBDC, mining, etc.) will have the most development in 2022? What should crypto enthusiasts pay close attention to?

After the strongest boom in the crypto market in 2021, we should expect a more restrained scenario for the development of events in the coming year and give preference to investing in projects that have a strong foundation and technological base that can solve the current problems and shortcomings of existing blockchain technologies. 

And one of these cryptocurrencies is Solana. This cryptocurrency represents itself as the “Ethereum killer”. And for good reason: faster and cheaper transactions, powerful community support, active participation of developers in the implementation of improvements, active blockchain bridges development


In 2021, the Solana token has grown by more than 100 times, taking the 5th place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. At the same time, the growth potential of the coin has not yet been exhausted.This blockchain uses the Rust language, which is more flexible and has more support in the development environment than Solidity, which is used in Ethereum.

It is also worth noting the direction of cryptocurrency lending. Lending is the process of locking cryptocurrencies in exchange for interest. The system works on the principle of a bank deposit. Lending protocols can become a popular trend and  market participants will look for opportunities to earn money on staking, lending, or conventional deposits.

What areas of the crypto industry can no longer be considered promising? Are there any industries that are obsolete, have ceased to be in demand, have lost popularity among users and will no longer bring income?

Yes, there are areas in the industry that are morally obsolete and have ceased to be in demand. One of these areas is investing in meme-cryptocurrencies. Examples of such cryptocurrencies are Dogecoin, Shiba Inu. These cryptocurrencies have fallen over 60-70% from their highs and will likely never get close to their all-time highs again, at least in 2022. 

In the new year, crypto projects that do not have a strong foundation and technological base that can solve and improve existing shortcomings in existing blockchain solutions will not be able to “survive” in the competition.

Record inflation around the world and a radical tightening of monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve can not only damage the market for traditional assets, but also significantly affect the rate of all cryptocurrencies. Those areas of cryptocurrencies that do not offer significant improvements for the entire crypto community will suffer the most.

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