Direct vs Organic Traffic: What’s The Difference?

In today’s world, your business needs an online presence, or no one will realize that it exists. While there are many tips to help you, it’s harder to find ways to keep your business relevant once it’s posted.

Website traffic defines the success of your website. However, not all traffic is created equal, and the two major types of traffic you’ll encounter are direct and organic traffic. What’s the difference between direct vs organic traffic? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Direct Traffic?

Direct website traffic is a bit of a misnomer, as the term actually refers to traffic that Google cannot identify the source of. This can come from people typing the website into the search bar (thus directly visiting the site) or visiting the site from their bookmarks. However, it can come from any source that Google cannot identify or track.

How Can You Increase Direct Traffic?

Increasing direct traffic is simply a matter of presenting good content. If customers like the content you have available on your website, they’ll likely visit the website without the need for a redirect at a later date. As for how you can improve the quality of the content on your site, it all comes down to production values and relevance to user needs.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that you get from search engines. This is where many companies that let you get help with your SEO improve your numbers. The more people who click on your link after it shows up for them on the first page of Google, the higher your organic traffic numbers will become.

How Can You Increase Organic Traffic?

Finding ways to increase organic traffic comes back to good SEO practices. While many companies claim you can buy organic traffic, what they really sell is the ad space on the sides of a Google search. This will not affect your organic traffic numbers in any way.

So, if you want to boost your organic traffic, you need to adjust your keywords and metadata so that they’ll rank high in Google’s algorithm. 

Direct vs Organic Traffic: Which Is Best for You?

Both direct and organic traffic can drive interest in your website. So, how can you tell which one is better for your business?

Direct traffic is harder to track and accurately increase but often comes from loyal clients. Organic traffic forms the bulk of your business website’s visitors since most people come to a website from a Google search. Thus, in the battle of direct vs organic traffic, organic comes out the clear winner.

Looking for More Helpful Tech Tips?

Understanding the differences between direct vs organic traffic is only the beginning. Running a successful business website takes SEO knowledge, coding experience, and an eye for design.

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