What Is The Use Of Discord PFP And How To Upload It

Hello and welcome to the Tech Parle, where we share technology-related guides. Today we are going to discuss discord pfp(profile picture). We all are a fan of discord because discord is essential for online gamers who love to live stream the game online.

What Is Discord PFP?

Discord is a fantastic software that is used as a chatting platform between two discord servers. A discord server is a messaging tool like WhatsApp and Telegram, but online gamers widely use discord to chat online.

As it is a chatting platform, you should place a profile picture on your server to make yourself unique and visible to the other discord server users. The profile picture is a picture that you set as your image or photo for your profile.

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You can use your picture or other JPG, PNG, or even a discord gif pfp to place on your discord server. People always love to choose their profile picture according to their work; for example, if a person runs a gaming channel, that person will choose a cartoon or game-related discord.

How To Upload The Discord PFP?

discord pfp

If you want to upload a profile picture on your discord server, you have to edit it on the other picture editing app before uploading it to the discord server. You cannot edit the discord server’s image because discord doesn’t allow you to edit the image.

There are many apps or websites on which you can edit the image and set the discord pfp size on these apps and websites.

If you want a suggestion for an image editing app, please use Canva because it is the best and most useful app. Canva is famous for its extra and helpful features. You can also use the Canva website as well as the app.

We are sharing some simple steps to upload the profile picture on discord. So please read these steps carefully and follow these steps.

  • Find the perfect profile picture to upload on your discord server.
  • Edit the profile picture on Canva.
  • How to upload a downloaded profile picture to your Discord profile.

Find The Perfect Profile Picture To Upload On Your Discord Server

As it is evident that you have to choose the best picture to upload on the discord server. If you have a cartoon or video gaming youtube channel and love to do live streaming, or chatting on discord, please choose the cartoon or gaming picture to set the discord profile picture.

If you don’t want to choose any picture, then your profile picture will be selected for you, and that discord default pfp will be your good discord pfp.

So after you select the image for your discord profile picture, you need to go next step, and here is the next step with all its process.

Edit The Profile Picture On Canva

discord pfp

As we discussed above, you cannot edit the image before uploading it on the discord server in the discord app. So you need an image editor to edit your photo before updating it to the discords server.

Canva is a top-class app to edit images correctly because it has the best feature that you can use to modify your appearance according to your need. Not only this, but you can also set the size of your image and also can select the image format like PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.

Here are simple steps that how you can edit the image in Canva.

Step- 1

Go to Canva and register there to make your account. Canva is free and paid. You can use any version according to your need.

Step- 2

When you get entered on Canva, you will find lots of options like poster making, logo maker, etc. But if you want to make your picture in a specific size, please click the button on your right top corner screen “create a design.”

Step- 3

When you click on that button, then lots of options will open, but you need to click on the custom dimensions option that appears in the first position. After that, a new option will open where you need to enter the width and height to make your picture according to you.

Step- 4

After entering these dimensions, a new window will open where you can do editing of your image. There are lots of options you will find, like upload, photos, text, etc. If you decided which image you will edit, then click on upload and then device. Now select the image from your computer that you want to edit on Canva.

Step- 5

When you uploaded the image, it will appear in the image section. Now you need to click on that image, and after you click on that image, that will become the blank area where you need to edit that image.

Step- 6

You can drag that image and also can stretch that image in width and height to fit that image in that frame. If you want to write something, you can click on the text given on the left side of your screen. Similarly, you can use various tools to make your image perfect and modified according to you.

Step- 7

Well, now, your image is edited perfectly and ready to upload. Now you will find the download option in the right top corner of the screen of Canva.

You can click on that option, then a window will open, and you will see the options where you can select in which format you want to download your image like JPEG, PNG, etc. Choose the image format according to you and click on the download button.

Your image will be saved in the download section on your computer or mobile. You can also choose the downloading place according to your.

How to upload A Downloaded profile picture to your Discord profile?

discord pfp

Now you downloaded the edited picture and are ready to upload it on your discord server as discord pfp. You need to follow and implement these steps to upload your profile picture to your discord server.

Step- 1

Open your discord server account on your desktop by logging in with your details. Now open the settings to upload your profile picture.

Step- 2

Now click on the edit section and click on the avatar in the image design in a circle.

Step- 3 

After clicking on the avatar, please browse and find the image where you downloaded it. When you find the image, click on it, and that image will be uploaded as your profile picture or discord profile picture.


So, guys, this is the guide on discord pfp, like a discord profile picture and why it is useful. We shared all the steps to edit the image and modify it according to your choice and also shared the steps on how to upload the image on your discord server after the modification.

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