Discovering The Best New Online Slot Games


Online slots are one of the most addicting yet simplest games of all time, especially for those who seek the thrill of raking in the big bucks. However, choosing an appropriate online slot game to dabble in is often a trickier process –– your decision to dabble in a good or bad online slot game can easily make or break your online gambling experience. Searching for the ideal online slot should balance the chances of winning, and fit in well with your gambling styles and needs.

This seems easy in theory, but when faced with the hundreds and thousands of different online slots, choosing one becomes a real challenge. However, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of key factors to take into consideration when choosing an online slot game. 

Different Payback Schemes

Given the plethora of slot options on the Internet, how can you effectively compare new online slot sites? When considering the bottom line you will have after playing online slots, you need to first evaluate the different payback factors involved. Knowing how these work and tie into each other can help you figure out which slot game to play. 


Payback percentage, otherwise known as the return to players (RTP), is something that most gamblers should be adequately familiar with. This is the ultimate determining factor when evaluating online slot results, and indicates how much you can expect on return from a specific game. The more you invest in a game, the more accurate the payback percentage will be. 

For example, if the game that you are looking at has a payback percentage of 96.7%, you can more or less expect to get $967 back for every $1,000 wagered. This means that you’ll be experiencing a $23 loss from your initial capital, with a house edge of 3.3%. Of course, this is not a definite amount, but an expected one. So, if this is your main concern with slot games, find the ones that offer higher percentages.


Aside from percentages, the variance also comes into play as it also affects the payout. However, it is usually used to estimate how prone your bankroll is to the swings between highs and lows. The higher the variance, the more volatile the returns, and vice versa. If you’re intending to play a high-variance slot game, we recommend ensuring that your bank account is sufficient enough to accommodate for potential leeway. Alternatively, if you’re looking for lower-variance games, you’re good to go with lower bankrolls. 

Special Features

On the other hand, some people go into slot games looking for excitement and fun rather than earning big winnings. If that’s you, you might want to take note of the following special features.

Multi-Line Combinations

With the amount of popularity that multi-line play is getting, it has undoubtedly become a standard variation for casino slot machines to have. Slot machines with multi-line play give users an increased amount of possible winning combinations, which allows them to bet on as many different lines as they want whilst choosing their betting size. This results in a faster-paced game that gives users a higher chance of winning per spin. 

Although this means a reduced size in the eventual paybacks, this form of betting should appeal more to players who enjoy chasing the thrill of winning more than focusing on the available end goal. It’s not impossible to gain higher returns though –– you’ll just need more discipline with bankroll management on the part of the player.

In-Game Rewards

Another common tactic that online casinos tend to employ is to provide lucrative in-game bonuses awarded to players. These can come in the form of loyalty rewards, free spins, referral bonuses, or log-in prizes –– basically anything that allows people to be hooked on to continue playing. This is sure to bring new excitement to the game for those who are easily bored after a few games. Plus, they can be extremely lucrative if used wisely!

Game Aesthetics

It may seem insignificant –– especially for something that is designed to let you play with money –– but aesthetic matters more than you think. When the technicalities between online slots become increasingly similar, people become easily swayed by the music choice, the color scheme of a website, and more. You might be agreeable to giving up several payback percentage points in favor of a game with appealing graphics and cool sound effects –– particularly so if you’re planning to be on the website for a longer period. 

There are multiple variations of online poker that have exciting fun twists and turns, such as having an in-game storyline or animated graphics. On the contrary, entering a site with a drabby outlook or somber music is sure to turn off players in the long run. Hence, this can be another deciding factor for those who are more visually inclined.

Good Website Management

Before setting on a slot game, it’s crucial to ensure that your game is situated in a safe, secure online gambling platform. 

Finding Reliable Websites

It can be tedious to create multiple accounts on various websites to try out different slot games. Not only is it a hassle to set up, but it also raises the chances that your data might be jeopardized by a less-than-reputable website. 

Instead of branching your resources out, why not find a website that has a wide variety of online slot games at your disposal? All you need is a singular gambling account that grants you access to all available games. Moreover, this provides added security as your personal information isn’t at risk of multiple websites, thus reducing the risk of information leakage. Hence, if you find yourself unable to settle on a particular slot game or worried about data privacy, we recommend opting for a reliable one-stop gambling website. 

Exclusive Site Bonuses

You may not realize this, but the type of in-game bonus offered is also heavily dependent on the bonuses offered by the gambling website as well. Many sites offer equally as lucrative rewards upon signing with them, or as part of a loyalty program. When used together with the in-game bonuses, you’re able to significantly improve your payback percentage and increase your overall winnings. 

Other Factors

Aside from the bonuses and games, it’s worth taking note of a site’s customer service system, funding options, terms and conditions, and availability of mobile betting before choosing to engage with them. 


We hope that we’ve provided several factors for you to take into consideration when choosing an online slot game (and gambling website) to go for. However, do remember to practice safe gambling, and ensure that you have enough resources (eg. time and capital) to achieve your goals. It might be tiring to search for the ideal game initially, but once you find it, your gambling journey is sure to be fruitful!

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