Dota 2 Who To Bet On?

If you do decide to step into the vast world of esports and your choice falls on a Dota betting site, this is a great solution! The army of Dota 2 fans is estimated by millions of gamers around the world. But to make successful bets that will bring you income, it’s not enough just to love it. You should find out who to bet on in Dota 2. 

Professional bettors have already identified some betting patterns in this game and we will share some secrets in the review below. Read to the end to be in the picture and discover, which bets in Dota 2 bring the most successful result.

What to focus on when predicting Dota 2 matches?

Before you start betting on Dota 2, get to know each team as well as possible. Also, check out popular tournaments and upcoming Dota betting site schedules to keep up to date with new matches. For this, choose a reliable resource where you can:

  • track the latest results of the esports team, its place in the international ranking. This way you will get what form the team is in;
  • learn the game statistics of full-time matches;
  • get more information about the tournament (the list of players, tournament grid, basic rules, prize pool); 
  • find recorded streams of past matches and broadcasts of future ones.

Today on the Internet you will find many similar Dota betting sites, which present complete information about Dota 2 tournaments. Choose a proven option that has received a lot of positive feedback from other bettors.

Types of bets in Dota 2

There are various types of bets in the Dota 2 game. In this sense, Dota 2 is not much different from other sports disciplines. The most popular types of bets in this esports game are: 

  • A win in a series of group games or a draw

This is one of the most common types of bets in Dota 2. The bottom line is that in this position, the bettor gives preference to one of the teams. 

  • Handicap on the maps

A win bet is the simplest type of prediction for Dota 2 but keep in mind that many bookmakers set low odds for it. Do you want to earn more? Then try betting on a handicap. That virtual bet in Dota 2 is expressed by the number of maps.

  • The catch-up bets on maps 

It is one more popular wager on Dota 2. It can be depicted as follows: there is a match between team A and team B. If team A is the favorite, then the team must win at least one map. We are betting on the victory of team A on the first map. In a case of loss, we double the bet (or even triple it to get into the plus) and bet on the victory of team B on the second map.

  • Forecast for total 

This type of betting applies only to Bo3 format matches, where teams can play a minimum of two and a maximum of three maps. In tournaments, where the equal teams can grab one map each, it makes sense to bet on the total result more money.

  • Pre-match wagers

It is a kind of prediction of the result of the Dota betting site match before it starts. To make the right bet, you need to study the experience of the participants. If the team is young enough and plays in this composition for a couple of weeks, the players will probably have communication problems. We should expect inconsistency in actions and a retarded reaction. Choose teams that have been playing together for at least 4 months. 

  • Live betting type

It is the preferred option. An unexpected choice of heroes can significantly affect the balance of power. This type of wager is the most popular among experienced bettors who choose the most significant gaming events. 

Who should I bet on in Dota 2?

To minimize losses from unsuccessful bets, we offer you betting secrets for Dota 2. Who is preferable to bet on in this exciting game? Here is a list of 6 key points. Remember them and one day they will be useful to you:  

  • Avoid betting on the first matches of Dota 2 tournaments. You should take a closer look at the teams, evaluate their advantages and potential. Take your time but rather skip the first game day. Devote this time to analyzing the situation. Evaluate the chances of playing teams in practice and only then proceed to bet.
  • Be especially careful with wagers like Best of 1. Remember that Dota 2 is an esports game that includes many features that can affect the result of the match. The best option for a beginner is to bet Best of 3.
  • The most successful bets are those that you make 20-30 minutes before the start of the match. Follow the current Dota betting site news on esports. During the tournament day, information may suddenly appear that a player will not participate due to different life circumstances. If this happens, the coefficient for the victory of the playing team may increase or fall.
  • Do not listen too much to betting analysts. No one can give you a 100% guarantee that this or that bet will win. The opinion of experts is always subjective. It can be very different from the state of affairs. Read the comments of professionals but also study the game situation yourself.
  • Keep a cool head. Emotions are the first enemy of an online bettor. Often, after a lost bet, a person’s desire to win back becomes very strong. Don’t make mistakes, and take a break from betting for a couple of days.
  • Do not place wagers on unknown game teams. Local tournaments where second-tier teams perform are not the best betting option for you.

As you can see, there are not so many recommendations, and they are easy to remember. 

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