Easy Poker Games To Play At Home

Playing poker is a great card game to get family or friends together for a barbecue. However, not everyone likes the traditional game with many people. We decided to prepare a list of the best poker games for iOS and Android phones in addition to a modality that is super high, Poker Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Poker

Every market involved with cryptocurrencies creates fear among players who do not understand how these digital currencies work, even more so because there is a consensus that everything that involves these digital assets is complex and must be handled carefully. For those who want to start enjoying bitcoin poker now, take advantage of the best bitcoin poker casino.

Bitcoin Poker is nothing but poker games, tournaments, and matches that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Games can be found more easily at crypto casinos or online casinos that support cryptocurrency. In addition, there are championships and tournaments with the same theme.

In general, the player can find two main types of poker with bitcoin in championships, crypto casinos, and online casinos. They are:

Full Bitcoin Poker

In this type of poker with Bitcoin, the player will be able to make the deposit and withdrawals with Bitcoin and bet with the cryptocurrency. That is, cryptocurrency is the leading and only asset used within the game.

Poker With Bitcoin For Payment Only

In other cases, the player may find Bitcoin poker games that use cryptocurrency only as a payment method. Generally, the amount deposited by the player is converted to some traditional currency or a fictitious currency of the game for the player’s progress.

Poker Legends

First place goes to Poker Legends. Dynamic Next’s game works online, where you can play in rooms that support up to 5 people. According to the frequency of games, you participate in. This allows you to play at other tables with more significant stakes and rewards.

The game also features a series of tournaments with chip rewards, following the bronze, silver, gold, etc. At Poker Legends, you start with 10,000 chips to play with. In addition, every day, the game still gives you daily rewards and has minigames to get more chips. The game is only available in English.

Texas Hold’ Mobile Poker Game

Apple’s game was available before but ended up being pulled from the App Store after a while. In 2019, the game returned to the service’s catalog. Texas Hold ’em works offline and online on iPhones, iPods, and iPad with iOS 12.0 or higher.

In online mode, you can play with up to 8 friends in a room or with others. In offline mode, you play against up to 24 realistic computer-controlled characters. The game draws attention to its camera, which can be adapted for top-down or first-person view.

The mobile poker game developed by Apple takes you to tables in several cities, such as classic Las Vegas and Paris. On top of that, the game still provides various tips and statistics to improve your card skills and know when to bet.

Poker Glory

With a royal theme, Poker Glory starts by giving you 600,000 chips to play in different houses (according to your level). In the game, you can enter matches against real players from all over the world. And once you reach level 5, you’ll be able to participate in ranked competitions to climb the overall rankings, collecting more significant rewards.

There you can easily create your account with Facebook or Google. It is worth mentioning that the game has an introductory tutorial for those new to the world of poker. You still have daily quests and challenges to complete, where rewards range from tokens and experience points to leveling up faster.

Mega Hit Poker

Fourth on the list is Mega Hit Poker. In addition to online championships, the Wonder People card game has an offline mode to level up and complete quests. In tournaments, you participate in a league system. You can also play friendly matches with friends if you prefer.

To earn more starting chips, the player must register with a Facebook, Google, or Apple account to make more starting chips. In addition, there are a few ways to earn tokens: redeem daily gifts, watch ads, or collect values ​​for free through the shop every 4 hours.

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