How To Get Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear: Locations And Effects

Thorny cracked tear: Elden Ring

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One of the several Key Items scattered around Elden Ring is the Thorny Cracked Tear.

The Thorny Cracked Tear is a Key Ingredient for the Flask of Wondrous Physick and may be combined with any other crystal tears in the flask to produce a reusable flask that strengthens subsequent assaults.

The charge may be refilled each time you rest at a Site of Grace, even if it can only be used once.

As you advance in the game, you’ll visit a lot of the sites, resources, and artifacts in Elden Ring.

Your success depends on these resources and equipment since they aid in a variety of tasks, such as enhancing armor, weapons, and magic, among other things.

A thorny cracked tear. Let’s look at this location guide to learn where to find and how to obtain Thorny Cracked Tear in Elden Ring.

There are only 18 larval tears in the whole Elden Ring, some of which can be found in the same spot, and there is currently no known method of farming them.

Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear Location

Using our interactive map, locate and follow every item, boss, and NPSC throughout the game.

Detailed information on all quests, equipment, bosses, and locations is constantly being added to our Elden Ring Full Map.

This Elden Ring Map has everything you need, from Walking Mausoleums to unique Teardrop Scarabs or NPC spots.

Since several things are stacked on top of one another, the Elden Ring Map does not match each item’s placement pixel for pixel.

Some items have been dispersed about their location to give simple tap targets for tooltips and links.

For further information about the item, boss, or location, please go to the tooltip or item page for each description.

  • Elden Ring Map Size: This is a fairly broad area, and people are attempting to determine the Elden Ring Map’s real transformational distance in kilometers (KM). On our Maps page, you may discover a 4k Elden Ring Map that shows the whole World Map divided into regions, complete with all places and regional differences.
  • This Elden Ring Interactive Map is a work in progress; you can help by contributing information to wiki sites like Locations and by leaving comments on this page with suggestions and ideas.

The map functions best on Safari or Chrome when viewed on a mobile device. While you navigate or toggle the filters on or off, give it some time to load all the assets.

As an alternative, we advise utilizing our static Maps and the wiki’s search feature to locate what you need.


To view the map explanation explaining the icons and to switch between the globe and subterranean maps, use the ER icon in the map’s sidebar.

You may try typing “sword” or “Staff” into the search field to see what results are returned because the search bar recognizes incomplete words.

To locate names for objects, use the categories on the Weapons page and those in Armor. To locate pages for “All Golden Seeds” and other terms, use the wiki search.

Using the checkmark layers on the map’s right side, you may filter by category.

Since these are broad categories, upgrading materials also include ore, glove wort, and flask upgrade items (Golden Seed, Sacred Tear). All weapon kinds, etc., are included in the weapons category.

Features to be added –

  • Wide-ranging search to support filters
  • Sites for material farming.
  • The positions of the enemy spawn
  • User notes per site
  • Zone level ideas
  • Individual User Notes

How to Beat Putrid Avatar?

Elden ring thorny cracked tear

As was already known, the Putrid Avatar is a low-tier boss that you will run against in Minor Erd-tree while looking for the Elden ring thorny cracked tear.

We advise you to employ magical or holy damage in this boss battle. Despite being internally rotten from the ravages of the Scarlet Rot, Putrid Avatar serves as the protector of the Minor Erd-tree.

Despite being a low-tier boss, you might take a lot of damage from his weapon swings.

It may harm you with its ground slam by using the Scarlet Rot. Continue avoiding his strikes if you want to prevail in this fight.

And while you’re doing it, continue doing as much magical and holy damage as you can. If you have something like Comet Azur, it will swiftly sap part of his HP.

This is all the information you need to locate and get Thorny cracked tear Elden ring. While you’re here, be sure to look out for Gamer Tweak’s guides, cheats, and strategies for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear

Elden Ring may be used to combine cracked tears to create magnificent crystal tears. To increase its impact, Crystal Tears can also be added to Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Where the Erdtree’s treasure really hits the in-game ground is where an Elden Ring crystal rip naturally occurred throughout the aeons. Mixable with excellent game physics in a flask.

Use in the Game

The thorny cracked tear from the Elden Ring may be combined with other Key Item components to create a reusable flask that amplifies the force and potency of in-game strikes.

Include that with any other game tears you decide to combine in the flask. Even though it can only be used once, you can recharge it each time you take a nap in Elden Ring Site of Grace.


Elden ring thorny cracked tear
  • Exactly three minutes.
  • Harm is increased by 9%, 13%, and 20%.
  • Stacks with Millicent’s Prosthesis and the Winged Sword Insignia.
  • Not compatible with Comet Azur.
  • Crystal Tears may be found all across the Lands Between, even at the feet of Minor Erd-trees.
  • In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, you can mix two crystal tears in areas of grace.


Similar to other Souls games, Elden Ring offers a number of various kinds of weaponry for all playstyles, and these weapons may be acquired or purchased in a variety of places.

Even though almost all weapons and shields have a Weapon Skill that can be used with FP, Elden Ring introduces the option to modify these skills by locating Ashes of War, which let you alter the special skill and even the attribute scaling of the weapon you want to employ.

You may find a list of weaponry below that is organized by kind. The skills for a weapon that are shown in bold are exclusive to that weapon and cannot be changed using Ashes of War.

If you’re solely interested in top-tier weaponry, you can also check out our list of the greatest weapons in Elden Ring for each build –

  • Hammers/Blunt Objects
  • Flails
  • Spears
  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Whips
  • Colossal Weapons
  • Shields
  • Catalysts
  • Halberds
  • Reapers
  • Crossbows
  • Arrows and Bolts
  • Bows

Wrapping Up

We really hope you find value in our Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear instructions. Everything you need to know about the game is covered in this article.

We’re attempting to provide you with useful information. Happy gaming Elden Ring, and thanks for reading.

A magic artifact called the Flask of Wondrous Physick enables a character to mix several varieties of Crystal Tears.

By taking a break at the Site of Grace in the Lands Between, the Flask of Wondrous Physick can be improved. The majority of Crystal Tear combinations are situational, but some of them stand out.

The damage negation of your character will also increase by 50% thanks to this magical equipment. It’s a fantastic method to have the upper hand in battle.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

How do you get the thorny cracked tear in Elden Ring?

By defeating the Putrid Avatar – Snowfields in the Mountaintops of the Giants zone, you can find the Thorny Cracked Tear. You really have to possess the Halig-tree medallion in order to visit this region of the mountains.

How long does the thorny cracked Elden Ring last?

The resultant mixture causes repeated assaults to become more potent over time. However, the impact only lasts a brief period of time.

Is the thorny cracked tear good?

Makes future mixed-physics hit stronger. The Thorny Cracked Tear is a great way for melee users to quickly heap damage, especially if you’re carrying a quick-moving weapon like a dagger, epee, katana, or axe.

Where can I buy cracked tears Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has two Crismon crystal tears. The first one is in the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave East adjacent to the statue, while the second one is on an altar at the base of the Minor Erdtree to the east of the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace in Lyendell, the Royal Capital.

 What does the spiked cracked tear do?

Where the Erdtree’s treasure hits the ground is where a crystal tear steadily developed throughout the years. In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, they can be combined. The resultant mixture temporarily improves the strength of charged assaults.

Can you reuse Wondrous Physick?

Two Tears are combined into one amazing consumable item by the Flask of Wondrous Physick. The finest aspect is that every time a player rests at a Site of Grace in Elden Ring, it refills and may be used once more.

How many cracked tears are there Elden Ring?

There are presently 32 Crystal Tears in Elden Ring, 29 of which are unique. The Crimson Crystal Tear, Cerulean Crystal Tear, and Ruptured Crystal Tear, in particular, have two variations of each, and when combined, they become twice as powerful.

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