Eric Dalius Talks About Content Marketing Strategy For Smaller Companies

It is not that hard to state that paid advertising has been one reliable tactic for customer acquisition. As currently retargeting is the new in-thing, ads have helped the growing businesses to retain customers, reduce customer churn, improve present lifetime value, and cart abandonment.

Right now, paid ads are not that effective as they used to be. Around 200 million people were seen using ad blockers. Now, over 615 million devices have in-built adblockers to make the task a lot easier for the users.

Around 11% of the global internet population is presently blocking ads online. Not just for the desktop, but there are blocker apps for mobile experiences too. That might make up for a better kind of online experience for all the customers.

However, it might be troubling for brands, which rely mainly on paid ads to reach out to existing and new customers. You can check out articles on Eric Dalius Net worth to learn more about this person and what he advises on content marketing strategy to follow in 2021.

Understand what content marketing actually is, as mentioned while looking for Eric Dalius Net worth:

Most people think of blogs, social media, and even articles when they hear the term “content marketing.” However, that is so much more than that. It is more than just the basic content format. It is mainly targeted to be a long-term-based strategy, which will use content in multiple formats to create a strong relationship with the audience. The main goal is to capture people’s attention, improve brand recall and engagement.

Even though the paid ads are designed to get something out from your audience and converting them into a prospective customer, content marketing, on the other hand, is just about offering value and giving to the audience something for building up trust. 

You can start off by establishing goals or mission:

Just like any other marketing strategy, content marketing must serve a specified purpose and meet some goals first. So, it is your duty to make the goals measurable, specific, relevant, and attainable, and time-based. You can use the SMART strategy for creating goals.

  • You get the chance to improve search engine ranks to land on the first page within a span of three months.
  • Get the chance to increase sales by around 25% from specified market segment within 2 weeks.
  • Get the chance to procure 1000 email subscriptions within 30 days.

Get the chance to identify your performance indicators:

Make sure to take your time and then choose the key performance indicators. These metrics will reflect directly on how well you are moving towards your specified goals. It will include referral rate, unique page views, net revenue, download numbers, and conversion rates.

Make sure to do your complete research and look for some tips and advice on content marketing. While searching, you might have come across an article talking about Eric Dalius Net worth.

Reading through the article will let you know more about Eric’s worth, and you can ask him for some advice on content marketing strategies purposely designed for small businesses.

Select not just your audience but proper content channels:

You need to have a clearly defined audience for content marketing strategies. You are not going to reach anyone and everyone. You will be crafting a specified message which will hold value to the specified market segment of people who have higher chances of purchasing your services or product. 

  • Make sure to take time to collect the demographic data from your given site or social media platform. You can take the help of Google Analytics to help you with the same. 
  • Once you are sure of your readers, you will get a sense of where you have already developed one viable online presence. For the next step, follow that up by homing in on those channels to get maximum exposure.

You need to work on your schedule:

You have your KPIs, audience, and channels ready. Now, you are very tempted to start flooding them with giveaways, insight, and some of the thought-provoking articles. Most people think that if one post is effective, then 10 posts are ten times more effective. Well, this step is NOT something for you to try out.

  • Instead, you can start with a basic posting schedule. It will avoid freaking out followers with content overload. For the blogs, you can consider the weekly post, same day and time, to get right into that habit.
  • Social media posts are noted to range right between one post daily and few times every week. There remains a science on how often you might update your social media channels. Posting too frequently can be damaging. In the same manner, if you post way too little or inconsistency, then you will lose people this way too.
  • Remember that consistency is the key. It will help to train out the readers to keep coming back because they think they will get new material on that same day or time. It will indicate that you are one active and reliable information source.
  • It might further help you in varying the content. Seeing the big picture will always help you to spot opportunities for enriching the current offerings.
  • Moreover, you get the chance to save time and energy at the same time, as the schedule will work more like a road map. As you are well-aware of the upcoming steps to follow, then you can join the ranks of around 36% of content creators with proper project workflow.
  • On the other hand, the proper schedule will always support you in your KPI tracking. It is one of the major features of the SMART goal that it remains time constant. So, make sure to visualize the time goals with the help of a calendar.

Follow simple points:

By following the simple steps mentioned already, you get the chance to improve the content marketing strategy for your business. If you own a small firm or just entered the marketing sector, it is important that you get along with these steps right away!

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