Fortnite Weapons: Everything About The Game’s Weapons

We should have a clear idea regarding the Fortnite game before we move forward about the Fortnite weapons

The Fortnite Game in brief-

Fortnite Battle Royale is a very interesting survival game. In this game, you must defeat the other 99 online players in the game in order to win the game. 

This competitive strategic element gives a touch of willingness to win the game. The gamers, while the game is required to avoid being caught in the eye of the storm to survive in the game, there are regular countdowns to when the storm is approaching.

Fortnite provides various weapons and it has colorful animations as well as graphics that will surely appeal to younger users. 

Fortnite comes with new seasons and updates as well as weapons that give new ways to play to gamers. 

The latest Fortnite weapons:

Some of the top best weapons currently that can be used in Fortnite Chapter 3 are as follows-

  • DMR
  • Stinger SMG
  • Combat SMG
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Two-Shot Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol

Chapter 3 Season 3 was launched in June 2022 of the Fortnite game containing these guns and the above-mentioned ranking was given by considering various statistics, community feedback, as well as real in-game experiences with these amazing weapons. 

The Exotic weapons Fortnite:

Fortnite weapons

The exotic weapons in Fortnite can be found at various different locations in Fortnite chapter 3 season 3. 

These types of Exotic Weapons in Fortnite are the type of weapons that glow golden when a gamer gets close enough to them.

This glowy indicator means they are one of the most wanted versions of that weapon. These weapons are incredibly rare as well as sought after.

 If you are the one who is wishing to secure the victory royale then the exotic weapon Fortnite will benefit you after you collect them around the map. 

Each season, the game resets and updates how much gold that player has collected. 

Once you complete challenges, clear bounties, or loot cash registers you receive them as a currency that is found around the map.

Sequence Tier List of Fortnite Weapons – (Chapter 3, Season 3):

Well, we can say that Chapter 3 Season 3 has updated many weapons and switched things up.

This new season has left many gamers in confusion and they are scrambling to figure out which weapons are the best and which ones are the worst.

We are here to help by providing the best Fortnite guns tier list –

  • S tier – 

DMR, Combat Assault Rifle, Prime Shotgun, Stinger SMG, E-11 Blaster Rifle.

  • A tier-

Hammer Assault Rifle, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Striker Burst Rifle, Two-Shot Shotgun.

  • B tier-

Sidearm Pistol, Ranger Assault Rifle.

  • C tier-

Auto Shotgun and Revolver.

  • D tier- 

Charged SMG and Striker Pump Shotgun.

For better understanding, we have provided a brief explanation of the above tiers –

  • S tier-

The S tier tops the tier list as it acts as a representative of the best of the best in Fortnite Season 4.

The best of the S tier has to be the DMR and Prime Shotgun. For all long-range players, this DMR is the perfect weapon. It combines the reach of a sniper rifle with the rate of fire and damage of an assault rifle. 

Whereas the Prime Shotgun is all about doing major damage while looking someone right in the eye.

The relaunch of the Suppressed SMG is a good surprise for the players and if we talk about the Hunter Bolt-Action sniper, it is a good one-hit kill in most circumstances. 

  • A tier-

Next comes the A Tier, which basically represents the weapons that are quite edging on the S Tier in quality but are put below the S tier for one reason or another. 

This contains the EvoChrome shotgun debut which has the ability to upgrade and change mid-game. It is put in the A tier instead of the S because it is not on par with the Prime.

The Hammer Assault Rifle can be a trustworthy choice in any situation. It will not disappoint you. The return of the Level Action Shotgun is appreciative but its fire rate is the only reason why it is kept out of the S tier and located in the A tier.

  • B tier- 

The B Tier has weapons that are not so good and not so bad. These Fortnite weapons are useful but do not possess anything special them. 

The Ranger Assault Rifle has some good uses as well as a higher tier it is worth picking up and using but it should be noted that one can get other better choices. 

Whereas the Sidearm Pistol is actually quite a better weapon to use as a last option. It has a great reload time, rate of fire as well as DPS potential at higher tiers.

  • C tier-

C tier is mainly that kind of average tier that represents the weapons that could be good and sound or look good just on paper but in reality, they are not. 

  • D tier-

At last, we have the D tier. We can say the dirt worst. In this tier, one can hardly find any firearms that are worthy of such a low ranking. This Season we can Boogie Bomb so far can be ranked to lowest. 

Alien weapons Fortnite- 

Fortnite weapons

It is well-known that Fortnite always encourages players to play the game in unique ways while gaining valuable battle pass XP through Weekly quests.

Quest challenges usually involve items or NPCs associated with the present season’s theme. 

In the Season 7 of Fortnite, the overarching theme is that of an alien invasion. If you look at all of the craftable Fortnite weapons that use Alien Nanites, you’ll be surprised to find that only none of them counts for the quest.

Out of the Kymera Ray Gun, Rail Gun, Plasma Cannon, and Pulse Rifle, only the Ray Gun is a proper alien weapon.

There are a few ways to get your hands on a Kymera Ray Gun. The first thing to be done is to craft an Alien Nanite with an SMG. 

As a player, you can also loot these off of Trespassers, which you will be able to find in Holly Hatchery or Saucers.

Weapon o Matic machines in Fortnite:

You will get two types of vending machines in the Fortnite game. The first one is 

a mending machine. This mending machine sells all kinds of health as well as shield-related items.

The second machine is the Weapon-O-Matic (Fortnite) machine. This second type of machine sells weapons in exchange for gold. You will be glad to know that there are a lot of Fortnite Weapon-O-Matics present on the island. 

Well, the weapon-O-Matics Fortnite is not like the mending machines that can be founded near gas stations, the Weapon-O-Matic machines are spread out all over the island. It is more in number when compared to mending machines.

If you wish to purchase from Fortnite vending machines inside the island then all you need to do is approach one and look for the prompt to interact with it. 

To see the various items on offer you can simply use the wheel to scroll through the items, if applicable, and click confirm if you find something you need. 

At last, it can be said that the Fortnite vending machines, or Mending Machines and Weapon-O-Matics Fortnite can give you what you need to gear up in order to win a battle royale match

The Fortnite Mythic weapons : 

The newly launched Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 bought back Mythic Weapons, which are regarded as the top weapons in the game.

We know that Fortnite Mythic weapons are not new to Fortnite, but unlocking them is quite different from before.

These are received after bringing down unique bosses like Midas, Deadpool, and Doctor Sloane to name a few.

These types of Fortnite weapons as well as the items are very rare and special or we can say the upgraded versions of normal weapons have some special behaviors or benefits.

This Season of Fortnite, the players of the game will be able to earn the following Fortnite Mythic Weapons:

  • Auto Shotgun
  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Striker Pump Shotgun

Thermal weapon Fortnite:

Fortnite weapons

A thermal weapon allows the players to see heat signatures when aiming down the sights. This is amazing as well as an easier way to spot an enemy in the distance. 

The player can only see heat signatures while zoomed in, so once you have the thermal weapon Fornite in your inventory will not be enough to activate the effect.

Let’s know the location where you can get the thermal weapons in Fortnite.

Basically, you have three ways to find thermal Fortnite weapons in Fortnite:

Defeating an IO HunterSearching chests and floor loot Defeating Huntmaster Saber

How to get Star Wars weapons on Fortnite?

Here is the simple explanation to this question which is given point-wise for deep understanding :

 Get the star wars weapons in two different ways provided in the game. 

  • The first way to get Star Wars weapons is to simply visit one of the five Imperial Docking Bays. In each of the Imperial Docking Bays, you will get two or three Imperial Chests, and after searching them you will find a Fortnite E-11 Blaster to add to your arsenal. 
  • Although it has unlimited ammunition, you should not fire it many times in succession because it will overheat and then you have to wait until its cooldown is down to fire again.
  • Whereas the other Star Wars weapon is the lightsaber that is carried by Fortnite Darth Vader. Darth Vader will appear in one of the Imperial Docking Bays randomly in every match. 
  • If at the beginning of the fight you look for his Lambda-class Shuttle swooping past the battle bus you will be able to view where he lands so that chasing him down can be easy. Well, there will also be a beam of blue light to show you the path to his location.


Thus, we can conclude that the Fortnite game is a great survival game that offers a good range of Fortnite weapons to win the game.

This was all about the different weapons the game provides to the players. The weapons should be found in their locations to make the game more competitive and interesting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a melee weapon in Fortnite?

Melee Fortnite weapons in Fortnite play a great role in attacking your enemies without giving any tension about ammunition.
Presently there are two types of melee weapons in Fortnite – your harvesting tool, also commonly known as the pickaxe, and Darth Vader’s Lightsaber.
In the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, you will be able to use a melee weapon to complete one of the weekly challenges.
The easiest melee weapon to use is the harvesting tool since you can automatically start every match with this weapon.

How can we find the Mythic Weapons in Fortnite Season 3?

In order to find Mythic Fortnite weapons in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three, a player has to make a way to Reality Falls, and then he has to find one of the giant purple flowers.
The second thing the gamers are required to do is to destroy the flower with their pickaxe and collect the plant seeds. These seeds that are found on the ground are required to be planted on the ground in Reality Falls. 
The seeds after being planted as usual will provide you with fruits.
In the beginning, these fruits will have some uncommon loot. Exactly ten minutes after planting the seeds, you will need to join another match and after that, you will get wild weeds around your plant.
These weeds around the plants are needed to be removed then upgrade the loot on your plant from uncommon to rare.
Well, you can continue this process can be repeated until your plant reaches Mythic rarity, and the end result is the dropping of Mythic weapons happen.

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