100% Powerful Working Guide On Facebook Dating Not Working

Hello and welcome to the Tech Parle, where you get all the solutions for your tech-related problems. Today we are talking about one of the critical issues of one of the best social media app Facebook that, Facebook dating is not working. As Facebook launches a new feature Facebook dating app.

People like this new feature that Facebook launches, but some people have complained that Facebook dating is not working or the Facebook dating app is not working. So in this article, we will share the solution of why this thing is happening with you guys.

Let Us Check Some Points That Why Your Facebook dating not working.

Update The Facebook App

If your Facebook dating not working, then it’s a great chance that your Facebook mobile app is not up to date. If you are using Android mobile, please update it through the google play services available on your mobile phone.

If you are using the iPhone, you can surely update the Facebook app through the apple store available on all the iPhones, and similar things work for the windows phones. You can also use the service of an auto app update to get uninterrupted services.

Make Sure You Have Activated Your Facebook Notifications

When you install the Facebook app or other apps, you will get the best default setting from that app to get the best experience. But in some cases, the grounds are not set, so please make sure you check the locations that are necessary for you to use the apps.

If your Facebook dating is not working, please make sure that you enable the notification settings, so you get all the notifications to your app and the home screen of your phone. When you aren’t getting the notifications, then you think that your app is not working.

Turn On Your Device Service Location

If your Facebook dating is not working correctly, then please turn on the device location because this feature of dating in the Facebook app needs your site. Because the peoples search the peoples that are located near them to choose the best partner for them. Also, Read about what is AR zone app.

Delete The Facebook App And Install It Again

facebook dating not working

There is no rocket science behind that, but it works sometimes. If your Facebook dating is not working, then please delete the Facebook app entirely from your phone. Just uninstall the Facebook app first and also delete the APK of the app from the file manager.

After deleting the app completely, go to the play store if you are an android user and download it again and install it on your phone. You can do the same if you are an iPhone user with the apple store’s help and install it on your iPhone. Hopefully, this process helps you if your Facebook dating not working.

The Service Is Not Available In Your Area

Facebook didn’t launch the dating function in all the countries of the world. Please ensure that the service is available in your area; if the service is not available in your area, then it is evident that Facebook dating will not work on your phone or other devices.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are using the Facebook dating feature, then you need a good internet connection because this feature of Facebook needs a good internet connection. If you are using the WiFi connection, then please check that it is correctly connected to your device and also check the speed of the internet of your WiFi.
The internet connection speed is essential for every app running on your phone, like Pubg, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Please make sure that our internet connection can manage the apps to run on your phone smoothly.

Clear Your Mobile Cache

Clearing cache is significant because if you aren’t clearing your device’s store, then your device is automatically stuck on the same page every time. So we recommend that you, please clear the cache of your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop to the apps and other softwares properly.

Restart Your Device

facebook dating not working

If you feel that your Facebook dating is not working suddenly and showing some problems, you need to restart your device no matter its mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. There is no rocket science or technical overview behind that, but I don’t know how but that works.

If you face a problem with any app and software or your device is hanging too much, you need to restart your device once, and you will find that your softwares and apps are starting to work smoothly and correctly. Our recommendation is to try that once.

Contact With The Facebook Help Centre

If you tried all of these steps and the problem is still not solved, then you need to contact the help center of Facebook. Facebook is a worldwide platform of social media, and they provide you the world class service and try to solve all of your problems related to Facebook.

The customer care executives of Facebook will guide you step by step and can solve the critical issues that cause your Facebook dating not working. Not only the Facebook dating app, but it will also solve your other problems related to your Facebook account.


So, guys, this is the best and most useful guide to solve your issue that why is Facebook dating not working on your phone or other devices. Just follow these steps, and your Facebook dating app will start working fine and correctly. We share the guide step by step to get the perfect solution for the problem permanently and forever.

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