Features Of The Right Smart Watches

There are so many smart watches Singapore available in the market, making it confusing to choose the best option. So, this article has some features that will help you decide which type of digital watch suits your needs.

1. Run Apps

The first thing that should come into your mind when buying any kind of electronic device is its ability to run apps on it. A smartwatch allows you to do almost everything with just a tap or two on the screen. You can check emails, messages, social media updates, weather forecasts, news feeds, etc., without having to pull out your phone every time. It also lets you control music playback by using voice commands.

2. WaterProof

Most smart watches Singapore are waterproof. A waterproof smartwatch is something that comes in handy if you like swimming or diving. These devices have water-resistant cases that protect them against accidental drops in water. They usually feature an IP68 rating, meaning they’re protected up to 1 meter deep under normal conditions. Some even go as far as being able to withstand depths of 3 meters. This means that you don’t need to worry about getting wet while wearing such a watch. The only downside is that most of these models won’t work underwater because their screens are covered by water droplets. However, there are few exceptions where you can use your smartwatch during aquatic activities.

3. Wireless charging

Wireless charging is another great advantage offered by smartwatches. Most of these gadgets support wireless charging through inductive technology. In other words, you simply place your gadget over the pad and start enjoying the benefits of wireless charging. There are different types of pads, but generally speaking, they fall into three categories: magnetic induction, resonant frequency, and resonance-based technologies. Inductive charging works well with both smartphones and tablets, whereas resonant frequency techs require special chargers. Resonance-based systems are more expensive than others but offer better efficiency.

4. Voice command

Voice recognition is yet another fantastic feature provided by smartwatches. With this function, you can talk to your watch instead of pulling out your smartphone. All you need to say is “Ok Google,” followed by what you want to ask. For example, “What’s my heart rate?” or “How much calories did I burn today?”

5. Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring is probably the most significant selling point among people who buy fitness trackers. If you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on how active you’ve been throughout the day, then a wearable tracker is definitely worth considering. Such devices measure your pulse at regular intervals and provide detailed information regarding your physical activity levels.

6. Sailing functionality

Sailor watches are designed specifically for sailors. They allow users to monitor wind speed, direction, wave’s height, boat position, GPS coordinates, battery level, and much more. Many of these watches include built-in compasses too. Sailors often wear such watches around their wrists since they tend to move quite frequently.


Basically, the right smart watches Singapore are undeniably convenient and easy to use. But before making a purchase, make sure that you know exactly what features you really need from one. Also, consider whether you will be comfortable wearing an always-on display all day long.

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