Gadgets To Help Keep You Focused While Working From Home

There are so many distractions in our homes these days which can make working from home difficult. We’ve all got distractions whether its chores, kids or even just the thought of getting back into your comfy bed. But since we’ve been working from home for so long, there are many new gadgets that can help keep us focused. We’ve seen how companies are making use of the latest technologies to benefit them – having a trusted IT Partner who will give you the Business IT Support Solutions your business needs is one way to ensure you’re using technology to your advantage. These are our favorite gadgets to help stay focused while working from home. 

  1. FOCI Focus Enhancing Wearable

This high-tech device improves your focus by using cognitive biometrics. All you need to do is attach it to your waist and it captures, and tracks data related to your cognitive state. You can then use this data to understand what your biggest distractions are and use this to find ways to improve your focus. 

  1. TIMEFLIP2 human-friendly time tracker

This is a physical and software-based tracker that is completely customizable. It tracks the time you spend on your designated tasks which is great for working from home. We’ve seen an increase in remote work in the UK, specifically through IT Support East London Companies making remote work more accessible for businesses in the area. It even has a Pomodoro timer that helps you work in intervals that makes it easier to focus. 

  1. Joan Home office availability calendar

The Joan Home office availability calendar allows you to sync up multiple calendars, including your work and home calendar. This can be set up on display anywhere in your home which will display your calendar for your whole household to see. You’ll no longer have to worry about being disturbed during your video conferences. 

  1. On Air Warning! 

We all have the fear that we will have some embarrassing interaction with someone in our household while we’re in a video conference. This is a status light that very clearly shows when you have your mic and camera on. No more worrying about your household not knowing that you’re in a meeting and disturbing you. 

  1.  Standing desk converter

Sitting for hours can be a major struggle for people when trying to stay focused. This is a smaller workstation that is placed on top of your regular seated desk. These converters can be adjusted to any height that is comfortable for you when standing. This way you can stretch your legs and keep moving, especially for those who get distracted when sitting still. 

  1. Neurosity Crown focusing wearable

This is embracing a new age of technology. The device works on your head like headphones and monitors your brainwave information and customizes its settings to suit your needs. We’ve seen a few companies in the UK, specifically solicitors who have embraced technology in futuristic kinds of ways – IT Support for Solicitors has become more advanced than ever! Tools like the Neurosity Crown have opened up doors to advanced insights and better efficiency. They help in ways such as adjusting music and lighting to promote increased productivity. 

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