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Hollow knight walkthrough – The adventure is here

Hollow Knight was created by Team Cherry, an Australian studio, for the PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. It takes place in Dirtmouth’s old town and beneath it, in an ancient lost kingdom.

Hollow knight is a 2D action/adventure game set in a gloomy and mysterious world. You’ll travel across enormous interconnected worlds, fight bizarre adversaries, and learn new skills and abilities.

The beauty of the hollow knight is that after you’ve descended under Dartmouth, you’re free to go wherever you choose. Because it’s easy to get lost in such a big globe, we’ve included maps for each part so you can collect all of the goodies along the way.

Hollow knight is such a challenging game. It is difficult to accomplish and necessitates precision and patience.

However, if you know all there is to know about the game before you begin, from the most fundamental mechanics to the most obscure advice, your progress in the game will be a lot more consistent.

Full walkthrough of how to approach the depths of Hallow-nest

Hollow knight walkthrough gives the player a full walkthrough of how to approach the depths of Hallownest.

This page will only feature the sections that a player must identify, clear out, and kill particular bosses in order to progress the game’s main story – it will be listed in the order in which they appear.

The game has a Dark Souls-like feel to it, with minimal guidance, a dropped soul that you must return to in order to recover your geo (game currency), difficult boss encounters that require practice to learn their attack patterns and a minimal narrative that is expanded through NPC interaction and world exploration.

At least two plays are required to complete the hollow knight walkthrough. We recommend the following three:

  • You completed the classic mode with 112 percent completion for 54 achievements.
  • Complete Steel Soul with a perfect score to get five achievements.
  • Complete a speed run in Classic mode in less than 5 hours and then a sub-20 hour 100% completion to get three achievements.
  • You will only have one achievement left after completing these games: completing the Pantheon of Hallownest, a brutally difficult hour-long monster rush.

The game puts you in command of an insect-like knight with no name, and you must fight foes to gather vital supplies while navigating the underground landscapes.

Your knight is equipped with a nail (a cone-style sword) that can be utilized to interact with the environment and in combat. Most sections in the game will allow you to fight aggressive bugs and other terrible creatures.

Drop “Geo,” in-game money

However, by employing melee fighting, you can quickly dispatch your foes and win points. You can master a variety of powerful spells that allow you to unleash long-range strikes while playing. You should be aware that defeated foes drop “Geo,” in-game money.

All of them are fundamental concepts that you will pick up quickly as you play. So the focus of this article is on Hollow Knight Maps, and we’ve prepared a list of them along with the best technique for beating them all.

Hollow knight walkthrough Map

Hollow knight walkthrough

You should be aware that there are various ways to accomplish the game. It means you can play the game in an entirely different method than the one described here and still win.

The game now contains a large number of explorable Hollow knight walkthrough Maps, each with its own set of locations, roads, and creatures to overcome.

So, before you begin the game, you must first explain how to complete it strategically and win. Here are some Hollow knight Maps and instructions for completing the task. Let’s have a look at them together!

  • The white palace
  • Crystal Peak
  • Dartmouth.
  • The Fog Canyon
  • The Ancient Basin
  • The Howling Cliffs
  • The Forgotten Crossroads 
  • Greenpath.
  • The Queen’s Garden.
  • The City of Tears
  • A place to rest.
  • Kingdom’s Edge is a role-playing game.

Walkthrough of the White Palace of the Hollow Knight

The White Palace is without a doubt the hardest area in Hollow Knight to navigate. This level’s platforming demands that you grasp the game’s traversal mechanics.

If you can go through this level, which you should if you want to grab the Void Heart, you’ll be able to navigate any other level in Hollow Knight with relative ease.

Another White Fragment, which will form the King’s soul, can be found on this level.

Ancient Basin will allow you to explore the world’s deepest recesses, where you will encounter weird living forms and a variety of foes. It is the original location of the White Palace as well as the Pale King’s residence.

The ruins of the Walkthrough of the White Palace of the Hollow Knight are easily found in the Basin’s eastern part. The map is divided into two pieces, for example:

  • Grounds of the Palace (Sub-Area).
  • Station in the Dark (Sub-Area)

Areas that vanished along with the Pale King are known as place grounds. It requires the Monarch Wings to enter the location, and after utilizing the Awoken Dream Nail, the player can enter the Walkthrough of the White Palace of the Hollow Knight.

Hollow knight Greenpath walkthrough

The map has objectives to achieve, a set of items to unlock, and three epic enemies to battle, despite its style and pattern being quite identical to previous maps. The following are the names of the bosses:

  • Hornet.
  • A colossal Moss Charger.
  • Warrior’s Grave – No Eyes

The player’s goal is to travel the landscape from a top-down perspective and complete each job provided by the game in order to acquire treasures such as the Mask Shard, Vessel Fragment, and Mothwing Cloak.

The initial cost to play this game is 60 Geo, and the stage way cost is 140 Geo. To begin, approach Conifer with Mothwing Cloak, then walk left and down from the Hunter to break some vines holding the logs and kill the monster, Moss Knight.

Hollow knight void heart edition walkthrough

Hollow knight walkthrough

According to my research, the Hollow knight void heart edition walkthrough includes the original game as well as all four downloadable content.

Hollow Knight for Switch includes the base game as well as all four downloadable content. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition is now available! That’s the entire game, along with all of the extra stuff.

Both the Voidheart Edition and the Steam Edition have all this game has to offer. All of the Content Packs were nothing more than game fixes! It certainly does. The hollow knight void heart edition walkthrough is the whole game, including all of the free DLCs.

They released Hollow Knight in February of 2017 after a successful 2015 Kickstarter, but have been hard at work on DLC ever since. The catch is that its free DLC. They’ve recently released Godmaster, which is claimed to be the ultimate expansion after the Hidden Dreams and Grimm Troupe expansions.

Hollow knight crystal peak walkthrough

There are two ways to get to Crystal Peak from the Forgotten Crossroads: Desolate Dive in the mines or acquire the lamp and take the lower path. If you’re using the Desolate Dive, make a beeline for the Rancid Egg on the way down.

  • The Hollow knight crystal peak walkthrough is a lovely spot that isn’t too tough to get to. Along the way, you’ll learn a new talent called the super dash.
  • Make your way all the way over to the right for the first Bench once you’ve reached the bottom. You should now return to the left and climb the main central column.
  • The first Grub for this region can be found in the first chamber, but you’ll have to navigate around the spikes to get there.
  • To access the shortcut, press the Switch, then proceed to the next chamber. Pass through the lasers and then slam into the secret wall on the left.
  • You won’t be able to fly across until you acquire the Crystal Heart Super Dash ability, but once you do, the Deep Focus charm will be waiting for you.

Follow the paper trail to the top of the laser room, and then turn left to find Cornifer, who will give you the map.

You’ll be able to super dash to the opposite side, where you’ll find a Grub and another exit to Dartmouth, once you have the Crystal Heart. A King’s Idol can be found above Cornifer, but you’ll need the wings to reach it due to the double jump.

For the time being, return to the right and ascend to the next chamber. This is where the Shopkeeper’s Key can be found. You can return it to the Dartmouth merchant, who will locate other stuff to sell. To find the key, climb to the top of the right side of the building.

Return to the top and take the right exit for the boss fight.

Hollow knight Grimm troupe walkthrough

Hollow knight walkthrough
  • Grimm (2 notches) or Carefree Melody (Hollow knight Grimm troupe walkthrough): Grimm is a flying companion who fires missiles that deal increasing amounts of damage as the Grimm Troupe Ritual progresses (Hollow knight Grimm troupe walkthrough); Carefree Melody allows a chance to evade enemy damage.
  • Grimm was given to Dartmouth by Grimm (summoning Troupe requires Dream Nail and Mantis Claw); if Grimm Troupe is banished, Carefree Melody is given to Dartmouth by a new bug.


In the universe of Hollow Night, charms are especially important because they allow you to increase your character’s traits, conduct, and mobility.

  • A basic charm is something like the compass you bought from Iselda.
  • Other charms allow you to dash more frequently, gain more souls while striking objects, and recover additional health while resting on benches, among other things.
  • No matter how many charms you collect, you can only equip a handful at a time, and you can only assign charms while seated on a bench.
  • Charms take up one, two, or three slots out of a total of six that grow as you progress through the game.
  • Finding or purchasing charm notches increases the maximum number of charms you can equip.
  • Many charms and charm notches can be found in unexpected places.

To reach a prominent dead-end chamber on the map, you usually have to walk through a maze of fierce adversaries or environmental hazards. Salubra, a merchant in the Forgotten Crossroads’ south-eastern section, has acquired a collection of charms and notches that she sells at her shop.

Because the shop is placed on a high ledge, you’ll need to get the Mothwing Cloak first (defeat the Gruz Mother mini-boss, found sleeping in a boss chamber located close to the east cross of the Elapsed Junction).

Wrapping Up

We hope that this guide will help you to get better knowledge about the Hollow knight.

Hollow Knight is a Team Cherry Metroidvania adventure game about a valiant knight who traverses a huge underworld full of weird creatures and insect-inspired foes.

In November 2014, Hollow Knight was first revealed as a Kickstarter campaign. It immediately met its financing target and met many of its stretch goals, which included more content. The developers have introduced three free expansions to the original game since its release.

Hidden Dreams was the first, followed by The Grimm Troupe, and Gods & Glory, which will be released sometime in 2018. The Hollow knight is such a wonderful game to play with fun.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Hollow Knight a challenging game?

Despite this, Hollow Knight is by far the most difficult video game I’ve played this year. It’s the most difficult video game I’ve played in years!

What is the best way to progress in Hollow Knight?

If you sit on the bench and equip Wayward Compass, your map will automatically fill in any areas you’ve already explored. If you defeat the boss in the middle, you can proceed to the left from the boss’s room, where you can enter a building.
There, you’ll encounter someone who will provide you with more authority in order to get access to new regions.

Is it true that Hollow Knight is the final boss?

The Hollow Knight (Forgotten Crossroads – Temple of the Black Egg) is a character from the Forgotten Crossroads series. The game’s final boss — well, sort of.
The Hollow Knight is a fearsome opponent that may easily dispatch you, so it takes some time to get into the swing of things and emerge victoriously.

How do you get Dream Nails to work?

The Dream Nail is obtained by inspecting the Dreamers Memorial in the Resting Grounds. As a result, the Knight is sent into a dream, where he receives the Dream Nail from a Moth.

What is the best way to free the Hollow Knight?

After eliminating the three Dreamers that shut the Black Egg’s entrance, the Knight can free himself and face the Hollow Knight.

How long does it take to become a fully-fledged Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight takes roughly 2612 hours to complete when you focus on the key objectives. If you’re a gamer who wants to see everything there is to see in a game, you’ll probably need roughly 5912 hours to complete it completely.

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