How Anonymous Content Is Winning The Masses

There has been a behavioral shift in how people approach to content. At first, the allure and shiny mainstream big names held weight in the eyes of the audience.

They believed in the brand of the content provider and so went along with any form of content they provided. They assumed they were being given the truth, and they believed it.

However, with time, that status quo began to dwindle as other means of information began to sprout. With the rise of online content, more and more people were able to get their hands on more and more information.

Websites like The Doe are perfect examples of how to use anonymity to prioritize the information over the identification.  And so, anonymous content has grown a lot, in popularity and acceptance among a lot of readers and viewers.

A big reason why is the power of anonymous content providers to expose mainstream media outlets. In this sense, anonymity plays a huge role in leveling the playing field of the media industry.

No longer can news, information, or content be provided in a flurry of unverified, unadulterated way. The entire media industry knows that the internet has opened up a channel for independent players to join in on content creation.

And that is exactly what is happening, as we see more and more independent platforms like The Doe and others who are providing content to the reader, that they in turn enjoy and believe in.  

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