How Bitcoin Betting Is Reshaping Online Gambling

The booming popularity of cryptocurrencies is awaking the interest of outsiders to the gambling industry. The fever is so high it is causing them to venture into bitcoin betting. From entrepreneurs to college students, it seems like everyone is getting in the action.

And the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that digital casinos and sportsbooks are now normalizing the use of cryptos, other than BTC, as official payment methods. But what can these changes imply? Read below to find out how cryptocurrency betting is influencing online gambling.

Why Is Bitcoin Sports Betting Changing the Face of Online Gambling

Blockchain and crypto coins are creating a massive splash in the gambling world. And in a world where most trends come and go, bitcoin sports betting and online crypto gambling sites like Immediate Edge scam review seemed to have cracked the code to stick around for a long time. These are the leading causes behind the changes experienced over the last decade or so:

cryptocurrencies have many advantages over traditional payment methods that can dazzle even the most inexperienced player;

benefits such as better transaction speed, lower operations fees, higher security, and sealed customer data, it is not surprising that bettors and bookmaker sites are favoring the transition to crypto, ditching the gambling models used pre BTC;

unlike conventional payments carried out via credit card, wire transfer, or digital wallets like PayPal —where all transactions are easy to track to a person—, the blockchain protocol guarantees decentralization, security, anonymity, and transparency at every step of the way;

since the operations are ironclad protected, casinos and sportsbooks sites require less third-party integrations to secure transactions, regardless of the number of deals managed per day;

the widespread of mobile technology is another contributing element to strengthen crypto use in online gambling;

smartphones and tablets made it possible for bettors to have instant access to their digital wallet and booking platform at any time of the day. All they have to do is check their mobile devices and have a WIFI or data connection. These facilities fuel easiness to play and bet whenever, wherever, even if it is just to kill time between appointments!

Given these conditions, it wasn’t surprising to see a rise in online casinos dedicated to crypto betting. In response to the high cryptocurrency betting offering, bettors began the quest to find the best site to play games and place bets.

How to Book the Best Crypto Bets

The online bitcoin sportsbook sector is growing fast. And just as crypto coin enthusiasts and betting fans around the globe join forces, it is clear that now it is more important than ever to place bets with a legit operator, like SportBet.

Founded in 2019, SportBet is the first decentralized sports-betting platform built on the EOS blockchain protocol. Besides EOS, it supports transactions in BTC, LTC, and ETH.

On top of offering one of the best odds and overall services in the market, SportBet also has an affiliate program so successful that one of their partners recently made over $120k doing player referrals.

With everything that’s happened over the last decade, it’s safe to say that BTC and mobile technology changed the scope for online cryptocurrency betting forever. As temporarily common ground exists between bettors and bookmakers on transaction readiness and security, it’ll be interesting to see how it all continues to evolve over the next decade.

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