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How Can I Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing for Free?

how can i spy on my boyfriend's phone without him knowing for free

Has your boyfriend been acting suspicious lately? Maybe you’ve noticed that he would never read text messages or answer calls in front of you. Perhaps he no longer leaves his phone lying around.

You may be wondering: How can I spy on my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free? And we have the answer for you: the top tracker and spying websites and apps that can monitor your boyfriend’s location and app activities. And he won’t have any idea what’s going on.

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone – Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps List

No matter how suspicious you get, you can’t make accusations without hard evidence. So, for girlfriends wondering, “How to spy on my boyfriend’s Android phone for free?” These ten apps will do the sleuthing for you:

Reviewing the Best Boyfriend Spy Apps in 2023

Tracking your boyfriend’s cell phone has never been this easy. These apps will help you expose your partner’s lies—if there are any.

1. mSpy – The Best Boyfriend Spy Overall


With mSpy, you can view your boyfriend’s text messages, emails, and private chats on social media, even on accounts you didn’t know existed. And if you want him to stop using a certain app, you can block it and manage his online activities.

You can also track his location, look at photos and files stored on his devices, and even see whatever he is typing.


  • $48.99/month
  • $27.99/month for a three-month subscription
  • $11.66/month for a one-year subscription
  • Many excellent spying features
  • Great customer service
  • Great for parents who want to monitor their children
  • Will sometimes ask you to turn the device off and on again
  • Inconsistent data connection

2. Eyezy – Phenomenal Tracker App for Real-Time Notifications on His Device


You don’t need to check Eyezy whenever you want to track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. It uses AI to alert you if your partner is doing something wrong.

To get started, you need an Eyezy membership. Then, a Friendly Installer will help track your partner’s whereabouts.


  • $47.99/month
  • $27.99/month for a three-month subscription
  • $9.99/month for a one-year subscription
  • Excellent dashboard to track activities
  • Great customer service
  • Fantastic GPS tracking
  • Affordable
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • You need to jailbreak iPhone for certain functions
  • Installation process is quite long

3. Moniterro – A Popular Cell Phone Tracker Designed for Boyfriend Tracking


Moniterro answers the age-old question: How to track my husband’s location for free without him knowing? You can track his activities from your web browser; information is updated every five minutes.


  • $46.62/month
  • $27.19/month for a three-month subscription
  • $9.71/month for a one-year subscription
  • Comprehensive reporting on activities across different apps and accounts
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Remote device locking system
  • Affordable long-term subscription
  • Limited device compatibility

4. Haqerra – A Top-Rated Mobile Hack Tool for Full Insight Into His Activity

Haqerra can track any phone. In just ten minutes, you will have access to his social media activities, emails, phone calls, and text messages. You can also access his contact list. Just download the app and follow the instructions in your email.


  • $41.99 for one month of data
  • $24/month for three months of data
  • $10/month for twelve months of data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive monitoring and tracking features
  • Precise location tracking
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Some features are not available on certain devices

5. Cocospy: A Remarkable App for Seamless Online and Offline Monitoring


How to spy on my boyfriend’s Android phone for free? Cocospy is a superb answer to this question. While it is not free, you can avail of the 60-day refund if it can’t keep tabs on your boyfriend as promised.

One of its distinct features is the call logs report, which comes with complete details, including the numbers, duration, timestamp, and frequency.



  • $39.99 per month
  • $19.99/month for a three-month license
  • $8.33/month for a twelve-month license


  • $49.99 per month
  • $23.33/month for a three-month license
  • $9.99/month for a twelve-month license
  • User-friendly
  • Precise GPS and geo-fencing features
  • Great for parents and employers who want to monitor their children and employees
  • Bitcoin payment 
  • iOS features are limited compared to Android
  • No screen recording

6. Spyic – A Popular Solution for Detailed Insight Into Your Boyfriend’s Activity


Many girlfriends want to know: How to spy on my boyfriend’s phone for free? Signing up for a Spyic account is free, but you need to subscribe to a plan to access precise GPS locations and real-time updates of movements with timestamps.



  • $39.99 per month
  • $19.99/month for a three-month license
  • $8.33/month for a twelve-month license


  • $49.99 per month
  • $23.33/month for a three-month license
  • $9.99/month for a twelve-month license
  • Earmark suspicious numbers to isolate phone calls and messages from that number
  • Top-notch SMS tracking
  • Keylogger information is organized by app
  • No desktop capabilities
  • Android must be rooted to enjoy all features

7. Hoverwatch: The Ideal Pick for Monitoring Your Boyfriend Across Various Devices


Hoverwatch is a great tool to track your boyfriend’s location for free. You can sign up for free and access comprehensive monitoring features at an affordable price.

Use this tracker to monitor text messages, call and audio history, social media activities, contacts, and, most importantly, location. Hoverwatch will also tell you if the SIM card is removed from the phone.



  • $24.95 per month
  • $59.95 for three months
  • $99.95 for one year

Professional (tracks five devices)

  • $49.95 per month
  • $99.95 for three months
  • $199.95 for one year
  • Track multiple phones
  • Ideal for parental and business use to monitor children or employees
  • User interface isn’t great
  • Long installation process
  • Bugs disrupt tracking

8. XNSPY – Advanced Spy App to Secretly Live-Record His Activity

XNSPY provides 24/7 remote monitoring, and its newest feature includes screen recording of social media apps, phone calls, and ambient noise. You can also remotely control the phone to block apps or even reset his device.

Wondering how to go through your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing? Simply subscribe to an XNSPY plan and install the app.



  • $29.99/month
  • $13.99/month for a three-month subscription
  • $4.99/month for a one-year subscription


  • $35.99/month
  • $19.99/month for a three-month subscription
  • $7.49/month for a one-year subscription
  • Very comfortable
  • Terrific screen-recording feature
  • Remotely control your boyfriend’s online activities
  • No data upload intervals
  • Incomplete data reports
  • Device unlink isn’t free

9. iKeyMonitor – The Best Free Spy App to Track Your Boyfriend Without Him Knowing


How can I track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing and for free? iKeyMonitor has a free plan with an option for a paid subscription for more robust features.

Get instant alerts for suspicious activities on the tracked device. You can read messages, check browsing history, and review call logs. You can also control screen activities remotely.


  • Free on mobile with paid add-ons
  • $29.99/month on desktop
  • Free plan
  • Remotely control device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Instant alerts 
  • Some features are not available for monitoring iPhones
  • Screenshot feature isn’t the best

10. TheOneSpy – A Renowned Spouse Tracker App for Real-Time Mobile & Desktop Spying


With over 250 features, TheOneSpy offers comprehensive spying features, such as live GPS location, live call recording, and activity logs.

TheOneSpy can capture ambient noise during a phone call, and you can record and view surroundings in 360 degrees using the live-screen recording feature. It can also capture keystrokes on various mobile and desktop apps


Android Basic & Premium

  • $25 & $55 per month
  • $15 & $36.7 per month for a three-month subscription
  • $6.25 & $15.42 per month for a one-year subscription


  • $55 per month
  • $105 for three months
  • $125 for six months
  • Very affordable and works great with Android
  • Clear call recordings
  • 360-degree live-screen recording feature
  • No chat support
  • You need to jailbreak iPhone to use the app

What Can a Phone Tracker App Show Me?

Many women have looked up this exact phrase: track my boyfriend by phone number for free.

App or software can do the following:

  • Social media activities
  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Chat history
  • Stored photos, videos, and audio recordings
  • Other app activities
  • Calendar logs
  • Alerts and alarms
  • Notes on his phone
  • Location

Can I Track My Boyfriend Without Access to His Phone?

You cannot track your boyfriend’s phone without access to it. You need to install or download something on the device itself. Most apps take just a few seconds to install—you can easily do it when your boyfriend is in the shower.

Some apps can also be masked with a different name, so you can ask your partner to download it himself for safety purposes. Such is the case with mSpy.

Tutorial on How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Location

How to track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

1. Make an Account on mSpy

Creating an account is free. Just enter all the details in the form.

2. Disable Play Protect on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Turn off Disable Play Protect on the device. Go to Google Play Store and go to the profile. Tap Play Protect on Settings and turn off Play Protect.

3. Install Spy and Start Spying on Your Boyfriend

Setup takes about five minutes. Wherever your partner goes, you will always be in the loop with mSpy.


How do boyfriend tracker apps work?

Boyfriend tracker apps can be downloaded on a phone, and they will collect details about their activities. Locations are traced via GPS. All can be monitored on your own device and in your own time. You don’t need to maintain access to the phone once the app has been installed.

Is there a free app to track my boyfriend’s phone?

No free app could efficiently and safely track your boyfriend’s phone. The closest thing to a free digital product for this is iKeyMonitor, but you can’t get the full tracking experience or reports without paying for add-ons.

How can I track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing?

The ten apps mentioned above will help you discreetly track your boyfriend’s location. If you call him and he lies about where he is, some apps will allow you to hear the surroundings during the call.

Are boyfriend phone tracker apps safe?

Make sure to install a credible and reliable app with robust encryption and other security features to protect your data.

Can I track my boyfriend without access to his phone?

You need to install the tracker on your boyfriend’s phone to track his activities and location.


Technology has made it easy for people to hide their daily activities from their partners. Fortunately, there are many ways to catch them in their lies.

With the best boyfriend tracking apps, you can track your boyfriend’s online activities, phone calls, and location without him knowing.

Get all the proof—or peace of mind—you need with our spy app!

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