How Does Live Online Roulette Work?

In the age of internet gambling, ‘live’ versions of classic casino games have become exceptionally popular, with live online roulette being the best of the bunch. 

By now, you’ll have heard about live roulette from your friends or television advertisements – but how exactly does it work? 

You’ll be over the moon to learn that live roulette is incredibly simple. There are no complex rules or procedures to go through (thankfully!). Instead, it’s all pretty straightforward. 

Where Can You Play Online Roulette? 

You can play live online roulette at Firstly, you’ll need to make an account and provide some personal details. This is to prove that you’re above the legal gambling age in your state. 

After your account is set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to start playing live online roulette! 

Live Roulette: How it Works  

The concept of live roulette is easy to understand. You enter a live roulette room where you’ll be able to see a real human dealer and roulette table via a live stream. Essentially, it’s like you’re in a real land-based casino, except you’re seeing everything through your device’s screen. 

When you’re in the live roulette room, you can then communicate with the dealer through text-based chat. The dealer can read your messages and communicate with you through their microphone. In some online casinos, you’ll be able to communicate with the dealer through your device’s microphone, but this is slightly less common. 

From here, you can start placing bets. For example, you might place a small bet on ‘red’. The dealer will then spin the roulette wheel for you, and everyone will wait to see where the ball lands. 

Is Live Roulette Safe? 

Live roulette is safe as long as you play through legitimate, licensed sites. Sometimes, players assume that because the live dealer is in a separate room, then it’s possible for them to rig the results. However, this is not the case. 

Live casino dealers working through trustworthy sites are licensed and trained croupiers – just like the ones that work in land-based casino dealers. They can’t rig the roulette table and would never even attempt to do it! 

Can You Play Live Roulette with Other Players? 

Depending on the app or website that you use, it’s sometimes possible to play live roulette with other players. When this happens, players will share the same live roulette room and can communicate with each other in the live chat box. 

This is great for people who want a more social online roulette experience – one that replicates the sociable side of a real-life casino. However, if you don’t want to, then you don’t have to communicate with the other players if you’re in the same live lobby. 


It’s time to wrap up this live online roulette guide. Now, you know exactly how live roulette works and how you can get started with playing it. 

After a short amount of time, you’ll soon become comfortable and familiar with the process, from placing bets to communicating with the live dealer. 

Remember, you can play on any device you like, whether it’s a smartphone or PC.

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