How Does The Living Room Differ From The Family Room?

Rooms in every home have their specific purpose, even if you do not use the room regularly. However, there might be some standard rules for some rooms of your home, and this is why you opt for customized floor plans and unique home d├ęcor to work for you. For instance, you can convert your formal dining room into a home office. 

The family and the living rooms are ideal examples of spaces that have defined differences; however, the true meaning differs greatly from one family to another. If you have two similar rooms in your home, the ideal way to use them is to understand what defines a family room and what defines a living room. So, the following is a breakdown of these rooms and what you can use them for traditionally. 

Living room versus family room 

If you have grown up with a room that has been off-limits for you as a child except for Easter or Christmas, then you know what a living room is conventionally used for. The living room can be said to be the stiffer cousin of the family room and more formal. However, the above only applies if your house has multiple spaces, or else your living room becomes the main space for your family. This room can be both casual and formal in such cases. 

The living room generally has more expensive pieces of furniture and might not be kid-friendly. However, you can decorate it with beautiful furnishings and cushion covers as this room is generally close to the front of your house when you walk in. The family room is generally deeper inside the house. As a homeowner, you can use your living room for greeting guests and for hosting elegant gatherings. 

Where should you place the TV?

Now, this is the important part- where should you place your TV? This is a choice you should make, keeping the specific needs of the family in mind. If you want a more formal living space, your TV should go inside the family room or the den where you and your loved ones spend most of your time. 

However, this does not mean you cannot have a TV in your living room. You can keep the beautiful artwork framed in the living room or any elegant pieces and expensive rugs you love. When it comes to larger families, they might wish to place the TV in both spaces so that members of the same family can spread out evenly and watch whatever they like to at the same time. 

Do you need both rooms? Several studies have revealed that most families seldom use every room in their house. It also depends upon the floor plan of your home and the needs of the family. If you have a large space with a formal living room and family room, you often find the living room is hardly used. Families like to gather around in the family room and have a comfortable conversation around tea or coffee or spend quality time with one another watching TV. So, the advice here is to see what your preferences are so that you can decide whether to choose the family room more or the living room!

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