How Driving Safely Can Save You Money On Insurance

Have you ever wondered if driving safely can save you from the massive payment of your insurance policy? If so, believe me, it is true; you can save a lot of money for real.

With technology booming every single day, many apps have come up that help monitor the vehicle’s movement. It even helps to understand how you use the gears and other parts of your car. So the Drive Safe and Save initiative can save your life and money.

Other costs are also involved in your vehicle, like state-required minimums, which are not in your control to manage or minimize. So, the drive safe and save initiative is fantastic to help you save a lot on your car insurance policy. You may contact any insurance company or agent and know which companies provide you with this program. 

You may also refer to our article below as we have curated all the necessary factors which help to determine the discount given to a vehicle. These factors are maintained and monitored by almost all insurance companies.  

How Can You Safely Drive and Save Money?

It is a program introduced by many insurance forms where driving safely can save money on car insurance. Insurance companies also give discounts by signing up for the program. To use the program, the companies have designed an app that can be downloaded by the driver and used. 

The app used by the driver will help the company to check the driving habits of the driver and the vehicle. It will help them to avail of the discount and also save. The drivers can even use Alexa to check the status and amount of their discount. Using the program on anyone’s car is optional. People who do not use this will be able to avail of a discount after the end of the policy period. 

How to Use a Drive Safe and Save App

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and follow the steps below to install and use the app in your vehicle. 

  1. You will be given a text message which you have to send to a number.
  2. Download from Google Play Store or the App Store. 
  3. Your mobile has to be compatible to download the link. 
  4. Log in to the installed app using your credentials given by the insurance company.
  5. You will receive a Bluetooth beacon a few days after enrolling.
  6. After receiving the package, please take it to the vehicle and follow the on-screen instructions.

How Your Driving is Monitored and How You Can Save Money

The insurance company monitors the vehicle’s mileage and driving habits to determine their insurance discount. Several parameters determine the discount. So let’s check the list below.

  1. Acceleration of the vehicle: When you accelerate your vehicle very fast, you can not have much control over your car. Hence, you may get involved in a vehicle. It may make you lose your insurance discount. 
  1. Taking sharp turns: The telematics in your car can track quick and sharp turns, which are not safe in terms of driving. Quick and sharp turns show that you are driving very rough and may cause accidents. 
  2. Maintaining speed limit: When the driver crosses the speed limit of eight miles per hour, the app will notice the same. So you have to be within the posted speed limits. 
  1. Using phone: The app in the vehicle can track your phone with the movement and use of the screen. So try not to use the phone for the safety of yourself and others. You may even lose your discount on your insurance.  

How Much Can You Save by Driving Safely?

When you abide by the traffic rules and regulations and maintain the rules, then you get a discount on your insurance policy after the program ends.

The app in your vehicle even tracks the parameters like braking, speed limits, using the phone, and many more parameters to give you a good discount of up to 30%. So I hope you will not want to lose the discount on your insurance policy. 

Who Should Opt for the Drive Safe and Save Program?

You will save a lot on your vehicle insurance when you are a responsible driver on the road. This program is suitable for people who want to improve their driving habits. For young drivers who have just learned their driving skills, this program would help them to understand how good their driving skills are. 

The program initiated by the insurance company not only helps you to become a good and responsible driver but also saves a lot in your pocket. Being a driver, you must avoid taking risks and abide by the traffic rules; then, you can avail yourself of the discount to its maximum limit. Therefore, avoiding traffic hours and late-night drives can save a lot on your vehicle insurance policy. 

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