How Financial Advisor Software Can Save You Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction

As a financial advisor, offering advice to your clients is becoming just one of many tasks that need to be fulfilled. Increasingly burdensome new requirements and legislation have added to an already crammed working day. Financial advisor software is a boon to the industry, automating tasks, dealing with extra expectations around training and compliance, and leaving you with the time to spend on building and reinforcing relationships with your clients.

Automation and Management of End-to-End General Procedures

Collecting adequate information from new clients can be a lengthy process.  Utilizing financial advisor software allows you to collate your client’s entire financial story and records in one accessible location, bringing net wealth, cash flow, statements of advice (SoAs), services, and portfolio balances together.  Artificial intelligence then takes over calculations and finds the most suitable products which you can then advise your client upon, resulting in hours saved and a satisfied customer.   

Advanced financial advisor software such as WealthApp, allows you to centralize all your client’s information in one place, work directly with your client from any location, and have instantly updated product information available. Financial advisor software also provides product comparison, interactive modeling, and scenarios that directly match the client’s financial positions and goals

Your client is able to access a picture of their financial performance from their own device.  With all your client’s personal information at your fingertips on your mobile app, they can consult you over the phone wherever you happen to be. 

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

A quality financial advisor software package offers ongoing and updated analysis and reporting on investment performance and financial health. Packages such as WealthApp also offer compliance tracking that captures, reviews, and audits advice, all within your mobile app. 

All client information and activity are stored securely within an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management platform including SoAs, client-specific modeled scenarios, fees, file notes, documents, meetings, and services. 

Advising your client on insurance and superannuation products is a quicker and more effective process with the AI feature of your financial advisor software, accurately analyzing and filtering investments and super products according to the client’s profile. 

Interactive financial planning 

Interactive modeling is a useful and time-saving feature of the WealthApp financial advisor software.  This allows you to compare products, generate reports, and show real-time, accurate modeling, which demonstrates clearly to your client how your advice will improve their financial health. 

Clients can understand how your advice can help them with an automatically generated needs analysis tailored to the customer and populated with customizable values (fees and commission). This can include a stress test, and simulated insurance life events to help them visualize their financial needs. 

Establishing and meeting your client’s goals is easier and more direct with interactive models that link their financial objectives with suitable strategies that will not just match their objectives but will also work in their favor.  Automated financial advisor software lets you give clients more time and a more personal service than was otherwise possible. Book a demo to see how this package can work for you. 

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